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 I-Ninja - Platform: Playstation 2

I-Ninja - Platform: Playstation 2

Submitted by: wessamdevil
From: victor chilro

Level skip
Pause the game, then hold R1 and press Square(3), Circle. Release R1, then 
hold L1 and press Triangle(2). Release L1, then hold and press R1, Square(2).

Upgrade sword
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 and press Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle(2), 
Square, Circle, Square. Repeat this code three, four, or five times to get the 
Soul Sword.

Big head mode
Pause the game, then hold R1 and press Triangle(4). Release R1, then hold L1 and 
press Triangle(2). Hold L1 + R1, then press Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

Battle Arena
Get all the grades, then you should get the "Master" grade. The Battle Arena 
will now be open in Robot Beach.

Get stronger swords
To get stronger swords, you have to kill enemies. Notice that when you complete 
a mission (at the blue screen with Ninja floating), there is a sword at the 
bottom of the screen called "Ranx Bank". The sword has numbers that increase 
with the more "Ranx" that you kill. Also, the more "Ranx" you kill, the sword 
gets covered in Ranx blood. When the sword is full of Ranx blood, at the "Mission 
Complete" screen, Ninja will be holding his old sword. He will drop the old sword 
and a new one will fall into his hands.

Whenever you kill an enemy in a rapid succession, the number to the right of 
the health bar increases by one up to 10. This represents what points you receive 
for killing an enemy, multiplied by the number displayed. This is useful in certain 
missions where a high score is required to earn the grade.

If you are low on health, try to find some weeds and chop them down. Notice that 
your Rage Ability switch will gradually increase. Keep chopping down weeds and you 
will soon be able to use your "Ninja Revive" to heal yourself. If you are low on 
health, use the Ninja Fury. You will recover some health

Mow grass
Where there are grass, flowers, mushrooms, other foliage, objects other than 
crates and barrels, and certain decorative objects, you can cut them down to 
earn a few extra points towards your main score. This is useful in the certain 
levels that require a high score to earn the grade

Defeating Malakai
In the first part (where there is lava for a field), keep a steady pace while 
jumping around on the stones. Hold Forward and the direction that you want to 
jump and collect the shuriken. Throw it at him without locking on. After throwing 
the full amount of eight shuriken three or four times, he will fall down into the 
lava. Then, he will jump up and absorb the lava. You will now have to sword fight 
him. The Soul Sword and Revive Rage are recommended for this. If you run at him 
and slash repeatedly, you are going to get hammered. The best times to attack him 
are when he just finishes a quick slash and when he is just about to do the non-
shock wave ground pound. Hit him at those times and use Berserks and Insane Rages 
every time you do not need to revive.

Defeating O-Dor
Attack his belt. After you attack it twice, he will slam his fist. You can now 
attack it two more times before he slams you away

Defeating Psyamon
To damage Psyamon, you will have to use your Power Bolt attack. Just shooting 
him with your miniguns will not effect him. Psyamon will shoot a red ball of 
energy at you. If it hits you, it will do a significant amount of damage. 
To avoid it, shoot at it with your miniguns to blow it up. He will then open 
his mouth and release Wraith Ranx (ghost-type Ranxs) at you. Shoot at them as 
fast as you can, as he will release a lot of them. When you kill one of them, 
your Power Bolt gauge (the gauge at the bottom right corner of the screen) will 
rise. When the gauge is full, you will be able to shoot your Power Bolts at Psyamon. 
As the battle continues, Psyamon will get much tougher. For example, after you damage 
him once, he will also shoot a blue ball of energy at you. If it hits you, your 
robot suit will malfunction, causing your movement to fail. To avoid it, shoot at 
it. He will also release more Wraith Ranx at you. Repeat the process five times to 
kill Psyamon.

From: victor chilro

complete current mission:
pause the game then enter this code.
hold R1 and press square,square,square,circle release R1,HOLD L1 and 
press triangle,triangle,release L1 and press square,square
sword upgrade
during game press start then  enter the code below:
hold L1+R1 and press circle,square,circle,triangle X2 ,square,circle,square

Submitted by: Samir

Big Head while playing press start then hold R1 and press Triangle x4 release 
R1 hold L1 and press Triangle x2 release L1 and hold R1 and L1 and press 
Triangle Circle Triangle


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