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 3D Dot Game Heroes - Platform: Playstation 3

3D Dot Game Heroes - Platform: Playstation 3

Invisible shield:
Pause the game and press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right,
Square, Triangle.

Spelunker mode:
Start a new game, and enter "SPELUNKER" as a name. This mode has
alternate dialogue, death with one hit, and the death sound from the
original Spelunker. Alternately, while playing the game in From mode,
you may encounter a Spelunker trapped in an area at the top-left corner
of the map. Use the flame wand on the stump to the right of him to free
him and unlock Spelunker mode in a new game.

Block Defense bonus levels:

Get the Light Orb, then talk to the cat in the far northwest corner of
Dotnia Castle's first floor.


Buy the Claymore from the merchant in F5 for 1,000 Gol. To reach the
merchant, go east from Colneria, and follow the beach.

Giga Sword:
After you get the Light Orb, go to Ortego after you have brought the two
dancers there. Talk to the man standing by the fence in the northeast
part of town, and say "Yes" to get some Autograph Paper. Then, find Mary
in the southeast part of town, and obtain her autograph. Return it to
the man in the northeast part of town to get the Giga Sword.

After you complete the Flame Temple and speak to the sage Crimson in the
Raejack Inn, go to the Raejack blacksmith shop, and talk to the man on
the right. Then, go to Fina's Inn, and speak to the man by the entrance
to receive the Rust Sword. Bring this back to the man on the right at
the Raejack blacksmith shop to get the Gladius.

Hero's Sword:
Go west from Faina's Inn to area A4, then head south, and grapple across
the cliff. Continue south into A5. Either defeat or ignore the zombies,
and continue south to a graveyard. Use the Flame Rod on the stumps at
the entrance to enter. Go to the southeast part of the graveyard, and
locate the tombstone second from the right and third from the bottom (it
is one of the graves flanked by pots). Push it north to open a cave, and
enter it. The spirit inside will grant you the Hero's Sword.


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