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 Assassin's Creed 3 - Platform: Wii U

Assassin's Creed 3 - Platform: Wii U

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Collect the hidden Pivots throughout the game to unlock the following
cheats under the options menu:

Infinite Ammunition: Infinite pistol ammo and arrows
Killing Spree: Allowed to assassinate enemies while not in stealth mode
Made Of Steel: Invincibility
Ninja: Enemy AI disabled; enemies will not see or hear you
Recruit: Infinite recruit tokens
Season Changer: Toggle seasons between summer and winter
Semi-Automatic: Ranged weapons have no reload time between shots
Sun And Moon: Toggle between day and night

Finding Pivots:
Note: Pivots only become available after completing the campaign, or during the 
Epilogue. Pivots are hidden collectibles that can be found throughout the game. 
Pivots can only be found while online. However, you can use the tutorial while 
in offline mode to find the first three Pivots. You must collect the first three 
Pivots to find more. The rest of the Pivots are randomly placed by other players,
which is why you must be online to collect the rest of the Pivots. To find the 
player placed Pivots, you need to triangulate their position using the first three
Pivots you collected. Placing the three Pivots will create a green search zone on 
your map. These Pivots can be removed and added on your map screen (remove them 
by placing the cursor over the pivot, and add them by placing the cursor over 
the "Connor" icon). Once a search zone has been created, search for a square icon 
on your mini-map to find a new Pivot. Each Pivot unlocks a new Animus Hack cheat 
code under the options menu. Pivots spawn every 15 minutes; a timer will appear 
in the menus. Each Pivot is placed manually by a player. Thus, if another player
finds your assigned Pivot before you collect it, the Pivot will change locations.

Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume:

Achilles' Original outfit (at manor): Successfully complete all
Achilles' Homestead missions and interactive conversations.
Altair's robes (at manor): Get a 100% Sync on all story missions.
Assassin's robes: Start Sequence 6. Different colors can be purchased from general stores.
Baltimore outfit (at shops): Start Sequence 9.
Boston outfit (at shops): Start Sequence 6.
Captain Kidd’s outfit (at manor): Collect all 24 Peg Leg Trinkets, 4
Map Shards, and solve the riddle on Oak Island.
Charleston outfit (at shops): Start Sequence 6.
Jamestown outfit (at shops): Start Sequence 6.
Kanien'kehaka outfit (at manor): Collect all feathers.
New York outfit (at shops): Start Sequence 9.
Philadelphia outfit (at shops): Start Sequence 9.
Prisoner outfit: Start Sequence 9. 

Uplay rewards:
Uplay can be accessed from the main menu. Once you have registered for Uplay, you can 
earn Uplay points by completing the indicated tasks:

10 Uplay points: Successfully complete Sequence 2.
20 Uplay points: Successfully complete Sequence 6.
30 Uplay points: Successfully complete Sequence 12.
40 Uplay points: Reach Level 20 in Multiplayer mode. 

Peg Leg Trinket locations:
Search the indicated locations to find all 24 Peg Leg Trinkets. The Peg Leg Trinkets are 
used in the Peg Leg side-quest, and will unlock secret areas like Fort Wolcott and Oak 
Island. The quest giver can be found at the harbor of the Homestead. Return the Trinkets
to him to progress in the side-quest. You can also buy an in-game map at the general store
that reveals all the Trinket locations.


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