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 Fifa 2002 - Platform: Playstation 2

Fifa 2002 - Platform: Playstation 2

Cheat mode
Press Square at the rewards screen to access the cheat options that
can be unlocked during game play.

Big Melon
Win the European Champions' Cup. This cheat gives all players big heads.
Crazy Ball
Win the EFA Trophy. Press Square to make the ball move in a crazy path when
it is passed.
Stay N Play
Win the European Championships. The ball will always rebound from the
They All Fall Down
Win the Copa America. Your players will all fall down if the ball remains in
possession for too long.
Eye Catcher
Win the Gold Cup. The ball will be giant sized.
Small Pitch
Win a league and score more than 200 goals.
Win the Champion's League (ECC) and whatever League Title (i.e.
Premeireship) under professional mode. All the lads are gone out for a pint
and only five players remain. Its indoor footie at its finest. There are
also no bookings.
From Outside
Win the Champion's League (ECC) and whatever League Title (i.e.
Premeireship) under professional mode. From outside the 18 yard box, if you
put the ball in the onion bag, the goal is worth two.

Bonus tournaments
Win the following World Cup qualifications to unlock the corresponding bonus
AFC: Asians Nations Cup
CONCACAF: Copa America
UEFA: European Championships (Euro 2004)
Complete all rewards except the last locked one to unlock the FIFA
Confederations Cup.

Panini cards
Win the following events to unlock the corresponding Panini cards at the
rewards screen:

AFC World Cup qualification: Myung Bo Hong
UEFA World Cup qualification: Francesco Totti
CONMEBOL World Cup qualification: Roberto Carlos
CONCACAF World Cup qualification: Ruud Van Nistelrooy

EFA: Nuno Gomez
European Championship Cup: Iker Casillas
European Championship: Thierry Henry
Copa America: Henrik Larsson

Gold Cup: Thomasz Rodzinski
FIFA Confederations: Steve Marlet

Fake cross over
Hold L2 + R2 while kicking and your player will fake a cross over.

Special moves

Hurdle: Tap L2.
Shimmy: Tap R2.
Drag-Back: Tap L2(2).
Flick-Over: Tap R2(2)
Keepy-upees: Stand still and hold L2 + R2 + Triangle.
Keepy-uppes then clear the ball away: Tap R2 then tap Square or Circle when
behind a
ball in the air (75% success)
Monster kick: When the ball comes to you, tap L2 then tap Square or Circle
(50% success)

Easy win
If you are losing a game in world class mode, press Start to pause game
play. Choose "Side Select"
from the pause menu, then move your controller under our opponent's name.
Then, score your own
goals as that team.

Better passes
Press Square instead of X to pass and the ball should go over defenders.
Note the arrow color to judge
how a pass will do. White arrows indicate the pass will go through. Blue
arrows will indicate that a pass
will be blocked or stolen. You can also press L2 and/or R2 to curve the
pass. Press the Left Analog-stick
to control the passing direction. You can also use the D-pad to take control
over passes.

There is another way to lift the ball besides kicking it. Hold R2 + L2 and
press Triangle. This is like doing
the fake cross-over, but you cannot be moving.

A kick that looks like a scorpion kick thing can be done by holding L2
button while doing a volley with
Square or Circle. A combination of hitting the ball with your chest then
thigh and then kicking it can be
done the same way, but with R2 held.

Farther goal kicks
When you are taking a goal kick, hold Pass until the ball gets all the way
up, then release.
Note: This only works for goal kicks.

Glitch: Opponent goalkeeper leaves goal
Start a game as usual, then change your controller to the other side. Give
the ball away to your team and
bring their goalkeeper out by holding L1. While still holding the L1, press
Start. Release L1 and change
the controller back to your team. Resume the game, and now whenever you get
the ball the opposing
goalkeeper will rush out and attempt to tackle you anywhere on the field.
This must be repeated for each

Note: The following trick works about 70% of the time. At the start of each
half, let your team have possession
of the ball. Next, change to the opposing team's side. While your team has
possession, take out the goalie while
the ball is on ground possession. Then, change to your team. The goalie will
follow you while in possession.
This trick will not work if ball is in the air.


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