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 James Bond 007 - Everything or Nothing - Platform: XBox

James Bond 007 - Everything or Nothing - Platform: XBox

Multiplayer unlockables:
003                  - 290 points required 
Baren Samedi         - 50 points required 
Burn Chamber (Level) - 370 points required 
Cistern (Level)      - 30 points required 
Diavolo Moscow       - 400 points required 
Egypt Commander      - 90 points required 
Egypt Guard          - 180 points required 
Hazmat Guard         - 110 points required 
Katya Jumpsuit       - 320 points required 
Le Rouge             - 260 points required 
Miss Nagai           - 450 points required 
Moscow Guard         - 230 points required 
Mya                  - 130 points required 
Odd Job              - 70 points required 
Serena               - 350 points required 
Serena               - 430 points required 
South Commander      - 210 points required 
Test Lab (Level)     - 160 points required 

Unlockable Cheats:
Earn Platinum medals to unlock the following cheats for 
use in single player only.

All Weapons         - Earn 17 Platinums 
Cloak               - Earn 13 Platinums 
Double Ammo         - Earn 7 Platinums 
Double Damage       - Earn 9 Platinums 
Full Ammo           - Earn 11 Platinums 
Full Battery        - Earn 15 Platinums 
Golden Gun          - Earn 1 Plantinum 
Improved Battery    - Earn 5 Platinums 
Improved Traction   - Earn 3 Platinums 
Platinum Gun        - Earn 27 Platinums 
Slow Motion Driving - Earn 25 Platinums 
Unlimited Ammo      - Earn 23 Platinums 
Unlimited Battery   - Earn 19 Platinums 

Unlockable Rewards:
Cayenne Weapon Upgrade    - Earn 12 Golds 
Gallery                   - Earn 27 Golds 
Helicopter Weapon Upgrade - Earn 6 Golds 
Katya                     - Earn 20 Golds 
MI6 Combat Simulator      - Complete all missions 
MI6 Survival Test         - Complete all missions 
Miss Nagai                - Earn 17 Golds 
Mya                       - Earn 14 Golds 
Nanotank Weapon Upgrade   - Earn 24 Golds 
Production Stills 1       - Earn 1 Gold 
Production Stills 10      - Earn 18 Golds 
Production Stills 11      - Earn 19 Golds 
Production Stills 12      - Earn 22 Golds 
Production Stills 13      - Earn 23 Golds 
Production Stills 14      - Earn 25 Golds 
Production Stills 2       - Earn 2 Golds 
Production Stills 3       - Earn 3 Golds 
Production Stills 4       - Earn 4 Golds 
Production Stills 5       - Earn 5 Golds 
Production Stills 6       - Earn 7 Golds 
Production Stills 7       - Earn 9 Golds 
Production Stills 8       - Earn 13 Golds 
Production Stills 9       - Earn 16 Golds 
Serena                    - Earn 8 Golds 
Tank Weapon Upgrade       - Earn 10 Golds 
Triumph Weapon Upgrade    - Earn 21 Golds 
Underworld                - Earn 11 Golds 
Vanquish Weapon Upgrade   - Earn 15 Golds

Submitted by: jrf14554

Cheat  mode 
The following codes have no effect until you have collected the indicated number 
of "Platinum" awards to unlock them. When this is done, the code will be revealed 
and can be used in any single player level in the game. However, codes cannot be 
enabled while trying to attain a "Platinum" award to unlock other codes.

Golden Gun 
Unlocked by getting 1 "Platinum" award. Pause the game and press B, Y, A, B, Y.
Improved traction 
Unlocked by getting 3 "Platinum" awards. Pause the game and press B, A(2), X, Y.
Improved battery 
Unlocked by getting 5 "Platinum" awards. Pause the game and press B, X(2), A, B.
Double ammunition 
Unlocked by getting 7 "Platinum" awards. Pause the game and press B(2), A, B, Y.
Double damage 
Unlocked by getting 9 "Platinum" awards. Pause the game and press B, Y(2), X, B.
Full ammunition 
Unlocked by getting 11 "Platinum" awards. Pause the game and press B(2), Y, X(2).
Unlocked by getting 13 "Platinum" awards. Pause the game and press B, Y, A, Y, X.
Full battery 
Unlocked by getting 15 "Platinum" awards. Pause the game and press B, Y(2), A, B.
All weapons 
Unlocked by getting 17 "Platinum" awards. Pause the game and press B, Y, A(2), B.
Infinite battery 
Unlocked by getting 19 "Platinum" awards. Pause the game and press B, X, B, X, Y.
Infinite ammunition 
Unlocked by getting 23 "Platinum" awards. Pause the game and press B, A, X, A, B.
Slow-motion driving 
Unlocked by getting 25 "Platinum" awards. Pause the game and press B, X, Y, A, Y.
Platinum gun 
Unlocked by getting 27 "Platinum" awards. Pause the game and press B, X(2), B, A.

Completion bonuses 
Successfully complete all single player levels to unlock the MI6 Combat Simulator and 
MI6 Survival Test bonuses.

