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 Donkey Kong Country 2 - Platform: Gameboy Color

Donkey Kong Country 2 - Platform: Gameboy Color

Submitted by: Andresb-24

Level select
Enter FREEDOM as a cheat code. Note: No Kremkoins are needed to cross Klubba's bridge.

Start with 10 Banana Coins
Enter RICHMAN as a cheat code.

Start with 50 Banana Coins
Enter WELLRICH as a cheat code.

View creidts
Enter KREDITS as a cheat code.

Start with 15 lives
Enter HELPME as a cheat code.

Start with 55 lives
Enter WEAKLING as a cheat code.

Music test
Enter ONETIME as a cheat code.

No DK barrels during game
Enter WELLARD as a cheat code.

No DK or half-way barrels during game
Enter ROCKARD as a cheat code. 

- Codebreaker

Progress Complete 
8300067E 04FF
43000680 FFFF
0000000A 0002
43000674 FFFF
00000003 0002
43000640 FFFF
00000006 0002

Access All Areas 
43000640 FFFF
00000006 0002

Always Have Partner 
330005F2 0001
330005F4 0000

Have K.O.N.G Letters 
430001E4 0002
00000004 0004

Have All Krem Koins 
3300065B 00FF
4300065C FFFF
00000005 0002

Have All DK Koins 
43000666 FFFF
00000004 0002 

Have All Feathers 
4300066E FFFF
00000003 0002

Infinite Time (Bonus Stages) 
3200AB56 0014

Max Banana Coins 
3300065A 0063

Infinite Lives 
330005E4 0063

Max Bananas 
330005F6 0063

Unlimited Lives:
On the level Hot-Head Hop first kill th rat that you see, then go up 
to the guy in the barrel and get him to chase you to the place where 
you startred the level. There is a chest on top of the cave entrance;
jump on him to get to it. It will have 2 lives in it; after you 
collect them, go jump into the lava to start again. It is slow but 
you can do this as much as you want. 

Start as Diddy and Dixie:
Choose "Start" from the main menu. Then,select "Options" at the Select 
Save Slot Screen. Now choose "Cheats" and enter WELLARD as the code. 
This allows you to start as Diddy and Dixie,but makes the game harder 
by removing all of the DK barrels from the game.


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