Afro Samurai - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 Afro Samurai - Platform: XBox 360

Afro Samurai - Platform: XBox 360

Treasure Gallery:
Successfully complete Story mode to unlock the Treasure Gallery.

Hard mode:
Successfully complete Story mode to unlock the Hard difficulty.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

A Secret History (10 points): Complete "The Daimyo's Story". 
The Death of Innocence (15 points): Complete "School Invasion". 
The Price for Vengeance (20 points): Complete "Sword Master's Story". 
Love Lost (25 points): Complete "Okiku's Story". 
The Path to Godhood (30 points): Complete "The Lowdown East Pass". 
And so it begins (5 points): Complete "Prelude". 
Copy-Cat Killer (35 points): Complete "The Doppelganger". 
The Past Laid to Rest (40 points): Complete "Kuma's Story". 
All That Stood Are Gone (45 points): Complete "The Empty Seven's Story". 
Revenge Served? (50 points): Complete "Justice's Story". 
Completionist (200 points): Complete the game on both difficulties. 
Closer to God (5 points): Slice an enemy using a Vertical Attack with a bonus. 
This Little Piggy (10 points): Slice off fingers and toes at the same time. 
Give Me a Hand (10 points): Slice off an enemy's hand. 
Two Birds One Sword (5 points): Slice 2 enemies at once. 
Three-way (5 points): Slice 3 enemies at once. 
Four to the Floor (10 points): Slice 4 enemies at once. 
The Child Without a Name (5 points): Collect 5 mementos in "The Daimyo's 
Afro Samurai (5 points): Collect 5 mementos in "School Invasion". 
The Demon of Vengeance (5 points): Collect 5 mementos in "Okiku's Story". 
The Number Two (5 points): Collect 5 mementos in "The Lowdown East Pass". 
The Death Bringer (5 points): Collect 5 mementos in "The Doppelganger". 
Widow Maker (5 points): Collect 5 mementos in "Kuma's Story". 
The Samurai Ghost (5 points): Collect 5 mementos in "The Empty Seven's Story". 
The Number One (100 points): Unlock all skills. 
Hundred Head Hunter (20 points): Slice off 100 heads with a bonus. 
Head to Toe (25 points): Slice 50 enemies using a Vertical Attack with a 
Meijin (5 points): Achieve 100 kills. 
Kengo (20 points): Achieve 1000 kills. 
Kensei (50 points): Achieve 2000 kills. 
Made Hand Ronin (5 points): Complete a Ronin Straight Flush. 
No Limit Ninjas (10 points): Complete a Ninja Straight Flush. 
Kunoichi Suicide Queens (10 points): Complete a Kunoichi Straight Flush. 
Gutshot Android Straight (15 points): Complete an Android Straight Flush. 
Off Suit Samurai (25 points): Complete a Samurai Straight Flush. 
Hip Hop (10 points): Slice off an enemy's foot. 
Slow Your Roll (5 points): Slice an enemy during their attack. 
You Are Glue (10 points): Kill an enemy with a sliced bullet. 
I Am Rubber (10 points): Kill an enemy with a reflected bullet. 
Mash Medley (5 points): Achieve a 20 hit combo. 
Rhythm Section (20 points): Achieve a total of 3000 combos. 
Let It Flow (15 points): Spill 2000 gallons of blood. 
Bushi (30 points): Unlock 40 skills. 
Ashigaru (10 points): Unlock 10 skills. 
Hatamoto (20 points): Unlock 25 skills. 
F*!# Gravity (5 points): Slice an enemy in the air. 
Hats Off to You (5 points): Slice off a head with a bonus. 
Torso From Tail (15 points): Slice 50 bellies. 


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