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 Fallout 3 - Platform: Playstation 3

Fallout 3 - Platform: Playstation 3

V.A.T.S. Spotting:
If you’re heading into seemingly-hostile territory or simply want to
survey the area around you for enemies you might not yet see, try 
hitting the VATS button over and over again as you make your character
turn around, searching all angles. Doing so will alert you to any enemies
you may not yet see by zooming in on them in VATS mode. You’ll 
realistically be unable to do damage to your foes from such a distance,
but it’s a good way to spot foes before they spot you so you know what 
you’re getting yourself into before the crap hits the fan.

Infinite XP:
Note: Using the "Infinite XP" glitches can leave you weak. The higher level you 
are, the more difficult the game gets. You will encounter more and stronger 
enemies, and they will have better weapons in better conditions.
Use the following trick to get 5 experience points each time it is performed.
Go to Craterside Supply (found in Megaton) with a few frag mines (so you do not
have to re-equip the mines). Go into the room behind the mercenary. Get close 
to the back side of the wall that the mercenary is leaning against, and place a
mine. Quickly pick it up as it will immediately be armed and ticking. Repeat 
this as many times as desired.

Have a Speech skill of at least 30. Visit Big Town by travelling northwest from 
Springvale Elementary. Talk to Bittercup about her dating exploits. Talk with 
Pappy about how he came to Big Town with Bittercup to start a Speech challenge. 
If you fail, the challenge will still be available to retry. Repeat the 
challenge until you are successful. You will get six experience points, and the 
option to retry the challenge can still be selected. Repeat the challenge as 
many times as desired. Note: This requires the unpatched version of the game.

Be at least level 10, and have a 60 Sneak skill. Unlock the Mister Sandman perk. 
Go to the Smith's house at Andale. Sneak upstairs at night while everyone is 
sleeping. Try to pickpocket the boy, but instead select "Murder". You will not 
lose Karma and gain over 50 experience points. Because the boy does not actually 
die, you can repeat this as many times as desired. Note: The game may glitch and 
become unresponsive. Also, this requires the unpatched version of the game.

Easy Caps:
Note: This trick requires you take the "evil" path. After agreeing to help Mr. 
Burke nuke Megaton, go into every single house and steal everything (any little 
piece of junk you can carry). Sell them to the local shops (Craterside Supplies, 
The Restaurant, Moriarty's Saloon, etc.). If a particular house is locked or you 
need a key to get into a safe or something of that nature, just kill the owner 
of the property, and get the key from his or her body. Kill everyone in sight, 
especially the shop owners because you can get access to their entire inventory, 
plus the Caps that you have already spent on them. Kill every one and collect 
everything to leave Megaton empty. You should have at least 600 caps. Remember 
to sell some of the things you gather to the shop owners because you cannot fast 
travel when over encumbered. This can be done in almost any town you visit. To 
avoid getting over encumbered, get all the supplies that you can possibly carry, 
then drop the rest just outside of Megaton. Fast travel to Rivet City or some 
other marketplace. Sell what you have, then return to Megaton, and repeat the 

In the "Strictly Business" quest, capture Susan Lancaster, and get your reward 
for her capture. Afterwards, speak with her in the slave quarters part of 
Paradise Falls. Note: You will need one of the slaver's keys to access the 
slaves quarters; pickpocket one. After entering the slave quarter's, speak with 
Susan. When she asks for help, choose the option "You're a slave. Deal with 
it.", then return to Grouse to collect the reward again. Grouse will think that 
you captured her again. You can repeat this as many times as desired to get 250 
Caps and a slave collar each time.
Save all pre-war books you found (not scorched or ruined). Go to the Arlington 
library. At the southeastern corner, you can find an NPC that will buy those 
books for 100 Caps each. You will also get 10 experience points for each book 
you sold.

Do the "Riley's Rangers" side quest. After rescuing Riley and escorting her back 
to her base, she will ask if you want to help her out by mapping the area, and 
she will pay you. Do not tell her that you will help her just yet. After 
reaching level 20, use the "Explorer" Perk. Once you have revealed every 
location on the map, go back to her, and tell her that you will help her out. 
Then, tell her you have got some new locations for her. Depending on whether or 
not you have already done it, you can make upwards of 2,200 Caps.
Easy Hacking, Speech, and Stealing bonuses 
Save the game before starting a dialogue with a Speech bonus, hacking a 
computer, lock picking, or pick pocketing. Then, simply reload the game if you 
fail the challenge.

