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 Driver - Platform: Gameboy Color

Driver - Platform: Gameboy Color

Cheat mode
Highlight the "Undercover" option at the main menu, 
then press Up(2), Down(2), Up, Down, Up, Down, Up(2), 
Down(2). A cheat option will appear. 
Once in the cheat menu, press Right to activate or 
Left to de-activate the various cheats. 

Strange screen colors
Enable cheat mode, then enable the "Test Stuff" option. 
Press Select during a mission or game. This changes the 
screen colors. Additionally, the car's coordinates appear 
where the damage and felony normally appear. 

City and type of ground  Color 
Miami road Red 
Miami other drivable area Yellow  
Miami non-drivable area White  
Miami car tracks White/Yellow  
Los Angeles road Blue 
Los Angeles other drivable area Green  
Los Angeles non-driveable area Purple  
Los Angeles car tracks Green/Purple  
New York road Black 
New York other drivable area Yellow  
New York non-drivable area Red  
New York car tracks Red/Yellow  

The car tracks are the little crosses on the roads. The second 
color on the cross is the direction of cars. 
The cars stop at the crosses that are differently colored.

Level Name Password 
1 Bank Job  Face, Face, Face, Face  
2 Hide the Evidence  Tire Tread, Badge, Cone, Red Siren  
3 Boat Chase  Stoplight, Key, Key, Blue Siren  
4 Hit 5 Restaurants  Cone, Cone, Cone, Badge  
5 Superfly Drive  Key, Red Siren, Red Siren, Stoplight  
6 Bait for Trap  Key, Badge, Tire Tread, Blue Siren  
7 Take out DiAngelo  Badge, Cone, Badge, Red Siren  
Los Angeles   
8 Steal a Cop Car  Red Siren, Badge, Key, Tire Tread  
9 Get Lucky to Doctor  Cone, Blue Siren, Red Siren, Red Siren  
10 Beverly Hills Getaway  Badge, Badge, Stoplight, Cone  
New York   
11 Grand Central Station  Blue Siren, Key, Key, Key  
12 Trash Granger Car  Stoplight, Tire Tread, Red Siren, Badge  
13 Stop Grangers gang (5 cars)  Key, Badge, Badge, Cone  
14 Chase down Grangers Boy  Red Siren, Blue Siren, Red Siren, Blue Siren  
15 Crosstown Race  Tire Tread, Key, Cone, Stoplight  

Hint: Elude police in Survival mode
Use the following steps to get a rank with a best time of up to one hour.

Drive north until you have to make a left turn. Take the freeway until 
you get to the alleyway bridge. Lose the cops on the bridge and stop. 
The police cars cannot regenerate on an alleyway. 

New York
You will start in front of a park with a cop behind you. Lose the cop 
by turning around into the park. Lose the cop in the park and stop. 
The police cars cannot regenerate on a park area. 

Los Angeles
-Drive to LAX (L.A. Airport), and avoid using the oncoming traffic 
lanes to get there. Once at the airport, drive to the south parking 
lot. Then, lose the cops in the parking lot. 

Hint: Losing the police
If a cop is directly behind you and chasing you (touching you, but 
bumper to bumper), brake for a split second then accelerate immediately. 
The cop will fall behind once it hits you, and you will most likely 
lose that cop car. 

Hint: Crosstown race
In the final mission where you have to beat the record across town, enable 
the "Strange screen colors" code. You will be going on lots of straight 
aways, and you will need to know where traffic travels. 
It will make it easier to direct your car down the road in a way that 
will keep it out of the other cars' paths.

Glitch: Radio still on
Steal a car, then drive into water. The radio will still be on when you 
come out of hospital.


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