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 GoldenEye 007 - Platform: Wii

GoldenEye 007 - Platform: Wii

Big Head mode:
Enter "<477MYFR13NDS4R3SP13S>" as a case-sensitive code to enable Big
Head mode in "Local Multiplayer" games. Reset the game to its default
options to return to normal.

Invisibility mode:
Enter "Inv1s1bleEv3ryth1ng" as a case-sensitive code to unlock the
"Invisibility Mode" option at the "Multiplayer Split-Screen" section of
the "Modifiers" menu. While playing the game, press B to become
invisible instead of sprinting.

Tag mode:
Enter "NotIt!!!11" as a case-sensitive code to unlock the "Tag" option
at the "Multiplayer Split-Screen" section of the "Modifiers" menu. Tag
mode requires three or more players.

Switch weapon loadouts in Multiplayer mode:
During a split-screen match in Multiplayer mode, hold 2 and press Left
or Right to change your weapon. On a Classic Controller or Pro, hold
Minus and press Left Analog-stick Left or Right. On a GameCube controller, 
hold Z and press A. When the scoreboard appears, press Left or Right.

Multiplayer weapons and gadgets:
Reach the indicated level in Multiplayer mode to unlock the
corresponding item:

Level 2: Reflex Sight (Attachment)
Level 3: AK-47 Assault Rifle (Primary Weapon)
Level 4: Snap Shot (Gadget 3)
Level 5: Sigmus 9 Submachine Gun (Primary Weapon)
Level 6: Distraction (Gadget 1)
Level 7: SEGS 500 Shotgun (Primary Weapon)
Level 8: Heavy Hitter (Gadget 2)
Level 9: Pavlov ASR Sniper Rifle (Primary Weapon)
Level 10: P99 Pistol (Secondary Weapon)
Level 11: Kallos-TT9 Assault Rifle (Primary Weapon)
Level 13: Hi Cap Magazine (Gadget 1)
Level 15: Speed Loader (Gadget 2)
Level 16: Stauger UA-1 Submachine Gun (Primary Weapon)
Level 17: Bio Booster (Gadget 3)
Level 18: PT-9 Interdictus Shotgun (Primary Weapon)
Level 19: Timed Mine (Gadget 1)
Level 20: Silencer (Attachment)
Level 21: Hawksman M5A Pistol (Secondary Weapon)
Level 22: Reactive Armor (Gadget 2)
Level 23: Laser Pointer (Attachment)
Level 25: Terralite III Assault Rifle (Primary Weapon)
Level 26: Toros AV-400 Sniper Rifle (Primary Weapon)
Level 28: Mine Sweeper (Gadget 3)
Level 29: Vargen FH-7 Submachine Gun (Primary Weapon)
Level 31: Kunara V Pistol (Secondary Weapon)
Level 32: Drumhead Type-12 Shotgun (Primary Weapon)
Level 33: ACOG Scope (Attachment)
Level 35: Remote Trigger Mine (Gadget 1)
Level 36: Light Foot (Gadget 2)
Level 37: Talon HL 450 Sniper Rifle (Primary Weapon)
Level 38: Thermal Scope (Attachment)
Level 41: Anova DP3 Assault Rifle (Primary Weapon)
Level 42: Multi Task (Gadget 3)
Level 45: Strata SV-400 Submachine Gun (Primary Weapon)
Level 47: WA2000 Sniper Rifle (Primary Weapon)
Level 50: Last Act of Defiance (Gadget 3)
Level 51: Wolfe .44 Pistol (Secondary Weapon)
Level 52: Masterton M-557 Shotgun (Primary Weapon)
Level 52: Polarized Contact Lense (Gadget 2)
Level 53: Proximity Mine (Gadget 1)
Level 54: Grenade Launcher (Attachment)
Level 55: Gambit CP-208 Sniper Rifle (Primary Weapon)
Level 56: Ivana Spec-R Assault Rifle (Primary Weapon)


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