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 Dragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Dragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Submitted by: Fadia Hassiem

When fighting enemies stand behind a tree so the enemy can't get to you and 
just keep punching.

Submitted by: Timbo

For the Gameboy Advance
Version FINAL (Last Updated 5/18/2002)
By Devin Morgan (

This file is Copyright (c)2002 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved.

Table of Contents

1. What's New
2. Introduction
3. Story
4. Controls
5. Overview
6. Walkthrough
7. Enemies
8. Bosses
9. Ki Abilities
10. Items
11. Secrets/Tips and Tricks
12. Credits
13. Copyright Notice
14. Contact Information

-=  1. What's New -=

Version FINAL (5/18/02): The final, complete version of this FAQ.

Version 0.2 (5/16/02): The first version of this FAQ.

-=  2. Introduction -=

The Dragon Ball Z saga is brought to the Gameboy Advance in the form of an 
action/RPG title. It is a pretty bland game to be blunt, although it, from my 
understanding, takes after various sagas of the DBZ anime. It is quite true 
to the original anime, although the game controls could have been less shoddy 
than they are. The game could have more depth like an RPG, but it's obviously 
a kid-oriented title, so I guess it's good for what it is. However, I would 
recommend some DBZ fan to try this, regardless of the age group, but not 
really for serious gamers. It simply isn't THAT great, that's all.

-=  3. Story  -=

Our story begins with our humble hero, Goku. It has been a long time since he 
last saw his childhood friends, and so he has decided to meet with them on 
Master Roshi's Island, the house of his old Martial Arts master. Accompanying 
Goku is his young six-year-old son, Gohan, named after his grandfather. Goku 
is glad to see Bulma, Krillin, and even Master Roshi's long-time companion 

Unknowingly, trouble looms over Goku and his friends even as they catch up on 
old times. Traveling toward Earth at this very moment is a powerful Saiyan 
warrior with some terrifying news for Goku.

The fate of Earth and the universe rests in Goku's hands...

-=  4. Controls -=

Control Pad: Move character, move cursor on menu screens

Start: Pause game, bring up submenu

Select: Show flight status display

A: Attack normally

B: Use selected Ki attack (hold to charge)

L: Switch through Ki attacks

R: Fly/land

-=  5. Overview -=

Obviously, Goku has the power of flight in this game. Press R and he'll 
levitate; press a direction on the Control Pad and he'll quickly fly in that 
direction, as long as you're holding down the direction on the pad. Each 
space you fly consumes a Flight Charge. After you run out of Flight Charges, 
you cannot fly until you get a refill. They are scattered around the areas of 
the game, so they aren't too hard to find. Flying has its advantages, too. 
For instance, you can fly across pits, get away from an enemy quickly, and so 
on. Just be sure not to waste this ability, though!

Ki Attacks
Goku's special abilities are in the form of a magic known as Ki. Use this 
power by pressing B, holding it to charge up the ability. At the start of the 
game, you only have access to the Ki Blast, but as you progress, you can 
learn a couple more techniques to add to your arsenal. See the Ki Abilities 
section of this FAQ for more information on those abilities!

-=  6. Walkthrough  -=

Master Roshi's Island
After the opening FMV, the game opens on Master Roshi's Island with all your 
friends standing around. Start by talking to Master Roshi himself. He'll tell 
you about his magazine collection (your first quest begins here), but he 
seems to have lost a few. Talk to Gohan and everyone else, then walk around 
the island and pick up 2 magazines. Then, enter the Kame House and you'll 
find a third magazine on the floor inside. Leave the house and talk to Master 
Roshi again, and he'll give you 2 Senzu Beans and some Herbs for the 
magazines as thanks.

Upon completing this quest, you will gain 350 experience points and go up to 
Level 2! After that, Raditz will appear and kidnap Gohan, then vanish again. 
Piccolo then shows up and offers to work with you as a team to stop Raditz. 
He will decide to go alone, so he'll leave. You then call down Nimbus and a 
small cloud appears nearby; walk onto it to leave the island.

Goku's Home

You'll arrive in the area outside of Goku's house. Go in the back of the 
house and talk to Chi-Chi if you want. From where you arrived in this area, 
head east to a pond area, where you will find actual enemies for the first 
time. Attack the Crabs, Squirrels, and Snakes running around to get some 
experience (you'll get to Level 3 from this little area alone). Head 
southwest to a patch of 6 bushes. Destroy them with Ki blasts, then check out 
the dark spot on the ground to get some Herbs. Next, head all the way north 
of the pond and follow the path as far north as you can go. Climb up the 
ladder you find (not the first one next to the pond, but one further north) 
Use a couple Ki blasts to destroy the barriers in your way, then go east and 
defeat the Blue Dog there, along with any Snakes you see. Follow the path 
southeast to find a Senzu Bean on the ground.

