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  Hints and Tips for: Need for Speed 2 SE 
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 Need for Speed 2 SE Cheats

Need for Speed 2 SE

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Mtown

Several cheats previously listed for this game are wrong.

I was looking through some of the cheats here for Need for Speed 2 SE and 
some are just flat out wrong. Here are some cheats that I know and have 
tested so this is officialy what they do:

Bomber    - Gives you the Bomber BFS. Can crash into almost any form of traffic w
            ithout slowing down much. Will usually send cars you hit flying/rolling.
Pioneer   - makes both you and opponent have better acceleration/go faster
Rushhour  - greatly increases the amount of traffic on the track. Only works if you 
            have traffic selected, obviously.
Rexhour   - turns you and all traffic into giant T-rexes. Honking makes a roaring noise
Roadrage  - when you honk, all cars in front of you will flip out and crash, including 
            people playing in split-screen mode
Hollywood - gives you a secret map
Tombstone - gives you another car. A stock-car if I remember correctly

Submitted by: BAHBOOD SHAIKH
Update by:shamshad shinwari

Type these cheats in the main menu:
* Type "kcjones" at the main menu to drive with a rainbow color car and horizon. 
  (3Dfx only)
* Type "silspd" as your name when you recieve a record to make your car heavier. 
* Type "roadrage" at the main menu and when you honk your car when an opponent is in 
  front of you, your opponent will crash. 
* Type "mad" at the main menu to have cows fly behind you car instead of dust. 
  (3Dfx only) 
* Hold "H" while racing to give your car a short speed boost 
  (the slot cheat must be enabled). 
* Type "slot" at the main menu to enable slot mode in the Player Car menu (note that 
  you must be in either Arcade or Wild modes). This will automatically turn you car 
  for you making you only have to push the accel button to race. 
* Type "chase" at the main menu to make the opponent cars follow you if you are in front
  of them. You can make them drive over jumps, make them crash, etc. 
* Hold "N" when the race is loading to drive during the night. (n/a with 3Dfx) 
* Type "rain" at the main menu to race with rain conditions in the Proving Grounds or 
  Mystic Peaks track. (n/a with 3Dfx) 
* Type "slip" at the main menu to get slippery tracks. 
* Type "pioneer" at the main menu to upgrade all the cars engines. This will give them
  better handling and faster speeds. 
* Type "rushhour" at the the main menu to get a lot of traffic on the road. 

Type "hollywood" at the main menu to obtain the secret track, Monolithic Studios. 

* Type "bomber" at the main menu to obtain the Bomber BFS.
* Type "fzr2000" at the main menu to obtain the FZR 2000. 
* Type "tombstone" at the main menu to obtain a Tombstone Daytona racing car. 

Start the race on either the Mediterraneo or the Mystic Peaks track with the McLaren
F1 in Simulation Mode. At any time during the race, drive in reverse, keep your horn
blaring and hit any at moveable object (not a sign) at about 60 MPH. Now the cheat 
is enabled. To use the cheat you must drive over 80 MPH and hit any guard rail, bridge,
etc. You will fly off track. 

Select the FZR2000 as your car and drive using manual transmission. At the beginning 
of the race speed up to 50-60 MPH. When you reach this speed shift to neutral for one
second then to reverse for one second without hitting the gas key. Now hold down gas,
your car will be tilted forward for about 15 seconds, this is really wierd! 

Select the Lotus GT1 as your car and drive with automatic transmission with Arcade 
style racing. While racing in any course, once you reach the speed of 193 MPH (311 
KM/H) quickly hit down shift twice, making your car go reverse. Your car will point
straight up into the air for the rest of the race, even while you shift back to 

During the black screen after loading press and hold b and RIGHT SHIFT 6 times. Then
after the camera zooms to the car at the beginning of the race press and hold these 
keys 6 times again. You will now be able to drive in the over-head camera view. 

During the black screen after loading press and hold c, b and RIGHT SHIFT 6 times. 
Then after the camera zooms to the car at the beginning of the race press and hold 
these keys 6 times again. You will now be able to drive in 9 different camera views. 

Type in the below codes to make all the cars (including you) one of the secret cars.
When you type one of the go cheats you will be the only car on the road with that 
vehical, to drive it with all other civilian cars type rushhour then a go cheat at
the main menu. 

Cheats       Result
vip        - Limousine
schoolzone - School Bus
madland    - Wooden Stand
rexhour    - Tyrannosaurus Rex
go18       - School Bus
go19       - Commanche Pick-up Truck
go20       - School Bus
go21       - Tractor Trailer
go22       - School Bus
go23       - Audi Quattro
go24       - School Bus
go25       - School Bus
go26       - Mercedes-Benz
go27       - Volkswagen Fastback
go28       - Mazda Miata
go29       - School Bus
go30       - School Bus
go31       - Mercedes Unimog Army Truck
go32       - School Bus
go33       - Mercedes Unimog Snow Truck
go34       - Monolithic Studios Tour Bus
go35       - Limousine
go36       - Mazda Miata
go37       - School Bus
go38       - School Bus
go39       - School Bus
go40       - Wooden Box
go41       - Hand Cart
go42       - Wooden Stand
go43       - Tyrannosaurus Rex
go44       - Wild West Style Wagon
go45       - Souvenir Stand 1
go46       - Souvenir Stand 2
go47       - Souvenir Stand 3
go48       - Log
go49       - Crate 1
go50       - Box of Beer
go51       - Block of Rock

North Country shortcut: 
Submitted by: Zohaib Khan 

As you just pass through the blue tunnel suddenly apply brakes and move to the
right. You will be over to the next road! It will save your 7 to 9 seconds. 

