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 Harvest Moon - Save The Homeland - Platform: Playstation 2

Harvest Moon - Save The Homeland - Platform: Playstation 2

Note: You can cook food after you buy a kitchen.

Blue Berry Jam: Blue Berry (3x) and Pot.
Boiled Egg: Egg and Pot.
Cake: Egg, Milk, Breadfruit and Oven.
Cheese: L Milk and Pot.
Cheescake: Milk, Breadfruit, Cheese, and Oven
Cooked Fish: Potato (or Herb), Fish and Pan.
Cran Berry Jam: Cran Berry (3x) and Pot.
Cream of Corn Soup: Milk, Corn and Pot.
Cream of Mushroom Soup: Milk, Mushroom and Pot.
Cream of Tomato Soup: Milk, Tomato and Pot.
Creamy Soup: Potato, Milk and Pot.
Flan: Egg, Milk and Oven.
Fruit Cake: Breadfruit, Milk, any fruit and Oven.
Fruit Omelet: Egg, any fruit and Pan.
Harvest Berry Jam: 3 Harvestberries and Pot (very good gift for Gwen)
Hot Milk: S Milk and Pot.
Mixed Jam: Very Berry, Cran Berry, Blue Berry and Pot.
Mixed Omelet: Egg, any vegetable and Pan.
Omelet: Egg, Milk and Pan.
Special Cheese: G Milk and Pot.
Sunny-Side Up: Egg and Pan.
Very Berry Jam: Very Berry (3x) and Pot.
Yogurt: M Milk and Pot.

Your cow will give milk faster if you leave her outside on very sunny days
(when the weather channel states that there will be a 0% chance of rain). 
Once she gives Large Milk, leave her outside on two very good days and you 
should get Gold Milk. If you leave your cows outside in the grass you will 
not have to feed them.

Chickens take longer to give Gold Eggs. If you leave your chickens outside
in the grass you will not have to feed them.
Chickens like it when they are put outside and will most likely give you
golden eggs faster. Instead of paying 500G for a chicken from the Animal 
Farm, buy an egg from the Supermarket for 50G and place it in the incubator. 
Three days later, a baby chick will hatch.

After doing Bob's part time work, sometimes he does not give you a horse. If
this happens, try giving something sweet such as a Cake, best if baked yourself.
Your horse can be standing anywhere and not need to be fed.
To pick your own horse, when you do part time work brush and talk to the
horse first every day. Bob will bring that one to your farm.

Fishing Rod
Go to the Cafe as soon as the new day begins and you will see a carpenter.
After the intermission sequence he will explain and give you the rod.

To find out where the fish in the lake is, there is a dark circle in the
lake when you throw the bobber in. Get in the circle to get it all the time.
When fishing, rotate the Left Analog-stick without pressing X you should
feel the controller pulse or rumble very quickly. When it catches, it should 
be a fish. To tell if it is a big fish, if it darts around everywhere with
lots of restraint, reel it in.

There will be a lot of clouds in the sky if it is about to rain. There are
always clouds in fall, so you will have to watch the television to learn if 
it is going to rain.

Secret store
There is a secret "store" in the big mansion near the farm store where you
can sell almost everything but you cannot buy anything. The store is on a 
piece of paper near the refrigerator at the mansion.

Free animal fodder
Take a part time job at Brownie Farms when you are feeding the animals
fodder You can steal whatever is left over by putting it in your pack.

He likes home made cakes.

To get Dia to like you, just give her flowers for a few days. If you give
her food of any kind, she will just say "I always have plenty to eat. don't 
bother." However, if you give her flowers she will warm up to you. After she 
softens up, give her sweets such as Cake, Honey, or Home-Made Flan.

She really likes Golden Eggs. Also try giving her a big fish for a heart
reaction. Gina loves the Full Moon Berries found behind the bar and cafe 
in the fall. A heart reaction will form.

Gwen also loves Jam.

If you give Katie some cheese, a little heart will appear over her head
indicating that her love rate increased. It is recommended that you make your 
own cheese - costs $500. When she meets your dog for the first time, she will 
get a exclamation point on top of her head. The girls will only like your
dog if you give it a good name. If you give her gold eggs and milk before
the Cake Contest starts. you will also get a reaction

He likes tomatoes.

The little heart will appear over her head if you give her Home Made Jam or
Pink Cat Flower (which start growing in summer). If you show her you dog in the 
beginning, she will also have a heart over her head, but this only happens once 
she appreciates the yellow flowers (but that does not get a big reaction).

Give her Special Cheese and she will have a heart reaction.
She loves her eggs, especially gold eggs.

He loves eggs, especially Golden Eggs.

Bob: Summer 1
Dia: Winter 9
Gina: Fall 20
Gwen: Summer 8
Katie: Fall 29
Kurt: Winter 10
Louis: Fall 2
Lyla: Spring 27
Martha: Winter 25
Parsley: Spring 16
Ronald: Spring 11
Stickboy (Joe): Summer 10
Tim: Fall 12
Wallace: Summer 1
Woody: Winter 2

Cake Contest
Make sure you are close friends with Katie. Whenever you find the recipe (on
your dresser by the door where your kitchen is suppose to be) and give her the 
Golden Eggs and Milk on the 16th, go to the shop. From there she will say "Go by 
the [Goddess] lake and.... to get the Moondrop Dew".


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