Now, head back to where the house is, and follow the path southward from 
there. Follow the path all the way to the end in the northwest area. Continue 
north into the Forest.


Here, go north and up a couple steps to a ledge where an empty nest lays. 
Talk to the wandering Pteradactyl to hear of its despair over its egg being 
stolen, and you'll get to help it. Start by going back down the steps and 
walking around the platform where the nest is to find a stone. Take it, then 
go back around and head southwest to a path between the trees. Follow it 
south and east to a stone; take it. Now, go all the way north to a set of 
steps. Go up them and follow the path all the way west to a large set of 
stairs to the north. Go up them and continue north and east. Go all the way 
east along the obscured path and you'll come to an open area with Chiaotzu 
and Tien standing around. Talk to Chiaotzu to get 500 experience points, then 
talk to Tien. After telling your story to him too, you'll get another 500 
experience points. Now, continue east and you'll see a barrier to the north. 
Destroy it with Ki shots, then defeat the Blue Dog and follow the path to a 
stone; take the stone.

Now, go back east and south, then continue east to a waterfall. Fly across 
the rocks blocking your ground path, then land and go north up the cliff. 
Fight and defeat the Pteradactyl by keeping your distance and shooting lots 
of Ki blasts at it whenever possible. When you finally defeat it, go west and 
grab the Pteradactyl Egg! Now, backtrack all the way back to the nest in the 
beginning of the Forest area. Talk to the Pteradactyl and give back the Egg 
to get 350 experience points!

At this point, head west and up the steps, then continue further west as far 
as you can go. Go south and down the steps, and head west to a seemingly 
abandoned tent. The old man that it belongs to is trapped on an island to the 
north. You'll see 3 slots in a straight line in the water; place the 3 stones 
you found in those indents to form a path. The old man will thank you and 
give you 500 experience points and some Herbs. After that, head all the way 
back east to where the nest was. Instead of going northwest and up the steps 
again, follow the path directly west to a site with large bones laying there. 
Defeat the Blue Dogs and Goku will note there is a powerful presence across 
the river. Fly across and continue west to find a Dinosaur. Fight it if you 
want (you should for the experience); otherwise continue west out of here 
into a village.

Forest Village

As soon as you enter this area, head directly north and defeat the Blue Dog 
that runs at you. Continue north and enter the house at the peak. Talk to the 
old man and he says that he can help, but first you must calm the 
disturbances in the forest. Agree to do so, then leave the house and go down 
one set of steps. Follow the path west and north to a split, defeating the 
Blue Dogs along the way. At the split, head west and you'll find a girl in 
the corner who is lost. Talk to her and she'll follow you around so you can 
bring her home. Be sure to break the box with a Ki blast if you need a refill 
of Flight Charges. Then, backtrack all the way east and south to where you 
first entered the village, then head south to a large house. Enter it and 
talk to the girl's father to be thanked and given 500 experience points!

Now, exit the house and talk to the boy standing outside. Talk to him twice 
and he'll reveal that he wants to give that girl flowers, but can't find any. 
We'll get those later; for now, head west to a pond with an island in the 
center. Talk to the boy standing next to it to hear about his boat being 
stuck on the island. Fly over to get it, take the Flight Charge if needed, 
then fly back with the boat. The boy will give you 200 experience points as 
thanks. Now, head all the way east and north, up one set of steps, then west 
and across the gap by flying. Continue to a split in the path (where there's 
a pond to the west and a Flight Charge to the east). Break the barriers to 
the north and talk to the cat named Neko. It'll follow you around since it is 
lost. Take it back to the old man in the northeast house (where you first 
visited upon entering this village). He'll thank you and tell you to come 
back when you complete the entire mission.

Leave the old man's house, then go south and fly west across the gap again. 
Continue until you reach the point where you rescued the girl just a moment 
earlier. This time, break the southwest barrier and follow that path around, 
breaking the barriers along the way. You'll encounter a Pteradactyl; lure it 
out into the open area by the pond and fight it with Ki blasts from a 
distance. After you kill it, go back to the dead end where you found it, and 
fly northward into a grove. Pick the flowers, then fly back south and make 
your way all the way to the girl's house again. Talk to the boy outside and 
give him the flowers. He'll reward you with 400 experience points.