Pacific Spirit shortcut: 
Submitted by: Zohaib Khan 

Just before you reach the 180° turn you will see a pathway on your left. Slow 
down and move to the left. It can really improve your position if you are quick! 

Submitted bY: raj patel

roadrage - this cheat enables the car to turn by itself when 'h' (HORN) is pressed
and when a opponent comes near it gets thrown away.

Submitted by: Sagar Bhosale

Type these cheats in the main menu.

FZR2000    - gives u a bunus car(fastest)
Bomberbfs  - gives u a bunus car
schoolzone - gives u a bus.
go#        - makes ur car a another thing
            [no. must be >= 18]

Submitted by: siddharth

In the main menu type FZR2000 You will get the fastest car in the game.

Cheat Mode:

Code         Result
vip        - Makes all vehicles (including traffic) 
slip       - Enables super slip 'n' slid mode. Makes 
             the cars skid more 
             than usual. Cooks some awesome doughnuts! 
tombstone  - Bonus car
bomber     - Bonus car
rushhour   - ?
fzr2000    - SUPER bonus car
pioneer    - Pioneer mode, very FAST
hollywood  - Secret track

Night mode - To enable night mode (headlights not included), 
             hold down the "n" key on your keyboard while the 
             course is loading. So, when you hit "Race", a 
             loading screen will appear. Hold "n" until the 
             loading screen disappears. 

Invisible walls: 
1) This cheat works only with Mediterranneo and Mystic Peaks. 
   Start the race, and then find a smackable object, such as a 
   crate or Souvenir stand. 
2) Reverse into it at 40mph (65 km/h) or more, with your horn
   blaring. This will enable the cheat mode. 
3) Drive off any side barrier at 100mph (160 km/h) or more, and 
   you'll go flying! You will be placed back on the track shortly

Submitted by jeremy wilderbeek  

Rushhour:makes all cars what ever you are and there are lots of them.

go51: makes you a block of rock.
go29: makes you a bus.

Submitted by:MUNIS


(3D )


Submitted by: Bibek Shrestha

When you type go#(18<=#<=52) at main menu, we can get different cars, buses, 
trucks, blocks, etc to drive. That is not my discovery. I got to know it from
your cheat database, & have enjoyed it. But these objects are slow. To make 
them fast, you can type either VIP or PIONEER at the mainmenu first and after
getting confirmation, you can type the "go" code. Now you can have the "go" 
vehicle with speed and maneuverability of a limousine, same as you get from 
typing VIP. That's my discovery. maybe you've discovered that too, but as I 
found that not mentioned in your cheat database, I'm sending them.

Submitted by:  Babar javed Khan 

a. 1st of all have a car fzr200 by cheat of "fzr2000" 
b. then pioneer the engine of your car by the cheat of " pioneer"
c. then select any track and start your game 
d. when your car run fast then have reverse gair atonce and 
   hold the break press up atrrow key before your car stops your 
   car will run of on two frount wheel 

Submitted by: anas ahmad

Hold "C+right shift" when the track is loding in race.releafe when the track
is loded.this will give you 5 or six diffrent views of camra.

Submitted by: mahesh

Press f4 & f3 to change the sky view during game is running.

Submitted by:Binu

1.To use in tournaments:
* start the game
* during the game hit Esc button[before the ebbd of the game]
* exit to main menu
* you will find that you have completed the stage you were playing

2.To use in single race
* type these cheats before the start of the game toget the following effects:
* vip : bonus car
* fzr2000 : 3 bonus cars
* roadrage:[aftertyping this during the game hit 'h'button ] u'll find the 
* opponent cars flying

Submitted by: vikrant

If you want to drive the following things then type:
a truck:go21
a box:go40
a dinosour:go43

Submitted by: Siraj Memon

Open NFS2 and write ``Pioneer'' and then click on race. when u will run ur car
ur car will run very fast.I have got many records in it.

Heavy Traffic:
Submitted by: Mohsin Bhatti

If you want to heavy traffic then type "rushhour" at main menu, for more fun 
then type "roadrage" at the main menu. just play the game and enjoy it!.

Submitted by: iffi

In the main menu u type go 20to50 any of them and then click on race u will get 
many things in these no, For example [if u type go 29 u will get truck]

Submitted by: piyush

ifound that typing fzr2000 you get the fastest car if you want to drive ontwo 
wheels so 
a. 1st of all have a car fzr200 by cheat of "fzr2000" 
b. then pioneer the engine of your car by the cheat of " pioneer"
c. then select any track and start your game 
d. when your car run fast then have reverse gair atonce and 
   hold the break press up atrrow key before your car stops your 
   car will run of on two frount wheel 

The Special Track named "Monolithic Studios" has secrets:
Submitted by: Nguyen Thanh Tung

*To access to Monolithic Studios: Type 'HOLLYWOOD' at the main menu. This track 
will appear on the Location Screen.

