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 Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball - Platform: XBox

Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball - Platform: XBox

During single player tournaments, the following options can be turned on or 
purchased if you have a fully maxed out player at the cost of 25 experience 
points each: "God Mode", "Slow Motion", and "Extra Team Decals". All of 
these options are accessed for arcade mode by going into the "My Character" 
menu selection and pressing White after your player has been maxed out.

Choose Your Songs:
While playing, WITHOUT pressing start, press White. From there, press L or 
R to browse between songs. To exit the browsing, press white again. You 
should not choose for more than 30 sec. though, because the game is NOT 
paused, and you could be shot.

Hold black, x, and right trigger while pressing (on the d pad) upx2 downx2 
right left down up. (during gameplay)

Gold goggles and gun:
Win the fifth and sixth tournament in the pro series to add the gold goggles 
and gold gun to your gear bag.

Select any pro player in single player mode:
Go to "My Character", then hold the Left Analog-stick Left while tapping Y. 
This will change your character to any pro of your choice. Pro Players must 
be "unlocked" for this to work.

Alternately, hold Left Analog-stick Left and press White. Note: This will not 
work if your stats are at max.

Shoot Paintballs Out Of Your Head:
Ok go to a bunker on your knees and snap up and hold L. Then press down on the 
D-Pad and walk straight forward into the bunker then while still holding L. 
Just keep walking forward and holding L and you will shoot paintballs out of 
your head.

Silver goggles and gun:
Win the third and fourth tournament in the pro series to get the silver goggles 
and silver gun.

Skip To The Finals In Tournaments:
To skip straight to the final round of any tournament, excluded the first, 
simply beat the first and instead of playing the new tournament, play the 
first til you reach the final round of it. Once it shows you the bracket click 
A and instead of pressing A to start hit B and play the newest tournament. You 
should be put in the final round.

Anodized R7:
After obtaining the Bronze, Silver and Gold marker, look very closely at it. 
If you look close enough, it is just an anodized R7 marker. However, the Solid 
Bronze is not as good as the R7. The Solid Silver and Solid Gold are a lot 
better than the R7.

Bronze goggles and marker:
During the tournaments in the pro series you will receive bronze goggles and 
a bronze marker for finishing in first place in the first two tournaments.

Play all of the single player mode tournaments, and place in the top three in 
each event to unlock all characters.


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