>From here, head all the way to the westmost point of the village. Then, head 
north and up the steps. Follow the path until you reach a guy with a smaller 
flying creature next to him. Talk to them (Yamcha and Puar); they'll each 
give you 500 experience points! Now, continue east and north along the path, 
defeating the enemies and breaking the barriers along the way. Go all the way 
east, then south and east again. Fly over the gap, then go north at the other 
side to the old man's place. Talk to him and he'll finally help you since the 
forest is at peace. He'll allow you to progress through the skull passage in 
the back. Walk up to it and the old man will call to you, then teach you the 
Solar Flare technique! Now, walk through the skull into the next area, which 
is the crash site of Raditz.

Raditz Crash Site

Here, go north and talk to Piccolo. When you're ready, go northeast and talk 
to Raditz to engage in battle. Since this is the first real boss battle, look 
in the appropriate section for help winning here. After the battle, you will 
hold down Raditz and Piccolo will come to finish him off. His blast, however, 
takes you both out, sending Goku to the Afterlife.


When you arrive here, go up to the desk and talk to the large guy sitting 
behind the counter. Then talk to Kami, the green warrior standing nearby. 
He'll tell you that you have to pass through Snake Way to reach King Kai. 
Now, exit this area and you'll be on your way (now is also a good time to 
save, too).

Snake Way

Out here, simply head north and follow the long and winding path throughout 
this area. You'll come across a Snake Queen; talk to her and she'll end up 
wanting to fight you. Defeat her if you like to get some good experience, 
then continue onward. You'll eventually lose balance and fall off Snake Way 
and into Hell!


When you land here, Goku will be wondering where he ended up in. From where 
you land, go south and east to a grassy area with a couple trees. You'll see 
a red devil-like creature there; talk to him and he'll challenge you to catch 
him, then he disappears. So, continue east and south along the path; Goku 
will be amazed at the "pool of juice" and some spirits will mock him. Anyway, 
continue southeast at the path split. Continue south and west and you'll see 
an elevated ledge with Clouds moving around on it to the north. Fly onto that 
ledge, then continue all the way west along the path to another split. Go 
north and you'll come to a spirit (a non-moving cloud). Talk to it and it'll 
follow you around.

Now, head back south to where the path split was. Before going back east, 
continue all the way south and west to the very end of the path. Pick up a 
Senzu Bean at the end, then go back to the split and head east, then fly back 
down to the lower ground. Then, go east and north and make your way all the 
way to the starting area of Hell. From there, go south and at the split, head 
southeast. You'll see a large building to the west; walk south and west in 
front of it and you'll see a person standing there. Talk to him and he'll be 
happy you brought the spirit back, giving you 500 experience points for your 

After this, head back east and north to the path split. Instead of continuing 
north some more, head west as far as you can, then go north. At the cliff you 
reach, fly up to the higher ledge and walk to the east to find another 
spirit. Talk to it, then it'll follow; bring it back south to the guy you 
were just with to get 500 more experience points. Now, head back to the 
starting point of Hell again, and from there head east. You'll see a ledge 
you can fly onto to the north; fly up there and head east a bit. You'll come 
to the final spirit; get it to follow you and bring it back to the guy at the 
Fitness Center (that building). He'll give you 500 more points, too!

>From here, head to the start point once more and head all the way east and 
south. Continue as far south as you can go, then go west and fly onto the 
ledge you pass by. Continue west to the path split, then go southeast. You'll 
see a tree with a fruit nested in it, and a blue guy standing nearby guarding 
it. Since you have all 3 spirits, go past him and up the stairs to the tree, 
then check out the Yemma Fruit nearby. You'll eat it, and a red devil-like 
creature will confront you. He'll show you how to get back to Snake Way, and 
off you will be!

Snake Way

Back here, head north and follow the path all the way through this area. You 
will want to fly northward across gaps to parts of the path further ahead, to 
save alot of time. Make your way all the way to the northeast area, which is 
the end. You'll notice King Kai's planet floating in the air nearby. Stand by 
the cloud arc in front of you, then fly north and west to the planet. An 
animated scene will appear and you will be at King Kai's.

