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 Azure Dreams - Platform: Gameboy Color

Azure Dreams - Platform: Gameboy Color

Hint: Capture rare monsters
If you have an Ovaseed, just throw it at the monster you want 
to catch. This is useful when catching Souvenirs and Guardians. 

Hint: Get a Kid egg
Find all three bells by defeating three special Souvenirs. 
After you give them all to the old man, go on a quest and return. 
Go find the old man and he will give you a Kid egg.

Hint: Getting "The Dragon Kings"
Get a Kid to the Dragon stage or catch a Dragon in the basement 
floors. Then, catch a Bomber and evolve it into a Daedalus (they 
turn into the upper forms at level 10). Fuse them together to get 
Blith. Next, get a Daedalus and Vevil (Vevils are found around the 
90th basement floor). Fuse them to get Yankash. The other Dragon 
King is obtained by the same process, but use a Glacier to fuse 
with the Daedalus or Vevil. 

Hint: Getting an almost invincible monster
Catch an Alloyer and an Arachne. Make them both transform into 
their upper forms, then fuse them. You now need a Souvenir. Once 
you get one, fuse that with your new monster (hopefully it is the 
transformation of Arachne) to get a monster with double speed. 
Next, you need a Barong. Fuse that with the new monster (evolution 
of Arachne with double speed) to get an evolution of Archne with an 
ability that lets it gain extra experience. You should now have a 
powerful monster. To make it even more powerful, get extra Arachnes 
and Alloyers and fuse them with it. Just make sure you constantly 
have the evolution of Arachne. After you get Gance, fuse your new 
monster with it when ready. Your monster will be invincible when 
it transforms into S-Gance. Get Mai-Soul and fuse it S-Gance (if 
you do not mind losing it), to become even stronger. 

Hint: Catching monsters easily
Do not give Ovaseeds to your monsters. Instead, throw them at 
monsters you need in the Tower to get their eggs. The game will 
not tell you what the egg is called.

Hint: Skip lesson
Take the color off your first monster and you will not have to 
listen to his entire lesson


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