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 Einhander - Platform: Playstation 1

Einhander - Platform: Playstation 1

Submitted by: Jeanette Hill

Bonus fighters:
Unlock fifteen or more secrets and complete game play under 
any difficulty level to fly in one of the small Earth fighters. 
Complete the game under the hard difficulty level without 
continuing more than two times to fly in one of the Moon
fighters from the final level. 

Gallery option:
Complete game play with a high ranking to access a 
"Gallery" option from the main menu. Select it to view various 
graphics depicting the ships, weapons, and battles in the game. 

Start with gunpods:
Begin game play and reach a point where various gunpods have 
already been obtained. Intentionally lose the game and use all 
remaining lives. Allow the timer to reach zero on the continue 
screen. Allow the title screen to reappear and select "Game 
Start". Select a ship and equip it as desired with the gunpods 
that are now available. The selected gunpods will also reappear 
automatically as a standard weapon after a life is lost during 
the next game. 

Hint: Defeating the level 3 Boss:
Note: This is the boss with the self-propelled fist and "yo-yo" 
shoulder weapon. When the boss starts firing its homing bombs, 
try to fly behind it. If done correctly, the bombs will fly 
downward to follow you, and hit the Boss' head. This causes 
significant damage to the boss, allowing it to be defeated 
after two or three hits.


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