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  Hints and Tips for: Need For Speed: Payback 
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 Need For Speed: Payback Cheats

Need For Speed: Payback

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fiddle with Speed cards:
If you want to look at all the Speed Cards on your car, head back 
to the garage and go to Performance Customisation. In here, youíll 
see all your equipped Speed Cards and if you select an individual 
Card you can see any others that have been hidden away by better 
ones. In here, you can fiddle with your layout and trade in any 
cards that you donít need anymore. 

Donít forget, if you match three of the same brand of Speed Card -
or even better, six - youíll get even better stats and perks from 
your deck. 

Sell Speed Cards that you donít need:
The gameís Speed Card system lets you easily upgrade your car 
without having to know all the details behind installing a turbo or 
fine tuning your motor, while the colour coded system gives you an 
easy shorthand to know which ones to match Ė and which ones to drop.

If youíre hankering for some quick cash, you can sell off Speed 
Cards that youíre not using, freeing you up some extra dough that 
you can put towards a Speed Card you actually need, or to a new 
motor for a new class to try. The amount of cash youíll get for a 
card depends on how much of an upgrade it offers, or if it has any 
additional perks, so you might want to think twice about selling 
off all of your cards in one big go Ė you might have some real 
special cards hiding thatíll help out your other motors.

Easy money, REP, and Speed cards:
To get a lot of money, REP, and Speed cards quickly, complete short 
events. Since all events give almost identical rewards regardless of
the difficulty, just keep repeatedly completing the shortest events.
The fastest event in the game is the "Drifting The Block" drift trial.
It becomes unlocked early in the game, when you do drift trials for 
the first time. It is the perfect farming spot for money, REP, and 
Speed cards. This event can be completed in 90 seconds, and since it
is a circle, you finish at the start and can instantly replay it. 
Each time you finish the drift trial, you will get approximately 
12,000 credits (17,000 credits if you sell the Speed card), 120,000 
REP, and a Speed card. You can get approximately 3,600,000 REP and 
510,000 credits per hour using this method. Keep replaying the 
"Hyperspace Circuit" race. It becomes unlocked during the final 
act, at the end of the game. It gives 31,000 credits (if you sell 
the Speed card), 144,000 REP, and a Speed card. The event only 
takes three minutes to complete, including loading times and 
transition screens (with a fully upgraded car). 
It also immediately puts you back at the start of the event. 
You can get approximately 2,880,000 REP and 619,980 credits per 
hour using this method.

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