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 DJ Max Portable - Platform: Sony PSP

DJ Max Portable - Platform: Sony PSP

Play CnP as Bonus Stage:
In either Rookie DJing, Pro DJing, or Master DJing mode, pass all 4 songs 
with an average of 95% or higher (A+), and you will get to play CnP as an 
extra stage while the credits play. This is the only way to play this song, 
as you cannot unlock it. 

Accumulate the indicated amount of MAX by playing songs. 
Note: For more MAX per song, use a different NOTE from the gear screen.

8K (Master) Mode: 2800 MAX 
Aqua Gear (Gear): 5430 MAX 
Ask the Wind ~Conti Version~ (OST): 15550 MAX 
Astro Note (Note): 9610 MAX 
BLYTHE (OST): 41250 MAX 
BLYTHE (Song): 38000 MAX 
BrokenHeart (Note): 13150 MAX 
Candy Girl (Gear): 3800 MAX 
Capsule (Note): 41000 MAX 
Cat Note (Note): 36000 MAX 
Chrono Breakers (Song): 19150 MAX 
DJMAX ONLINE "Battle Room 2" (OST): 39000 MAX 
DJMAX ONLINE "Good" (OST): 28000 MAX 
DJMAX ONLINE "Lobby Music 1" (OST): 21500 MAX 
DJMAX ONLINE "Music Select 2" (OST): 37500 MAX 
DJMAX ONLINE "Ranking Room" (OST): 25000 MAX 
DJMAX ONLINE "Title Music 1" (OST): 18350 MAX 
DJMAX ONLINE "Title Music 2" (OST): 33500 MAX 
DJMAX Online "Win" (OST Track): 31000 MAX 
DJMAX PORTABLE ~Opening Movie~ (MEDIA): 39500 MAX 
Egg Note (Note): 2050 MAX 
Extreme Note (Note): 24500 MAX 
FIRE SPEED (Course): 3300 MAX 
FTR (Song): 5810 MAX 
Futurism (Song): 2300 MAX 
Golden Gear (Gear): 23500 MAX 
Golden Note (Note): 6570 MAX 
GreatSuccess (Note): 29500 MAX 
h.i.g.h. (Course): 5050 MAX 
Hernando Red (Gear): 8090 MAX 
Jazz Soul (Gear): 36500 MAX 
Let's Go Baby (Song): 5470 MAX 
Let's Go Baby ~AR Version~ (OST): 10750 MAX 
Light House (Song): 4050 MAX 
Long Vacation (Song): 300 MAX 
LPG Note (Note): 27000 MAX 
Luv Flow (Another Version) (OST): 7710 MAX 
MASAI (Gear): 40500 MAX 
Max Sound Station (Course): 15150 MAX 
Mixx (Course): 1550 MAX 
NaruA Note Note (Note): 40000 MAX 
Never be the Same ~Not-Published Music Video~ (MEDIA): 35000 MAX 
Never Say ~No Cut Version~ (MEDIA): 30500 MAX 
Oblivion Gear (Gear): 26500 MAX 
Red Gear (Gear): 17550 MAX 
ShineSten Note (Note): 16350 MAX 
Shooting Star (Gear): 11150 MAX 
ShootingStar (Note): 22000 MAX 
SIN ~No Cut Version~ (MEDIA): 21000 MAX 
Sky Watching (Course): 9230 MAX 
Spectacle Gear (Gear): 13950 MAX 
Spinel Ruby (Gear): 1050 MAX 
Star Note (Note): 4550 MAX 
Sweety Note (Note): 500 MAX 
Temptation (Remix) (OST): 14350 MAX 
The Horrors (Course): 12350 MAX 
The Others (Course): 23000 MAX 
Triple ZOE (Song): 14750 MAX 
Visual Artist Party (Course): 17950 MAX 
[Piano Concerto No.1, Remixed from Chaikovsky\'s.] (Song): 11550 MAX 

Select Freestyle mode and get the indicated combo amount then, break 
your combo to unlock the bonus.

Aqua Note (Note): 30000 Combo 
BrokenMANDU (Note): 19000 Combo 
Chrono Breakers No.1 (IMAGE): 25000 Combo 
Crystal Note (Note): 50000 Combo 
DJMAX Online "Battle Room 1" (OST Track): 18000 Combo 
DJMAX Online "Lobby Music 2" (OST Track): 32500 Combo 
DJMAX Online "Lose" (OST Track): 22500 Combo 
DJMAX Online "Music Select 1" (OST Track): 16500 Combo 
DJMAX Online Movie ~Teaser Flash Movie~ (MEDIA): 17500 Combo 
DJMAX PORTABLE ~Ending Credit~ (MEDIA): 27500 Combo 
Dreadnought (Song): 13500 Combo 
Elastic STAR ~No Cut Version~ (Media): 12000 Combo 
ElasticSTAR (Take 1) (OST Track): 10000 Combo 
ElasticSTAR (Take 2) (OST Track): 14500 Combo 
FunkyChups ~Ache Works Version~ (Media): 4000 Combo 
Hamsin No.1 (IMAGE): 35000 Combo 
MASAI Note (Note): 11500 Combo 
Minimal Life (Song): 9000 Combo 
Musical Note (Note): 8500 Combo 
NB RANGER (Song): 2000 Combo 
NB Ranger Gear (Gear): 20000 Combo 
OUT LAW ~No Cut Version~ (Media): 500 Combo 
PG Black (Gear): 2500 Combo 
RedSpirit Note (Note): 16000 Combo 
Revenge (MR Version) (OST Track): 13000 Combo 
Revenge (Song): 6000 Combo 
River Flow (International version only): 13500 Combo 
Road of Death (Song): 11000 Combo 
Rose Note (Note): 4500 Combo 
Sunny Side ~No Cut Version~: 7000 Combo 
Trumpet (Gear): 40000 Combo 
Winterstar Gear (Gear): 7500 Combo 
[Special Track] Lucy (OST Track): 90000 Combo


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