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 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Platform: DVD

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Platform: DVD

Submitted by: Dj Simo 

Letter Of Introduction
Insert Disc 1. Press Right to highlight the picture of 
Hedwig to view Harry's Letter Of Introduction for Hogwarts.

Alternate title and beans
Enter the "Language Select" screen and change it to "English 
U .K.". The title will now be "Harry Potter And The Philosopher's 
Stone". Start a game some of the jelly beans will be different.

Deleted Scenes Etcetera 
Submitted by: Brain 
Access The Egg 

At the Main Menu in Disc 1, press your control to the right and click on the White Owl. 
On disc 2, go into Gringotts. While on the main screen hit down until you highlight the box 
of Bernie Botts Everyflavord Beans, and click. They you can highlight four different beans, 
and they'll tell you their flavor. 
On Disc 2 (extras disk), go to Diagon Alley. Select the Key on the Gringotts Sign. Select 
the coins in Gringotts. Go to Ollivanders and get a wand (takes 3 tries for a "wand to 
select you"). Now go back to the main screen and select classrooms. From Transfiguration, 
select down to highlight the owls on the statue. Hit enter twice and you'll be taken to the 
third floor corridor. Then, select the flute to get by Fluffy. On the next screen, select 
the small key in the center - the one with the bent wing - (don't worry, if you pick the 
wrong one, you'll get several chances to do it right). On the following screen, choose the 
round golden bottle on the back right. This will bring you to the Mirror of Erised. Select 
the Sorcerer's Stone in the center to access 6 deleted scenes and an extended version of the 
potions class scene. 
Access the TOUR on Disc 2. When you are in the dining hall at the section directly facing 
the teacher's table, it will give you three options (left, right and up). Hit DOWN and a 
link will light up. Hit enter and it will show behind the teacher's table the House Cup 
Points Scoreboard. 
On Disc 2, from the main menu, take the Tour. At the first stop on the tour, you are 
presented with 2 options, Left or Right (< >). Use either one to turn around. When you are 
given the option to move Left, Forward or Right (< ^ >), use your remote and click DOWN. A 
painting across the room will be highlighted. Click ENTER to see what it is. 
There are also a total of 3 different sets of Jelly Beans to "taste". They can be found in 
Gringott's Bank, the Spells & Charms classroom, and in the Grounds, next to the chest with 
the Quiddich elements. 

The correct pattern of bricks to choose for entrance to Diagon Alley is as follows: 
Left 1 
Up 2 then OK or Enter 
Up 1 then OK 
Up 1 then OK 
Right 1 
Down 2 then OK 
Down 1 then OK


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