King Kai's Planet

Here, head north along the path and you'll see King Kai standing outside with 
his flying cricket Gregory. Talk to King Kai and he'll accept the proposal to 
train you. He'll first have you catch Bubbles, the monkey, in the field to 
the south. Use your flying power to catch up to him quickly, then press A 
when you catch up to stop him. The next task will be to bonk Gregory, the 
flying cricket, on the head with a mallet. Follow it around and hit it by 
pressing A, then the training will be complete. King Kai will let you know 
that your friends on Earth have collected the Dragon Balls and wished you 
back alive again. You will then leave this planet and head to Kami's home.

Kami's Sanctuary

Here, head north to where Kami and Mr. Popo are standing. Talk to them both, 
especially Kami, and he'll teach you the infamous Kame Hame Ha ability! He'll 
also direct you to where you should be going. After that, head behind the 
building in the northwest corner and talk to Korrin. He'll give you some 
Senzu Beans to help you out! Now, go south and to the west edge of this area 
and you will fly down to the snowy forest below.

Snowy Forest

Here, start by going westward until you come across a little boy stuck on a 
high ledge. Fly up and rescue him, then he'll follow you around for a bit. 
Head all the way south through the forest and icy pond, defeating the 
Dinosaur and Wolves along the way. At the end, continue south into the City.


Once here, head all the way southward until you reach the Bank on a street 
corner. With the boy still following you, enter the house on the adjacent 
corner to the right. Talk to his mother and she will thank you by giving you 
a Capsule. Leave the house and go back north to where you entered the City. 
Enter the house to the west of that point and talk the guy collecting 
Capsules inside. He'll take your Capsule for 1500 experience points! Now, go 
back to the Bank, where there is apparently a robbery taking place. The 
robbers are running around outside, so dispose of each one with your attacks. 
After you kill them all, you'll also be rewarded with 1500 more experience 

Now that that's over with, continue southward from the Bank to a restricted 
area belonging to what seems to be the military.

Military Base

Here, simply follow the road all the way around, talking to the soldiers 
standing around along the way. Along the way, you'll hear King Kai telling 
you to hurry back to Earth to help your friends. When you reach the end, head 
east and into a battlefield area.


In this battlefield outside of the city, head east and talk to Krillin and 
Gohan again to catch up on events on Earth. Then, go north and talk to Nappa 
to enter battle. Read the Bosses section for help getting through this fight. 
After you beat him, you'll gain 20000 experience points and Vegeta will then 
battle you. Consult the Bosses section again for strategy here. After the two 
battles are over, a scene will take place where Vegeta transforms to hurt 
Goku, then Yajirobe appears and fights Vegeta back, forcing him to transform 
back to normal. Gohan transforms and beats down Vegeta, but Goku says not to 
finish him off. After Vegeta disappears, Krillin talks about going to Namek 
to collect Dragon Balls, then this area is done. Your next stop will be the 
ruined planet of Namek.

Namek Village

When you arrive at this ruined village, head north and enter the first 
building you come across. Talk to the Namek inhabitant inside and he'll tell 
you about the temple and the artifacts. Agree to help, then leave the house. 
Talk to the guy standing outside that house and he'll tell you about the 
dying trees, and how you should plant trees to keep their planet living. 
Agree to help them as well, then continue north through the ruined village 
and watch out for the Frieza Fiends and Namek Pteradactyls wandering around. 
Fight them if you like (you should for the experience). The trees you can 
find are in the northwest, northeast, and southeast areas of this area of the 
village (you can tell what they are since they have darked tops than other 
trees). They are usually being guarded by a Frieza Fiend, so be careful. Go 
back to the first building you saw in the area and plant the trees in the 
surrounding holes. You will receive 7000 experience points for doing so. Now, 
get to the northwest area by flying to higher ledges and such, and continue 
north to the next area.

Namek Temple Area

This area is just outside of the temple ruins on Namek. It is swarming with 
Frieza Fiends, which you can fight for tons of experience. Anyway, there are 
three Artifacts you must obtain, which you must place in their proper places 
inside the temple. Anyway, head north and to the west. Follow the path going 
west and all the way north while defeating the Frieza Fiends and Namek 
Pteradactyls along the way. As you make your way northward by walking around 
the path, you'll notice a red object on the higher ledge. Fly up and grab the 
Red Artifact. After that, continue east and southeast along that upper path. 
You will be contacted by King Kai along the way, too. When you reach the end 
of that path, fly up to the higher ledge and defeat the Frieza Fiends and 
Namek Dinosaur. Grab the Blue Artifact you see there.

