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 Final Fantasy X-2 - Platform: Playstation 1

Final Fantasy X-2 - Platform: Playstation 1

Extra Ending: 
First you'll have to meet with Maechen at Guadosalam 
in Chapter 3. You'll find him when you meet up with 
Logos and Ormi in the same area. Next you have to 
get the "whistling" scene with Yuna at the end of 
Chapter 3. When you're alone in the Farplane, move 
Yuna around and continually press the X button. 
You'll hear whistling. That means you have activated 
the event. Next thing you have to do is get an 
Episode Complete in Luca during Chapter 5. All 
you have to do there is visit the location where 
Tidus taught Yuna how to whistle. Next, get an 
Episode Complete in Besaid. Finally, once you have 
beat the game, keep tapping the X button to get the 

Get Baralai's Sphere:
Baralai's Sphere can be found in Guadosalam beyond 
the locked door that everyone talks about. How do 
you do it? Examine the door in very Chapter. During 
Chapter 5, Tromell Guado will let you inside, if 
you were able to finish the mission on Mount Gagazet 
during Chapter 3. 

Easy Healing:
If you need to heal up, change your characters into 
White Mages, because they have the lowest HP in the 
game. You can use regular Potions or low level white 
magic spells to cure them. Revert them back to their 
original classes and they'll be at max health. 

Good Level Up Spots:
Good places to level up during the game are the 
Leblanc Syndicate's headquarters early in the game, 
Cid's secret dungeon during Chapter 5 for mid level 
characters, and the Depths of the Farplane for high 
level characters. 

Quick Fix:
If an enemy hits you with Stop, cast Haste or use a 
Chocobo feather on them. They'll be back to normal, 
and they will also have Haste cast on them.


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