Evil Dead A Fistful of Boomstick - Platform: XBox - Console Games.

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 Evil Dead A Fistful of Boomstick - Platform: XBox

Evil Dead A Fistful of Boomstick - Platform: XBox

Unlock Arcade Levels 
Finish levels in story mode to unlock them for Arcade play. 

Unlock Gallery Art
Each time you finish a level, concept art for the level 
in question will be unlocked for viewing by accessing 
the Extras menu.

Ash comments:
When you press Y, Ash will say a funny comment. Later in the game, he gains 
the ability to say different comments. For example, when in Downtown Dearborn, 
he says, "What time is it? Bah, what do you care, you're dead." In the 
Outskirts of Dearborn he is incapable of saying this.

Defeating Eldridge:
Wait until he is walking toward a barrel and gets close to it. Then, shoot 
the barrel and it will explode, flipping him over. Start shooting him after 
he flips over. Later in the fight, he will start charging you. When this 
happens, run along the walls until he runs into one, then start shooting him.

Defeating Nathaniel Payne:
Use your shovel like a baseball bat. Hold X and release when he throws a chunk 
of rock at you. Do not get the rock confused with the energy ball that is thrown.

Defeating Trisha:
When she opens her mouth, throw a piece of dynamite into it.

Dearborn police station:
When you get to the Dearborn police station, the yard where you need to go is 
surrounded by Deadites. You do not have to kill any of them. First, find the 
Spell Scroll that allows you to posses a Deadite for a limited amount of time,.
This spell takes up three mana. Posses a Deadite, then run to the other side of 
the yard. You will find the Cypher and a envelope that you must take to the auto 


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