Get the following number of "Gold" awards in single player mode to unlock the bonus:
Production Stills 1: 1 "Gold" award Production Stills 2: 2 "Gold" awards Production 
Stills 3: 3 "Gold" awards Production Stills 4: 4 "Gold" awards Production Stills 5: 
5 "Gold" awards Helicopter Weapon Upgrade: 6 "Gold" awards Production Stills 6: 7 
"Gold" awards Serena: 8 "Gold" awards Production Stills 7: 9 "Gold" awards Tank Weapon 
Upgrade: 10 "Gold" awards Underworld: 11 "Gold" awards Cayenne Weapon Upgrade: 12 
"Gold" awards Production Stills 8: 13 "Gold" awards Mya: 14 "Gold" awards Vanquish 
Weapon Upgrade: 15 "Gold" awards Production Stills 9: 16 "Gold" awards Miss Nagai: 
17 "Gold" awards Production Stills 10: 18 "Gold" awards Production Stills 11: 19 
"Gold" awards Katya: 20 "Gold" awards Triumph Weapon Upgrade: 21 "Gold" awards Production 
Stills 12: 22 "Gold" awards Production Stills 13: 23 "Gold" awards Nanotank Weapon 
Upgrade: 24 "Gold" awards Production Stills 14: 25 "Gold" awards Gallery: 27 "Gold" 

Bond gadgets 
Successfully complete the indicated level to unlock the corresponding Bond gadget:
EMP Grenade: The Pontchartrain Bridge Frag Grenade: Ground Zero Network Tap: Diavolo's 
Plan Q-Cloak: Sand Storm Q-Spider: Sand Storm Q-Spider Dart: Diavolo's Plan Q-Spider 
Explosive: A Show of Force Q-Spider Nano: Diavolo's Plan Rappel: Ground Zero RC Car: 
Sand Storm Sleeper Dart: Sand Storm Strobe Grenade: Sand Storm Thermovision: Ground Zero 
Multi-player  characters 
Get the following number of points to unlock the corresponding character in multi-player 
003: 290 points. Baron Samedi: 50 points. Diavolo Moscow: 400 points. Egypt Commander: 
90 points. Egypt Guard: 180 points. Hazmat Guard: 110 points. Katya Jumpsuit: 320 points. 
Le Rouge: 260 points. Miss Nagai: 450 points. Moscow Guard: 230 points. Mya: 130 points. 
Odd Job: 70 points. Serena: 350 points. Serena alternate: 430 points. South Commander: 
210 points. 
Multi-player arenas 
Get the following number of points to unlock the corresponding arena in multi-player mode:
Burn Chamber: 370 points. Cistern: 30 points. Test Lab: 160 points. 
Interview with the cast 
Watch the credits and wait for the end (which takes awhile). At the end it will seem 
like the Everything or Nothing introduction with the Mya song will start. Actually 
when the glass breaks, John Cleese's face will appear and that is the interview. If
 you do not want to watch all of the credits, just press A when it starts to skip through it.
Eliminating enemies quickly 
While you are facing a lot of enemies, press L to aim and shoot with R. Continue to 
press L and you will go from enemy to enemy, weakening each without eliminating one 
by one. You can also do that and dodge shots if they get a chance to shoot you by pressing B.
Dart Gun 
When you get the Dart Gun from Q, he says it will knock out your enemies for a few 
hours. However, it will actually kill them in one hit, just like the Golden Gun. Note 
that it does not have a long range. Save the gun until you are low on health or are 
surrounded; it is very useful.
Another guard in A Long Way Down 
Just to the left on the rooftop is a tower with a sniper rifle on it. If you snipe guards 
from this tower, there will be a guard waiting for you the next time you climb that tower.
Pretend gun in Kiss Kiss Club 
After opening the door in the Kiss Kiss Club, kill all the guards. Before you go into the 
door, put away your weapon. When you see the intermission sequence, you will actually see 
Bond holding his hand up with an imaginary gun in it. He will still pull his finger back 
and you will see the gun move.
James Bond 007: NightFire reference in Mardi Gras Mayhem 
In the New Orleans town, there is a building whose large neon sign sports the symbol and 
name of "Phoenix Industries", the evil organization from James Bond 007: NightFire.
Sniper rifle in Red Under Ground 
When you start the level and go into the door, turn left to get a battery. Then, turn 
around and walk up to the platform. Get on, then activate it. Keep going forward to find 
a Dragnagov sniper rifle. When the people start shooting at you, turn on your Nano Suit 
to avoid being hit.

Drive a motorbike in Train Chase 
When you start the mission and are going to get the car, turn to your right instead of 
left into the door at the end of the catwalk Turn left there and you will find a black 
motorbike. Also when the level begins, instead of heading left on the catwalk to get 
the Cayenne, turn right. You will find a garage with a motorbike. This bike takes no 
damage from crashes, and the route is easier with less enemies along the way.
No damage from bullets or crashes in Train Chase 
When you start this level, go right instead of left. You will see a motorcycle. It is 
not the Datyona 500. This motorcycle has 40 missiles and nothing else. It will take no 
damage from enemy bullets, missiles, or crashes, but will if you flip over. When you 
get hit, you will see the health bar go down then back up. The route you take also has 
less enemies and is short. Note: If you use this motorcycle you may only get two of 
the three Bond Moments, but makes it a lot easier to get a "Platinum" award. Note: It 
is possible to get all three Bond Moments, but one of them is different. During the 
Bond Moment in the ruins where you have to find a different route, instead of going 
off the ramp take a right. You will have to use the slide with L1 to get the Bond Moment.
Alternate guard actions in Vertigo 
During the mission you will reach a Spiderbomb path on the second mine level, near the 
wall up to the third level. If you send the Spiderbomb up this path, it will open a 
door to a weapons cache and give you the chance to take out several guards quickly. 
If you kill them, the next time you attempt the mission, there will be three guards 
in position by the spider hole.


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