Now, make your way back to the south end of this whole area. Defeat more 
enemies to gain lots more experience (you should be at around level 17-19 at 
this point in the game). Then, enter the temple itself.


Inside here, go straight ahead and stand on the white platform to warp to the 
next room. There, go south and all the way east until you reach the wall. Go 
north and you'll come to a statue of a hand pointing to the right. Walk in 
the direction it points to find a hidden room through the wall. Grab the 
Green Artifact there; you now have all 3 Artifacts!

Now, go back out of this room and head south and west. Step on the green 
platform you come across to reach the next room. There, go west to another 
statue of a pointing hand. Go south from there and onto the orange platform 
to reach another room. Head east and south through this room, then east to a 
yellow platform. Warp from there to the next room, then in that room, go 
south and west at the first path split. Go all the way west to the end, then 
onto the white platform. In the next room, simply go north and use the next 
white platform to warp again.

You will now be in the room where you place the Artifacts. Go around the 
room, placing each Artifact on the respectively colored spaces around the 
statue. After you do so, your speed will increase and you will gain 30000 
experience points. Goku will notice something to the left, so walk onto the 
white platform on the left side of the room. Follow the path all the way 
north to the end to exit the temple.

Behind the Temple

In this nice area out back of the temple, head straight ahead and talk to 
Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta. After you find out information from them, go 
northwest to come to another guy, who is the leader of the Ginyu Squad. Talk 
to him about the squad, then go directly north to find the other members of 
the Ginyu Squad standing around. Before you do anything with these guys, you 
might want to run around the rest of the area, defeating the enemies 
wandering around (so you won't have to worry about them when fighting 
Ginyus). Then, talk to the first one (Recoome) and he'll fight you. Lure him 
out into the open area and defeat him by using Solar Flare and punching to 
attack. You will get 40000 experience points for beating him. Go talk to the 
second one (Burter) and do the same for 70000 experience points. Finally, go 
east and talk to the last Ginyu Squad member (Jeice) and fight her. After you 
win and get 70000 experience points from her, the leader of them will be 
standing around to the south.

Head down to where the leader was standing and he'll be ready to fight you. 
Treat the Captain Ginyu just like the other 3 members and you'll easily win 
that battle, too. You also gain 90000 experience points from this battle! 
After that, Goku will see Frieza's ship to the east, and that is where you 
will go.

Frieza's Forces Outpost

Here, you will be doing a lot of flying to get through this area. There are 
also many Frieza Fiends around, but they should be easy if you're at level 20 
or above at this point. If not, wander around and gain some experience while 
making your way eastward. When you get far east, continue into the next area. 
There, continue east and defeat the Frieza Fiends and Soldier you see 
standing there. Then, fly to the top of Frieza's ship and enter it.

Frieza's Ship

In here, talk to Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta standing around. Then, continue 
east into the Rejuvination Chamber to be healed for the final battle with 
Frieza. After that, you will be outside of the ship again.

Outside Frieza's Ship

Out here, talk to your friends one last time, then continue northward. King 
Kai will wish you well, too. Continue north and east and you'll reach Frieza. 
Talk to him and the battle will begin. Read the Bosses section for some 
strategy here. After all forms of Frieza are beat, congratulations on 
completing this game.


-=  7. Enemies  -=

Blue Dog
    Experience: 70

    Experience: 70000

Captain Ginyu
    Experience: 90000

    Experience: 1000

    Experience: 70

    Experience: 600

Frieza Field
    Experience: 10000

Frieza Soldier
    Experience: 30000

    Experience: 70000

Namek Dinosaur
    Experience: 4000

Namek Pteradactyl
    Experience: 2000

    Experience: 300

    Experience: 40000

    Experience: 1000

    Experience: 10

Snake Queen
    Experience: 3500

    Experience: 5

    Experience: 70

-=  8. Bosses -=

    Found: Raditz Crash Site
    Experience: 4000
    Strategy: The battle with Raditz isn't quite as hard as it may seem, to
              be honest. It can be frustrating, I admit, since Raditz moves
              as quickly as you and tends to follow you really closely. Use
              your Ki blasts from a distance to attack Raditz if you get far
              enough away from him. When Raditz stops to charge a Ki blast to
              shoot, face him from the side and either charge up your own
              blast to hit him with, or just go up and punch him a couple
              times. If you end up getting stuck along an edge of the area,
              fly over Raditz to get out of that predicament, and continue
              your attack from afar. If you get low on health, there are
              Herbs you can pick in this battlefield, as well as Flight
              Charges if you run out of that as well. Just keep moving at ALL
              times and fire on Raditz whenever possible, and you'll end up

