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 Hitman - Blood Money - Platform: XBox

Hitman - Blood Money - Platform: XBox

Infinite money:
Successfully complete any mission and earn as little money as possible. Save the 
game, then replay that mission again. Earn as much money as possible and create 
a save point immediately before escaping from the level. Then, escape from the 
level and the mission review screens will appear displaying your new account 
balance. Any additional money earned from playing the mission the second time 
will be added to your account balance. Next, press B to return to the first 
screen, then press Y replay the mission. A message warning that your progress 
will be lost will appear. Ignore this message, as your save points and account 
balance will not be reset. When the mission begins again, load the save point 
created immediately before escaping from the level. Escape from the level and 
the additional money will be added to your account balance again. Repeat this 
process as much as desired to get an unlimited amount of money.
Infinite saves in Normal and Expert mode 
While saving during a mission on the Normal or Expert difficulty setting, press 
Start before the "Save Complete" message appears and it will not count towards 
your limit of saves. Note: This will not harm your saved game.

Alternate ending sequence:
In the final level "Requiem", Diana will give you the antidote to the death 
serum. You will fade in and out of life (power bar rises and drops to the beat 
of Agent 47's heart) while the credits roll. If you do nothing, the game will 
end. However, if you press the Left Analog-stick Up and Down (or any other 
buttons) repeatedly, you will come back to life and your mission will be to 
leave no witnesses.

Easy "Silent Assassin" rank in A New Life mission:
Start the mission with no weapons except for your standard equipment. First, go 
to the back of the food truck when the delivery man is walking off. Pick up the 
donuts, then take them around the corner so that nobody can see you. Put them on 
the floor and then scroll through your inventory. Select the "Sedative Syringe", 
then look down at the donut box and inject the sedative into them. Pick up the 
donuts again, put the syringe away, then go back to the food truck. Drop the box 
of donuts on the floor directly behind it, then walk away. The delivery man will 
pick up the donuts and take them to the FBI van across the road. Wait a short 
time and an short intermission sequence inside the truck will appear, showing 
the FBI agents falling asleep. Go to the back of the truck, open the door when 
prompted, and go inside. When inside the FBI truck, suit up as an FBI agent, and 
steal the video tape, which should be on the left side of the van as you go in. 
Do not pick up any weapons. Leave the vehicle and go up to the front of the 
house and walk inside. Go out the back towards the shed, which is in the top 
right hand corner. Wait until there is nobody around. If the pool man goes in, 
do not try to follow him or your suspicion bar will go into the yellow. When 
there is nobody around, pick the lock, go inside, and pick up the lighter fluid. 
Exit the shed, go right, and then go towards the pool. Over to your right is a 
barbecue. Go up to it and you will get the "Rig the Barbeque" option. Select it, 
then go inside the house and wait under the stairs. Stand around for a short 
time and a short intermission sequence will show a woman being burned alive. 
When she is dead, go back outside and pick up the microfilm that she is wearing 
around her neck. Go back inside, then go up the stairs. Turn right across the 
landing, then go straight. Open the first door on your right, then go in and 
wait behind the L-shaped wall. If the main target is already there, wait for him 
to leave, then wait awhile for him to return. When he returns, make sure he has 
his back towards you, then fibrewire him. When he dies, drag his body to the 
place you were hiding (the L-shaped wall). Then, sprint out of the house towards 
your escape as quickly as possible. If done in a short time, you should get 
either a "Hitman" rating or "Silent Assassin" rank. Either way, you will get 
$100,000 and if you have already completed the game you can purchase an 
additional upgrade to your custom weapons whenever you select a mission.

Keep custom weapons in Amendment XXV mission:
There are two methods to take weapons such as the Silverballers, etc. through 
the White House and bypass the metal detectors. The first method is to go to the 
other end of the parking lot when you start. Look to the left when you get to 
the end and you should see a ICA storage box. Put your custom weapons in it, 
then go into the White House through the double doors at the front and walk 
through the metal detectors. Remember that fibre wire, syringes, mines, and the 
detonator will not activate metal detectors. Go to the other end of the lobby. 
There should be a guard behind a rope watching some double doors. Go into the 
door on his left (the toilet), and stand facing the corner furthest away from 
the door and the toilet. Wait for the museum member or staff to walk in and for 
the door to shut behind him. Take out a silent weapon (fibre wire or syringe) 
and use it on him before he opens the door. Take his clothes and hide him as 
best as possible against the corner furthest from the toilet, but closest to the 
door. Check the map. If there is an innocent person in the lobby looking in your 
direction, wait for him to start walking away before opening the door or he will 
see the body and you will be shot. Open the door when you get the chance. While 
staying behind the ropes, walk across the width of the lobby and through the 
door on the other side. Go directly to the other end of the next corridor and 
take the last door on the left. This should lead you outside. When you get the 
chance to take out the U.S. Marine who patrols here, do so then hide him behind 
the big steel block. Take his clothes and gun. Walk back out the front doors and 
you should beep when going through the scanner, but the guards will not shoot 
you. Take your weapons out of the storage box from the side of the building and 
conceal them. When you go back in you should beep, but once again the guards 
should ignore it as long as you have your M14 at the ready.
For the second method, do the same as above, but when the Marine is out of the 
way, do not take his clothes or his gun. Work your way back out the front doors 
and go to the storage box. Take out a weapon and hold the weapon so you can 
throw it. Aim up and past the fence, towards the White House wall. Bounce your 
weapon off the wall and it will land on the other side of the fence. Do this 
with all your weapons, then go back to the area where you incapacitated the 
Marine. Walk down the alley and pick up your guns, then conceal them. Make sure 
you are far enough behind the wall for the guards out the front not to see you 
or they will shoot at you. Note: This method is useful if the game glitches and 
the Marines shoot at you even when you look like one.


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