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 Assassin's Creed - Brotherhood - Platform: Playstation 3

Assassin's Creed - Brotherhood - Platform: Playstation 3

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Technical Difficulties (Bronze): Complete Spain Sequence 1.
Battle Wounds (Bronze): Complete DNA Sequence 1.
Sanctuary! Sanctuary! (Bronze): Complete Present Sequence 1.
Requiescat In Pace (Bronze): Complete Spain Sequence 4.
Perfect Recall (Bronze): Get a sequence to 100% Memory
Déjà vu (Bronze): Replay a memory.
Undertaker 2.0 (Bronze): Complete LGS 1 [Catacombs].
Golden Boy (Bronze): Complete LGS 2 [Trajan Bath].
Bang! (Bronze): Destroy the Machine Gun.
Splash! (Bronze): Destroy the Naval Cannon.
Boom! (Bronze): Destroy the Bomber.
Kaboom! (Bronze): Destroy the Tank.
Home Improvement (Bronze): Upgrade 5 buildings in the Antique
Tower Offense (Bronze): Kill all the Borgia Leaders.
Show Off (Bronze): Complete 10 Faction Creed Challenges.
Perfectionist (Bronze): Get 3 Gold Medals in VR Missions.
Brotherhood (Bronze): Recruit 3 Assassins.
Welcome to the Brotherhood (Bronze): Have a Trainee reach the Rank
of Assassin.
Capture the Flag (Bronze): Remove all Borgia Flags in Rome.
In Memoriam (Bronze): Collect all feathers.
Dust to Dust (Bronze): Find one Artifact in the present.
Serial Killer (Bronze): Perform a 10 combo-kill streak.
Spring Cleaning (Bronze): Kill a guard with a Broom.
Your Wish is Granted (Bronze): Throw money in a well.
Fly Like an Eagle (Bronze): Jump with the parachute from the top
of the Castel San Angelo.
The Gloves Come Off (Bronze): Win the highest bet at the Fight Club.
Mailer Daemon (Bronze): Access your email in the Present.
Synchronization Established (Bronze): Complete an entire
multiplayer session with at least one kill.
Needle in a Haystack (Bronze): Kill your target while being hidden
in a haystack.
Strong Closer (Bronze): Take the lead 10 seconds before the end of
the session and win the game.
Fast Learner (Bronze): Kill your target and escape your assassin
in less than 10 seconds.
Role Model (Bronze): Get all the Co-op bonuses in one session.
Overachiever (Bronze): Get a 750 point kill or more.
Abstergo Employee of the Month (Bronze): Get every bonus at least
Ahead of the Curve (Bronze): Perform a Double or a Triple Escape.
Rome in Ruins (Silver): Complete DNA Sequence 2.
Fixer-Upper (Silver): Complete DNA Sequence 3.
Principessa in Another Castello (Silver): Complete DNA Sequence 4.
Fundraiser (Silver): Complete DNA Sequence 5.
Forget Paris (Silver): Complete DNA Sequence 6.
Bloody Sunday (Silver): Complete DNA Sequence 7.
Vittoria Agli Assassini (Silver): Complete DNA Sequence 8.
Gladiator (Silver): Complete LGS 3 [Colosseum].
Plumber (Silver): Complete LGS 4 [Cloaca Maxima].


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