    Found: Battlefield
    Experience: 20000
    Strategy: Nappa is obviously more powerful than Raditz was, but he is
              nothing you can't deal with. I have a good strategy that works
              and can finish Nappa off rather quickly. Throughout the battle,
              stay away from him so he doesn't hit you with his punches or
              energy beams. Switch to the Solar Flare ability, then when you
              get far enough away, turn around and charge it a little, then
              hit Nappa with it. He'll be frozen in his tracks for a few
              seconds. Now is your chance to run up and punch him 4-5 times
              consecutively. After about 5 punches, run away since Nappa will
              be moving shortly. Repeat that process until you end up
              winning; it's that simple!

    Found: Battlefield
    Experience: 30000
    Strategy: Since this battle takes place immediately after fighting Nappa,
              you may want to start off by using a Senzu Bean or Herb,
              depending on how much health you need to recover. Vegeta acts
              just like Nappa did; he follows you around as closely as he
              can, punching you and using energy blasts whenever possible.
              Use Solar Flare to freeze him temporarily, then run up and
              punch Vegeta a few times. About halfway through the battle,
              Vegeta will claim that enough is enough, but the battle still
              continues. Keep on using Solar Flare and attacking, and you
              will win.

    Found: Outside Frieza's Ship
    Experience: N/A
    Strategy: Of course, this is the final enemy you face in this short game!
              It is a bit sad since this guy is just as easy to foil as any
              other enemy/boss in this game! Simply use Solar Flare, punch
              Frieza a few times, run away, and repeat. When Frieza moves on
              to his next couple forms, be careful since if he hits you, you
              will lose more health than before. Just repeat the same
              strategy as mentioned above, and you will eventually beat his
              third form. You will then end up in a ruined area since the
              planet is breaking apart from the battle. Goku will go Super
              Saiyan and Frieza will be back to normal. Use a Senzu Bean at
              this time if you need it, then continue the attack like before
              until you win, beating this game.

-=  9. Ki Abilities -=

Kame Hame Ha: This is the final Ki ability you receive, and it is naturally
              the most powerful one, especially when charged up! If you
              fully charge it and release, Goku will shout out the infamous
              words and shoot out a large energy beam to attack. If not
              charged, it is a smaller beam, obviously.

Ki Blast: This is your standard energy ball shot. Tap the button to shoot a
          weak shot that doesn't go far. Hold down B to charge it up,
          allowing for a larger blast with more distance on the shot.

Solar Flare: Use this ability to temporarily blind the enemy with an energy
             blast. You must charge this up in order to use; the longer you
             charge, the more effective it will be, obviously.

-=  10. Items -=

Flight Charge: Recover some flight charges.

Herb: Recover 1/4 health (can only hold up to 6 at once).

Senzu Bean: Fully recover health (can only hold up to 3 at once).

-=  11. Secrets/Tips and Tricks -=

Cheap Recovery Trick

If you are wandering around in an area and are low on health, you can try 
this (not-so-secret) trick to recover quickly. Save your game, then shut off 
the game and turn it back on again. When you appear back where you left off, 
you'll be back at full health/Ki without even using items!

Infinite Health and Ki Glitch

When an energy ball is shot at you, press R to fly and it will hit you. You 
will land, but the Flight Charge display will still be showing, meaning you 
lost no health at all from the attack! You will land when hit, though, so go 
in the air and land again to get out of this useful glitch!

Submitted by: agnel

when the game starts when the video starts press up,down,left,right,b,a
you will recieve full health
no matter howmuch a person hits
you will not get hurt exept in the
spikes on the snakeway

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: andresb-24 (

Press Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A when the introduction song plays when the 
game is first started. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Note: This has no effect on the edges of Snake Way when coming across the 
first time.

In-game reset:
Press A + B + R + L + Start + Select during game play to return to the 
title screen.
Note: This does not erase your saved game(s).

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game (including all the quests and sidequests).
Start a new game to begin with unlimited energy. After completing the game, 
you should have one of two things: unlimited energy or the ability to 
carry four Senzu Beans.

-= CodeBreaker =-
Have All Powers   
C765DC29 9A4B

Have Saiyan Hair   
F9FB7938 F776

Quick Level Gain   
4D21B289 E94C

Infinite Flight Power   

Hella KI   
0B9DE283 E849

Infinite HP   
3A9DC383 E849


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