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 Abyss, The - Platform: DVD

Abyss, The - Platform: DVD

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Hidden Aliens teaser
On DISC TWO click on Main Menu and select the Audio Option 
(the speaker at the top left). On the right speaker, there 
is a face grabber from Aliens. Clicking on this creature 
brings up the short teaser (it's full-screen).

Another Aliens trailer
On DISC TWO, go to the option for the documentaries. Choose 
the 60 minute one, and then get to the chapter list. Scroll 
down through the chapters (this takes a while) and on the 
last one, stop. A facehugger will appear at the top of the 
screen. Scroll left and highlight the facehugger, then select 
the trailer. 

Another Aliens trailer
If that weren't enough there's yet another Aliens trailer on 
DISC TWO. Go into More Special Features, the Personnel Lockers. 
The last page has an "alien cocoon" at the right side of the 
screen. clicking it will show another "aliens trailer".

Hidden Digital Sound Test
- DISC TWO - in the same spot as the face-grabber, click on 
Main Menu and select the Audio Option. On the left speaker, 
there is a "hydrophone test" that plays a 12 second sound feature. 

TV commercial for Aliens
On DISK TWO go to the Main Menu. Select the Subtitles option. 
The TV screen on the menu will flicker and then flash the 
message "Transmission lost..." Click to the left and you'll 
highlight a facehugger. Select it to go to a TV commercial 
for Aliens. 

Another Aliens trailer
On DISK TWO, the Imaging Station. Highlight the Pseudopod 
Multi-Angle feature. Then click left once. A small facehugger 
will be highlighted on the left side of the TV set (it's a 
little hard to see). Select that for yet another Aliens trailer. 

Theatrical trailers for Strange Days, True Lies and Aliens
- DISC TWO - click on More and Trailers (far left). The posters 
for these movies are mostly covered by the Abyss trailers that 
are available but navigating around the posters should let you 
get at these previews. 
There is also a hidden DVD-ROM option on DISC TWO. On the main 
menu, go to the screen that offers the trailers & documentaries 
options. Scroll left as far as you can, then scroll down, and a 
DVD-ROM option will appear. 

Reader Conrad Felber points out
Now, most of the trailers CAN indeed be found via this method, 
(the TRUE LIES link is actually just a small box at the bottom 
of the page). However, the one for STRANGE DAYS is a bit trickier. 
It isn't even available at the "trailers" area at all. You have 
to access the "Imaging Station" first (yes, still on the 2nd 
Abyss disc), then highlight the "Image Gallery Menus" option. 
Press DOWN on your remote. The TV monitor on that same page 
will change to show the following cryptic message -- "You know 
you want it and I can give it to you. I'm the magic man, the 
Santa Claus of the Subconscious." Then when you press 'enter, 
only then are you taken to the theatrical trailer in question 
(basically a close-up of Ralph Fiennes talking directly to the 
audience; during his monologue he repeats the lines mentioned 
Oh, one other thing -- there happens to be a SECOND trailer 
(a different one) for TRUE LIES, also on the 2nd Abyss disc. 
You have to go to "The Abyss In Depth: Mission Components." 
Once at the first page, after 'leaving' the Sub Bay, you then 
have the option of pressing 'down' to go further into the Abyss, 
OR pressing 'up' to go to the surface (this option may not be 
self-evident; the yellow arrows only show up when the correct 
button has been pushed!). Once at the 'surface', we see a nice 
seaside landscape, but at the very top of the page is a tiny 
airplane. Pressing 'up' highlights the plane, and then pressing 
'enter' takes you to the alternate TRUE LIES trailer. 
Try it yourself!

DVD-ROM menu
On Disc 2, highlight the trailers menu and press Down.


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