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 Armored Core 4 - Platform: Playstation 3

Armored Core 4 - Platform: Playstation 3

300 FRS Points, the easy way:
Normally, after completing the normal playthrough and all simulator battles, a 
player should have 263 FRS points. To acquire the remaining 37, a player must 
S-rank each mission in Hard mode, however, there is a simpler trick to achieving 
300 FRS points.

- Normal mode completed (this is a must)
- Simulator completed (have not checked, but better safe than sorry)
- Hard mode accessible (this is a must)

Now select a relatively easy HARD mode mission (for this, I chose Hail of 
Bullets) and proceed to complete the mission, achieving initially a rank of 
Then, upon completion of the mission, replay the same mission, but this time, 
acquire an S-Rank on it, and you will receive your FRS point. Now you may repeat 
that mission, and for each time you S-Rank it, you will receive another FRS 
point, up to the maximum 300.
I have tested this on Regulations 1.10, and confirmed this works. Other tests 
done by other players confirm this works as well on Regulations 1.00.

This will allow players to achieve 300 FRS without having to S-Rank every hard 
mode mission. 

Hard mode:
Successfully complete a chapter on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock the 
ability to reply any mission from that chapter on the Hard difficulty setting. 
Press L1 and R1 to toggles between chapters and Square to toggle between the 
Normal and Hard difficulty setting. 

Easy money and schematics:
Select a good AC to start with and then get to at least Chapter 3. Start 
fighting the sim ACs in the ACSIS menu. A good amount of money is given for each 
fight, and as a bonus you get the defeated AC's emblem and schematic. You can 
use the defeated AC schematics to defeat more ACs because you only need a 
buildable AC to start a mission, and not a sim. The one drawback is that you can 
only use AC schematics that can be tuned to a certain level. If you have enough 
points to tune the AC up then you can use it, otherwise it will be highlighted 
in red instead of yellow or white. You can also use schematics earned in the sim 

Easy game progression and money:
For an easy-to-use, well balanced AC, start with the TELLUS model when you begin 
Single Player mode. This AC will have a weak machine-gun in its right arm weapon 
slot, and a powerful laser rifle in its left arm weapon slot. When you get to 
the menu screen where you can select the first mission, choose the ACSIS button 
on the right side of the screen to enter the AC Customization Garage. Open up 
the Weapon menu and select the arm that has the machine-gun. Scroll through 
available weaponry for that arm until you locate another laser rifle like the 
one equipped to your left arm and equip it. With these two laser rifles 
equipped, you will have plenty of firepower to destroy just about anything. 
Taking out enemy MTs, Normals, and Nexts will be easy once you refine your 
piloting skills. Do the first mission, which is basically an opportunity for you 
to get a little combat experience and test out your AC in a real setting as 
opposed to the blue-toned AC Test area in your garage. Once you complete the 
first mission, many new parts will become available for purchase. However, your 
current model is still more than powerful enough to do all of the Chapter 2 
missions. Just save your money and finish all the Chapter 2 missions. Do not go 
on the Desert Wolf mission until you have finished all the others or you will 
miss out on cash and possible parts. More parts will become available, as will 
some units of FMS Memory for customization of your AC. Go back to the ACSIS, 
then go to the Assembly menu and find your generator. Scroll through until you 
find a generator with a capacity of about 90,000 and equip it. Then, scroll 
through further until you reach the stabilizer section. A window will appear 
with two options, "Auto" and "Manual". Select "Manual", then scroll down to the 
"Tune" area. This will bring up the AC FMS Distributions menu. Find the section 
that has the area of "Generator Capacity" (or "EN Capacity"). Distribute as much 
of your FMS memory there as possible. If you have extra and you like to equip 
very heavy back weapons, add a few to your AC's load to increase the amount of 
weight your legs can handle before the "Weight Alert" warning appears and your 
mobility is greatly reduced. Save the changes to your schematics and then go to 
the AC Test area. You will now have Air Boost, Quick Boost, and Over Boost for 
much longer. This also means you have more energy to spare for your AC's laser 
rifles, so you can combine both quick flying and quick firing of your rifles 
very effectively. Another good way to make your AC even more daunting is to find 
a good-quality booster. Try to equip your AC with as many boosters as possible 
that have "efficiency" in their descriptions. The most powerful booster 
available has a boost cost that is highly disproportional. Look for the one that 
has slightly less boost power and about half its cost. This will make flying 
your AC even easier, and enable long-term flight. If done correctly, you can 
stay airborne for about thirty seconds, and Over Boost for about five seconds. 
To get more money, go to the Simulator menu of the ACSIS. You can take on 
multiple AC's one-on-one (the ones that your game displays whenever "Now 
Loading�" appears) for money, FMS memory, and parts. They appear in packs of 
two to four. Not only will you get money for each individual AC you defeat, but 
you also get more money upon completing an entire pack of enemy AC's, and 
usually five FMS memory, a new part, and occasionally a new pack. From here on 
out, you will have plenty of money for your customizations. The best thing about 
the parts system is that you can buy a part from the shop and still sell it back 
for the exact price you bought it for. This means you can customize as much as 
desired, try different weapons on missions, and have absolutely no negative 
effects on your cash flow. The Icebreaker Defense and Water Gliding missions are 
especially difficult, and will probably require more than one attempt, but after 
finishing Chapter 3, you will receive even more parts, money, and FMS memory.


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