*To move the Dinosaur statue at the Jurassic Park in this track, you must drive a 
Dinosaur car. To access to this car, type "go43" at the Car Select Screen, a sound 
of engine of car will appear, this means that you have accessed to this Dinosaur car, 
although the image doesn't display it! Click Done and Race! When you reach the Jurassic 
Park, drive this Dinosaur car to the Dinosaur statue, you will see you can move it, so 
you should move it to the middle of the road to block other cars!!!

*To enter the Park,or to drive Offroad in Monolithic Studios: Race until you reach the 
Jurassic Park segment. After you pass the first two huts on your left, drive about 20 
feet and you will be able to turn left and enter the Park. Some people think that it's 
on the right after the two huts, but I found that it's really on the left!!!

Driving Offroad in Monolithic Studios:
Submitted by: Nguyen Thanh Tung

Race in Monolithic Studios until you reach the Jurassic Park segment. After you pass 
the first two huts on your right, drive about 20 feet and you will be able to turn 
right and enter the jungle.

Submitted by: aakash desai

While playing the game reach till full speed then crash ur car with the wall while 
it is crashing press 'h' one side of ur car will be up.

Submitted by: Ravi Agarwal

Hi friends,
i want to tell you a cheat by which you can get the picture of the same instant while 
you are playing game,this picture will save at your desktop like a file. So to do this 
press TAB while during game play,and then close the game and see your desktop,the 
picture of that same instant will save on your desktop like a file now open it and enjoy.

During the game press TAB and then close the game,now see your desktop and you will see
that the image of that instant when you press the TAB is saved in a tag file (like a 
wallpaper), likewise when you press TAB(during the game), the picture of the same 
instant will save at your desktop...enjoy.

Submitted by: Arpit Shrivastava

Type roadrage at the main menu.Now when you will press 'h' you will notice that the 
cars that are in front of you will be busted.

Submitted by: Shekhar Gurav

Type - "xyzzyxspoon!" You will get Nitrous Oxide(N2O)& then press n during race your 
car will go zooooommmm!

The best cheats:
Submitted by: Adarsh Narsaria 

Need For Speed SE II Cheat Codes
fzr2000   = Super bonus car
Tombstone = Bonus car
Bomber    = Bonus car
Pioneer   = Pioneer mode, very FAST
Rushhour  = lots of traffic
Hollywood = Secret Hollywood track
Slip      = slippery track (type this any time)
rexrage   = Dinosaurs traffic
rexhour   = Dinocar

To access these vehicles, type one of these words at the Car Select screen.
Left side code and right side after is equals sign is the vehicle or upgrade name.

vip  = limo
go18 = school bus
go19 = commanche pick-up
go20 = school bus
go21 = semi
go22 = school bus
go23 = red car
go24 = school bus
go25 = shool bus
go26 = red car-black
go27 = vw fastback
go28 = red car-blacktop
go29 = school bus
go30 = school bus
go31 = army truck
go32 = school bus
go33 = snow truck
go34 = monolithic studios tour bus
go35 = limo
go36 = red car
go37 = school bus
go38 = fast school bus
go39 = fast school bus
go40 = airplane crate
go41 = wheelbarrel
go42 = Outhouse
go43 = T-rex
go44 = Western wagon
go45 = Green souvenier box
go46 = Blue souvenier box
go47 = Red souvenier box
go48 = Log
go49 = Crate
go50 = Box of Beer
go51 = Stone cube

drive29 = Monolithic Studios Bus
drive30 = Limo
drive31 = Citro?n 2CV
drive32 = Super fast school bus
drive36 = Cart
drive37 = Outhouse
drive38 = Tyrannosaurus Rex
drive39 = Wagon
drive40 = Vendor Stand 1
drive41 = Vendor Stand 2
drive42 = Vendor Stand 3
drive43 = Log
drive44 = Wooden crate
drive45 = Monorail train
drive46 = Hoverpolice
drive47 = UFO
drive48 = Hovering sewage truck
drive49 = Snowy wooden box
drive50 = Snowy wooden box 2

bomber      = Bomber BFS
tombstone   = Daytona Tombstone
bus         = School bus
semi        = Semi tractor
armytruck   = Army truck
vwbug       = VW Beetle
volvo       = Volvo station wagon
bmw         = BMW
mercedes    = Mercedes
miata       = Madza Miata
jeepyj      = Jeep Wrangler
quattro     = Audi Quattro
vanagon     = VW Vanagon
landcruiser = Toyota Landcruiser
commanche   = Jeep Commanche pickup
vwfb        = VW Fastback
snowtruck   = Snow plow

North Country: Shortcut:
Immediately use the brakes as you just pass through the blue tunnel and move 
to the right to get to the next road, saving between seven and nine seconds. 

Pacific Spirit: Shortcut:
Just before you reach the 180 degree turn, you will see a pathway on your left.
Slow down and move to the left.

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