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 Jaws Unleashed - Platform: Playstation 2

Jaws Unleashed - Platform: Playstation 2

Launching objects:
Try to grab mines, barrels, and buoys and launch them at your target.

All bonuses:
Start a new game and enter shaaark as a profile name.

1 million points:
Start a new game and enter blooood as a profile name.

Level select:
Collect all 45 hidden license plates in story mode. Then, press Select 
at the main menu.

Unlimited health:
Collect all 50 hidden treasure chests outside of story mode at the Open 
Ocean West, Open Ocean South, Open Ocean East, Grand Occasus Canals, 
Underwater Caves, and Fisherman's Isle. Save the game. When that saved 
game is resumed you will have unlimited health.

"Angry Armada" mission:
Use the depth charges labeled in green on Jaws's radar, to destroy the 
Coast Guard boat for good. Earlier in the stage, when it says "Survive 
and kill everyone", destroy the helicopter by waiting for it to attempt 
to rescue someone, then bite it. Do not let go and you will drag it into 
the water where it explodes.

"Dead Of Night" mission:
In order to complete the mission you must grab and hold one barrel from 
the crew (who are dumping the explosives off the bridge) and toss it into 
the refinery pipe to the left of the dumping site. It should only take one 
of them.

"Predator In The Bay" mission:
When you get to the oil tanks, hit them with your head to destroy the 
machine guns at the top. Then, go under water and hit your head against 
the four pillars in the middle and the outside. They should fall and explode. 
Do this three times for all the oil tanks.

A much easier method (though it will cost health), is to take the torpedoes 
from the submarine on the bottom of the ocean floor. Hold them in your mouth 
while charging up your attack. Then, go to the pillar and slam your head 
into it. Do this three times.

To destroy the tankers without losing health, grab a torpedo near the 
destroyed submarine. Toss the torpedo at the big tubes that hold the 
tanker up. Do this to two tubes and you will destroy it. 
Make sure to destroy the turrets. To do this, bite the yellow orb above 
the turrets.

After you destroy the oil platforms, do not pick up any more torpedoes 
from the sunken sub. Instead, swim into the shipyard and find the grate 
in the water. Destroy it, and swim in. The metal door will open, allowing 
Jaws into the power generator room. Destroy the two metal tubes sticking 
up behind the turbine without touching the turbine fan. If you touch it, 
you will die. Then you must fight the Coast Guard ship. Use the same 
torpedoes that you used on the oil platforms and Brody will barely escape.

"Taste For Blood" mission: Easy way around most of the mines:
When you first enter, move to the far left and head down. Then, stay 
against the wall and move through. Next, swim to the next blockade of 
mines and do the same to it, or if you have your swim level maxed out 
do a charge out of water and go above the mines.


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