Avatar - The Legend of Aang - Platform: Wii - Console Games.

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 Avatar - The Legend of Aang - Platform: Wii

Avatar - The Legend of Aang - Platform: Wii

Cheat Mode:
Select the Code Entry option at the Extras menu, then enter one of the 
following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function: 

Infinite health: 
Enter 94677 as a code. 

Infinite stealth:
Enter 53467 as a code. 

Infinite copper:
Enter 23637 as a code. 

Infinite Chi:
Enter 24463 as a code. 

Double damage:
Enter 34743 as a code. 

One-hit dishonor:
Enter 54641 as a code. 

All treasure maps:
Enter 37437 as a code. 

Character concept gallery.
Enter 97831 as a code.

Defeating the fire machine:
This is the machine you must fight in order to find Katara. Dodge the fire 
bending. Try running left to right, then right to left. Continue this 
until you see a flashing light near it, then attack it. Hit it with Aang. 
You may use a Chi attack but just a plain attack should work just as well, 
however it takes time. You will have Saka (Katara's brother) fighting with 
you to do double damage. Once it has around a quarter of its HP gone, the 
machine will start throwing fire around. Keep a safe distance from this 
attack. It causes no real threat to your or your partner as long as you 
stay as far away as possible.

Defeating the Maker's last machine:
You can wait for it to stop attacking, or you can attack it, which will 
barely affect it. Once it is done attacking, you must attack the sides 
which turn red.

Defeating the prison guard:
At first he will shoot fire balls at you. Keep moving left and right, and 
closer to him. Once you get close enough he will stop and try to hit you 
with his stick. Take a few steps back and let him try to hit you. Move, 
and when he stops, hit him. Do this repeatedly until he eventually kneels 
down. Then, hit him as many times as possible. He will not fight back. 
When he gets up, repeat the same process until there is a short 
intermission sequence. He will then use attacks such as curling up in a 
ball and swinging his bat in a figure eight style on both sides. Wait 
until he is done and then hit him. Repeat this until he is defeated.

Easy experience:
Whenever you are in battle you can go back later to get more experience.
Getting easy cash and exprerience Granted by Avatarcheatmaster
The best thing to do is to find items, kill lots of enemies and collect 
the money. The items you have collected you can sell at a merchant and you 
can get some very hefty prices for stuff. Also for experience it is a good 
idea to complete the quests and kill every enemy you see as this helps to 
get exp. Also use all the characters as different moves get different exp.

Unlock Character Story Board Gallery:
Collect all Set Items through level 6.

Unlock Level Art Gallery:
Collect all Set Items through level 3.

Unlock Story Board Gallery:
Collect all Set Items through level 5.


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