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 Defend Your Castle - Platform: iPhone

Defend Your Castle - Platform: iPhone

Unlockables - Medals:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding medal.

3 Catapults, 1 Eraser: Erase 3 Catapults with one spell. 
Abra Cadabera: Train 250 mages. 
Ambidexterity: Hold 5 invaders in the air simultaneously. 
Archers Are The Answer: Fully upgrade your Archery Range. 
Awl Encompassing: Train 250 craftsmen. 
Big Blingin': Earn 1,000,000 points. 
Blocking Out The Sun: Train 1,000 archers. 
Blue Bomber, Away: Send out 25 demolition experts. 
Build a Better Tomorrow: Train 1,000 craftsmen. 
Building It Bigger: Reach 2,000 maximum castle health. 
Busting Caps: Defeat 25 exploding invaders. 
Can We Fix It?: Train 50 craftsmen. 
Castle Defender: Complete Round 50 on Normal Mode. 
Castle Maniac: Play for 300 minutes total. 
Cat-a-lystic!: Defeat 500 catapult invaders. 
Cat-a-strophic!: Defeat 10 catapult invaders. 
Cat-a-tonic!: Defeat 100 catapult invaders. 
Cha-Ching: Earn 100,000 points. 
Close Call: End a round with less than 10% castle health. 
Colossal Fortification: Reach 10,000 maximum castle health. 
Craftsmen For The Win: Fully upgrade your Stone Mason's shop. 
Death From Above: Train 250 archers. 
Demolitionists Have The Power: Fully upgrade your Demolition Lab. 
Doing It Solo: Play up to Round 15 without training any units. 
Get In Mah Bucket: Convert 100 units. 
Gettin' the Hang of it: Play for 10 minutes total. 
Gonna Need a Lot of Glue: Defeat 1,250 exploding invaders. 
Hardcore Defender: Complete Round 50 on Heroic Mode. 
Hocus Pocus: Train 50 mages. 
I Love My Paint Can: Fully upgrade the Pit of Conversion. 
I Want to Live!: Allow a blue demolition expert to walk off the screen. 
I Want to Paint It Blue: Convert 500 units. 
Invincibility: Complete Round 20 or higher without taking damage. 
Is That All You've Got?: Toss and catch and invader 5 times. 
It's Raining Arrows: Train 50 archers. 
Ka-Blooee!: Defeat 250 exploding invaders. 
Klaatu Barada Nikto: Train 1,000 mages. 
Let the Bodies Hit the Floor: Defeat 100 plain invaders. 
Mages Are Too Roxxor: Fully upgrade your Magical Arts Tower. 
Magical Master: Use at least 20 spells in one round. 
Master of Disaster: Destroy 5 Colossus Invaders in one explosion. 
Monstrous Castle: Reach 100,000 maximum castle health. 
Moolah: Earn 10,000 points. 
Paying Your Dues: View the entire game credits. 
Puppet Master: Convert 2,000 units. 
Rammer Time - Can't Ram This: Defeat 50 rammer invaders. 
Seriously They're No Giving Up: Defeat 5,000 plain invaders. 
Set Them Up The Bomb: Send out 500 demolition experts. 
Sharp Shooter: Intercept a Catapult projectile. 
Should Nave Used a Nail File: Defeat 500 rammer invaders. 
Stick Torture: Hold an invader in the air for 20 seconds. 
Take That Stick and Shove It: Defeat 2,500 rammer invaders. 
The Big Bang: Send out 10 Demo Experts within 5 seconds. 
The Bigger They Are: Defeat 250 colossus invaders. 
They Just Keep Coming: Defeat 1,000 plain invaders. 
Thoroughly Addicted: Play for 30 minutes total. 
Tick Tick Boom: Send out 125 demolition experts. 
Time to Relax: Finish a round without killing an invader by throwing. 
Was That a Bottle Cap?: Defeat 25 colossus invaders.


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