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 Batman - Platform: Sega

Batman - Platform: Sega

Extra lives:
Submitted by: Fawad Malik

Level 3
Collect the extra life at the far right end of the first level
of the museum. Jump onto the rising platforms. Jump back down
when reaching the third platform or when the screen scrolls up
to collect the extra life again. 

Level 5
Reach the second platform at the top of the level. Move off
the left side of the screen and fall in a straight line to collect
three extra lives while losing one life. 

Easy driving/flying levels:
Stay in the upper left corner of the screen to avoid all enemies.

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

2 AKFT-AA4Y Infinite lives
3 RFFA-A60N Batman floats when he dies!
4 AKYA-AA9G Infinite Batarangs
5 RYFA-C6VR Guns don't hurt
6 AKYT-AA5L Infinite rockets for the Batwing
7 B2AT-CA46 Punches, knives and guns don't hurt
8 AKYT-AA7R Infinite rockets for the Batmobile
9 HEET-BJX2 Start on Axis Chemical Plant level
10 HEET-BNX2 Start on Flugelheim Museum level
11 HEET-BTX2 Start battle with Bob the Goon
12 HEET-BYX2 Start with graphic before Gotham City Streets
13 HEET-B2X2 Start on Gotham City Streets level
14 HEET-B6X2 Start battle with mimes
15 HEET-BAX2 Start battle with Gotham City Streets boss
   AA6A Start on Sky over Gotham level
   AA6A Start on Gotham Cathedral level
   AA6A Start on Gotham Cathedral level spikes
   AA6A Meet the Joker
20 HEGA-BJVG Skip through levels
21 HEGA-BTVG Skip through levels faster
22 AKEA-AA4J Invincible and invisible!

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to FIVE codes at a time (but some effects require more than
one code).


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