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 Extreme-G 2 - Platform: Nintendo64

Extreme-G 2 - Platform: Nintendo64

Blurry Mode 
Enter your name as FLICK to be blurry while racing. 
To deactivate the code, enter it as your name a 
second time. 
Submitted by Matt De Goey (

Fast Start 
To get a fast start with any bike, rev your bike up 
until it is almost close to the second block in the 
speed meter. When the announcer says go, immediately 
press and hold Z to start ahead of the other racers! 
Submitted by Craig Butler (

Get Spectre and Enable Duel 
To get the Spectre bike and enable Duel mode enter 
the following password:

Submitted by Charlie. C

Level Skip 
Enter your name as RA50 then start a race. 
While racing, press START to pause the game 
then select QUIT and say YES. When you get to 
the placing screen select "Go, Go" and you'll 
be advanced to the next level. 
Submitted by Scott Robert

Mirror Mode  
To be able to play with all the Superbikes and 
unlock the mirror mode.
Enter the following code: HS3B9BQ9DGPL
Submitted by Chris Munoz

More Multiplayer Levels 
To unlock more multiplayer levels, enter the 
Venom or Wasp Superbike codes, then enter the 
password N31GG76CG9DZ. 
Submitted by Romp Wats

No Screen Panels 
To turn off all on-screen information displays 
enter your name as NOPANEL. 
Submitted by Bryan Black

Overhead View 
Enter your name as SPYEYE at the name entry 
screen (NOT the password screen) which can be 
reached from the bike selection screen in Contest 
mode, and you will be able to play XG2 Micro 
Machines style. 
Submitted by Janitor Ed

Random Course Selection 
If you enter your name as JUGGLE you will 
have random courses on single player timetrials. 
Submitted by Cody C

Remove an Engine 
Enter your name as MISPLACE to remove one engine 
from your car. 
Submitted by Steven Irving

Rotating Camera 
If the speed of XG2 isn't enough to induce motion 
sickness, how about making the screen turn constantly 
while you race? Simply enter your name as SPIRAL at 
the bike options screen. 
Submitted by Janitor Ed

Spectre Superbike 
To enable the Spectre, finish Extreme Contest-Meltdown 
with an overall 1st place. 
Submitted by Duros Bith (

Super Speed 
If the game isn't fast enough for you, enter your 
name as XXX. 
Submitted by Jose De Jesus (JDEJ663390@AOL.COM) 

Tron Mode 
Enter your name as NEUTRON to activate Tron mode. 
To deactivate the code, enter it as your name a 
second time. 
Submitted by Duros Bith (

Turn Motorcycles into Planes 
To turn into airplanes and fly.
Enter this code at name entry:2064 
Submitted by DAVID BOSCH

Ugly Mode 
To disable antialiasing, enter your name as PIXIE. 
To deactivate the code, enter it as your name 
a second time. 
Submitted by Jose De Jesus

Unlimited Nitro 
Enter your name as NITROID for unlimited nitros. 
To deactivate the code, enter it as your name 
a second time. 
Submitted by

Unlimited Shields and Lasers 
Enter your name as XCHARGE for unlimited shields 
and lasers. To deactivate the code, enter it as 
your name a second time. 
Submitted by J.Pause

Unlimited Weapons 
Enter your name as MISTAKE for unlimited weapons. 
To deactivate the code, enter it as your name a 
second time. 
Submitted by Jose De Jesus (JDEJ663390@AOL.COM) 

Venom Superbike 
If you want to race as Hotra Toxic with her super-fast 
Venom Bike, come in first on the Atomic Contest -- or, 
if you're too lazy, enter the password: 868QCMH3H9HT 
Submitted by Janitor Ed

Wasp Superbike 
Looking for the second superbike? Finish the Contest 
Mode on Critical Mass difficulty, and you'll be able 
to drive the Wasp. You can also enter the 
password: 55Hz1MH3H9H1 
Submitted by Janitor Ed

Wipeout Mode 
For those that love Wipeout this one is for you. 
Start a contest and enter your name as "2064" at 
the name entry screen. This will convert your 
motorcycles into futuristic planes. 
Submitted by Jose De Jesus (

Wireframe Mode 
Enter your name as LINEAR to activate wireframe mode. 
To deactivate the code, enter it as your name a 
second time. 
Submitted by Duros Bith (


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