Easy hacking:
Only use three attempts during a hack, so you leave yourself with one to back 
out. Then, go back to the attempts screen, and you will have four more chances. 
Repeat this as many times as desired. -From: Brett Grimes
If you move your cursor throughout the symbols, sometimes you will highlight a 
group of symbols. Selecting these "duds" will remove one of the words that is 
wrong from your choices. Also, it may grant you an additional attempt if you 
have already gotten a selection wrong. -From: Brett Grimes
Search around both fields, and you will find a string of symbols that you can 
enter as the password. It starts with "(", "<", "[", or "{" and ends with the 
same symbol. This will completely refill your password attempts.

Easy lock picking:
Use the following trick to avoid breaking bobby pins when trying to pick a lock. 
Just before the bobby pin is going to break, exit that screen, then go back. You 
will save a lot of bobby pins by doing this. This also works when trying to get 
a password for computers.

Easy stealing:
When you see an item on a shelf or table in a store or house where there are too 
many people around to steal it, walk over to the item, get it in your 
crosshairs, and press R3 to pick the item up. Then, take the item to an area 
where no one is, drop it, and steal it. For example, use the Bottle Cap Mine in 
the Craterside Supply on the work bench, pick it up, then drop it at the end of 
the desk to the right next to the two metal boxes. Enter Sneak mode, get next to 
the desk once your indicator says hidden, and steal it.

Dart Gun:
The first part of the schematic for the Dart Gun are found at the MDPL-05 Power 
Station on the northwest tip of the Capital Wasteland. Another part is obtained 
from Hannibal Hamlin after completing the "Lincoln Memorial" quest for the 
slaves. The last schematic is found in a locked chest at the Boutique Le Chic in 
Tenpenny Tower. Parts required are a toy car, surgical tubing, paint gun, and 
Radscorpion poison gland. The Dart Gun cripples your target's legs. It is very 
useful when used on fast melee opponents such as Deathclaws. It also poisons 
your target for eight seconds.

Pimp clothing items:
The location of pimp type clothing is as follows:

Tenpenny     : Tenpenny Tower
Eulogu Jones : Paradise Falls
Shadey Hat   : Wasteland Survival Guide Mission (optional quest reward)
Mr. Burke    : Megaton or Pre-War business wear

Prototype Medic Power Armor:
You can find the Prototype Medic Power Armor in Old Olney in the northeast 
section of the map. The area is swarming with Death Claws. Set the difficulty to 
"Very Easy", and go there. On the southern-most street of the town is a grate on 
the sidewalk. Step on it, and it should open out from underneath you, 
effectively forcing you to go through the sewers. Fight your way through the 
sewers. Eventually you will find a ladder to your left. Keep going forward to 
find a Brotherhood of Steel Initiate. She will be wearing the armor. The armor 
talks and will inject you with Med-X when your limbs are crippled. It is as 
good, if not better, than Tesla Armor, but does not come with a helmet.

T-51b Power Armor:
Successfully complete the "You've Gotta Shoot Them In The Head" mission given by 
Mr. Crowley in Underworld. Return to him once you have all four keys. Follow him 
out of Underworld, and take back the keys. Go to "Fort Constantine", located in 
the upper-left corner of the map directly between and slightly to the north of 
"SATCOM Array NW-05a" and "SATCOM Array NN-03d". Enter the little house on the 
left named the "CO Quarters". Go downstairs, and use the key on the "launch 
control bunker" door. Be prepared to fend off robots while making your way 
further down. Eventually you will find doors for all the keys, the last one 
being a room that holds the T-51b under glass. Use the computer to free the 

Unlimited ammo stimpaks, mini nukes and caps:
Submitted by: rick pickard

my glich will get you over 100 mini nukes and 800 stimpaks, and 1000's of all other 
ammos plus 1000's in caps before you reach level 5 but you can only do it one time 
you will not find this in any book or on any website so lets make a deal e-mail me 
if youed like to be the first to get it.


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