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 Just Cause - Platform: Playstation 2

Just Cause - Platform: Playstation 2

Boarding the President's plane:
When you are flying the jet in the final level, fly over the top of the plane. 
Try to hover over one of the wings or the front of the plane (recommended). 
Quickly jump out of the jet and let go. If done correctly, a "Jump to vehicle" 
icon will appear. Quickly press A and he will grab on and you will immediately 
appear in the plane.

Cool Planes:
The planes aren't just in the airports, they're in the military bases. You get 
fast jets and planes with weapons in the military bases.

Garage won't Open?:
Having trouble opening your garage at your safehouse? it's easy, just explode 
it with a C4, but then when the garage opens.. your car will be trashed. so, 
just throw a grenade and run backwards until the garage door closes,(be a fare 
distance, you may lose health!) wait until the explosion and.... Hey presto! 
brand spanking new car! (note this cheat only works if you RESTOCK your C4's)

Grapple hook:
After Level 2 there are territories you can take over. Once you have done about 
three of them you will get the grapple hook.

Taking over sites:
Use the following trick when you are taking over a village with the guerrillas. 
Ignore most of the enemies and charge towards the roadblock the government has up. 
Destroy it using grenades, a rocket launcher, or timed explosives. Do this to each 
one, and the "Capture enemy flag" objective will soon appear. Run to it and press 
A to conquer that area. For other villages without roadblocks, such as the towns 
when a police car with a turret on the back appears, go in it. One of your teammates 
will also enter. Drive down street and your partner will kill everyone. Then, capture 
the flag when instructed. Do not open fire on anyone on your team or they will kill you.


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