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 Backyard Baseball - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Backyard Baseball - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Aluminum bat:
Enter POWER to get an aluminum power bat when batting. 

Recommended team:
Choose this team for a season to win every game easily, 
including the World 

Derek Jeter: SS
Jimmy Rollins: 3B
Pablo Sanchez: 2B
Jason Giambi: 1B
Mike Piazza: C
Randy Johnson: P
Barry Bonds: OF
Ichiro: OF
Sammy Sosa: OF 

Easy Homerun Derby:
Play a Homerun Derby and choose Pablo. 

Boost stats:
Put players on their real Major League team and they will have 
boosted stats. 

Hit a homerun into the water at Frazier Field, Gator Flats, and 
Steele Stadium to get Aquadome stadium. 
Win the world series to get Humongous Memorial Stadium. 

Disappearing items:
Once you hit the ball with Achmed, his headphones will go away. 
When you hit the ball with Pablo, his hat goes away. 
Powered up players:
When playing as a team that is a real MLB club, choose a real player
that is also actually on that team in real life. His stats will be 

Kimmy Eckman has 6 extra in skill when playing at Eckman Arches. 
Amir Khan gets 5 extra in skill when on Achmed's team. 
Annie Fraizer gets 3 extra in skill when on a team with an animal for a logo.

Ernie Steele gets 5 extra in skill when playing at Steele Stadium. 
Sidney and Ashley Webber each get 8 extra in skill when on the same team. 

Easy grand slams:
After the bases are loaded, keep them this way until Ichiro Suzuki
is at bat. Choose the Power Hit, and on the next good pitch, swing. 
He will almost always get a home run. The more people on base, the 
better Ichiro hits. 

Determine type of player's day:
When your player's picture appears, you can tell what kind of day he or 
she will have. If their background is orange, they will have a great day,
green for an okay day, and blue for a bad day.


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