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 Kenka Bancho - Badass Rumble - Platform: Sony PSP

Kenka Bancho - Badass Rumble - Platform: Sony PSP

Bancho Emperor Fiesta:
Defeat all Banchos including the final Boss, then successfully complete 
Shinsengumi War to unlock Bancho Emperor Fiesta, where you fight all the other 
48 Banchos.

Infinite Shinsengumi War:
Successfully complete Shinsengumi War to unlock Infinite Shinsengumi War.

Alternate endings:
Successfully complete the indicated events to unlock the corresponding ending:

Aya Kondo
  Day 2 p.m.: Ikeda High 
  Day 3 p.m.: 2.5 Year Hill (second choice) 
  Day 4 a.m.: Gyoen 
  Day 5 a.m.: 2.5 Year Hill 
  Day 5 p.m.: Yasaka (second choice) 
  Day 6 a.m.: Ikeda High (first choice) 
  Day 6 p.m.: Ikeda High 
  Day 7 a.m.: Kiyomizudera 

Manami Fujisawa
  Day 2 a.m.: Kiyomizudera 
  Day 2 p.m.: 2.5 Year Hill (no cinematic; talk to her there) 
  Day 3 a.m.: Nijo Castle 
  Day 3 p.m.: Gosho (first choice) 
  Day 4 a.m.: Tenmangu (second choice) 
  Day 4 p.m.: Kamishichiken (second choice) 
  Day 5 a.m.: Shinkyogoku 
  Day 5 p.m.: Yasaka (first choice) 
  Day 6 a.m.: Jiki-Shian (first choice) 
  Day 7 a.m.: Shinkyogoku 

Shinsengumi War at Ikeda High
  Day 2 a.m.: Shinkyogoku (one of three events required to progress to Day 3 
  Day 2 p.m.: Gion (one of three events required to progress to Day 3 p.m.) 
  Day 3 a.m.: 2.5 Year Hill (one of three events required to progress to Day 3 
  Day 3 p.m.: Ikeda High 
  Day 4 a.m.: Yasaka 
  Day 4 p.m.: Shinkyogoku 
  Day 5 a.m.: 2.5 Year Hill 
  Day 5 p.m.: Ikeda High 
  Day 6 a.m.: Kiyomizudera 

Suzune Kasugano "Kotone"
  Day 2 a.m.: Load Night Out mode, pay 5,000 to summon her in Gion, then save 
  the game. 
  Day 2 a.m.: Kamishichiken 
  Day 2 p.m.: Yasaka 
  Day 3 a.m.: Kamishichiken 
  Day 4 p.m.: Kamishichiken (second choice) 
  Day 5 p.m.: Yasaka (third choice) 
  Day 6 a.m.: Jiki-Shian (first choice) 
  Day 7 a.m.: 2.5 Year Hill 

Infinite sprinting:
Hold [Sprint] until at full speed, then start tapping [Sprint]. You will 
continue sprinting without running out of stamina.

Dodging attacks:
Lock on to the enemies by pressing Down. You can now dodge attacks from enemies.

Finding the Bancho:
To find where the Bancho is located, press Start, and go to "Itinerary". Then, 
press Triangle to change the view and see icons of the Bancho (some blue and 
some green). This will show you the location of the Bacho so you can fight them.

Bancho locations:
Search the indicated location during the listed day and time to find the 
corresponding Bancho:

Day 1: Afternoon
  Aomori: City Hall 
  Iwate: Yasaka 
  Yamagata: Shinkyogoku 

Day 2: Morning
  Aomori: Gion 
  Chiba: Yasaka 
  Ehime: Station 
  Iwate: Arashiyama 
  Kanagawa: Nijo Area 
  Wakayama: Gyoen 
  Yamagata: Kinkakuji Area 

Day 2: Afternoon
  Aomori: City Hall 
  Chiba: Station 
  Ehime: Shinkyogoku 
  Iwate: Gyoen 
  Kanagawa: Yasaka 
  Wakayama: 2.5 Year Hill 
  Yamagata: Kinkakuji 

Day 3: Morning
  Akita: Kiyomizu 
  Chiba: Jiki-Shian 
  Ehime: Station 
  Fukushima: Yasaka 
  Hiroshima: City Hall 
  Kanagawa: Tenmangu 
  Kouchi: Kinkakuji Area 
  Okayama: Gion 
  Osaka: Nijo Castle 
  Tokushima: Arashiyama 
  Wakayama: Togetsubashi 
  Yamaguchi: Gyoen 

Day 3: Afternoon
  Akita: Station 
  Chiba: Togetsubashi 
  Ehime: Gion 
  Fukushima: Yasaka 
  Hiroshima: Gyoen 
  Kanagawa: Kamishichiken 
  Kouchi: Kinkakuji 
  Okayama: Nijo Castle 
  Osaka: Arashiyama 
  Tokushima: Kinkakuji Area 
  Wakayama: Jiki-Shian 
  Yamaguchi: Gosho 

Day 4: Morning
  Aichi: Station 
  Akita: Nijo Castle 
  Fukushima: 2.5 Year Hill 
  Ishikawa: Nijo Area 
  Kagoshima: Kinkakuji Area 
  Kouchi: Jiki-Shian 
  Nagano: Gosho 
  Okinawa: City Hall 
  Osaka: Kamishichiken 
  Shiga: Kinkakuji 
  Shizuoka: Shinkyogoku 
  Tokushima: Kiyomizu 
  Tokyo: Togetsubashi 
  Yamaguchi: Gion 

Day 4: Afternoon
  Aichi: Station 
  Akita: Nijo Area 
  Fukushima: Kiyomizu 
  Ishikawa: Gyoen 
  Kagoshima: Kamishichiken 
  Kouchi: Jiki-Shian 
  Nagano: Gosho 
  Okinawa: Gion 
  Osaka: Kinkakuji Area 
  Shiga: Tenmangu 
  Shizuoka: City Hall 
  Tokushima: Kiyomizudera 
  Tokyo: Arashiyama 
  Yamaguchi: Yasaka 

Day 5: Morning
  Aichi: Shinkyogoku 
  Fukuoka: Kiyomizudera 
  Gunma: Yasaka 
  Ibaraki: Gion 
  Ishikawa: Kinkakuji Area 
  Kagoshima: Jiki-Shian 
  Kumamoto: Station 
  Nagasaki: City Hall 
  Okinawa: Arashiyama 
  Ooita: 2.5 Year Hill 
  Saitama: Nijo Area 
  Shizuoka: Tenmangu 
  Tochigi: Gyoen 
  Tokyo: Kiyomizu 

Day 5: Afternoon
  Aishi: City Hall 
  Fukuoka: Station 
  Gunma: Tenmangu 
  Ibaraki: Gyoen 
  Ishikawa: Gosho 
  Kagoshima: Jiki-Shian 
  Kumamoto: Gion 
  Nagasaki: Shinkyogoku 
  Ooita: Kinkakuji Area 
  Saitama: Togetsubashi 
  Shizuoka: Kamishichiken 
  Tochigi: Arashiyama 
  Tokyo: Kiyomizudera 

Day 6: Morning
  Fukuoka: Yasaka 
  Gifu: Tenmangu 
  Gunma: City Hall 
  Ibaraki: Gyoen 
  Kumamoto: Kinkakuji 
  Miyagi: Togetsubashi 
  Nagasaki: Kamishichiken 
  Niigata: 2.5 Year Hill 
  Ooita: Shinkyogoku 
  Saga: Kiyomizu 
  Shimane: Arashiyama 
  Tottori: Station 
  Yamanashi: Gion 

Day 6: Afternoon
  Fukuoka: Gion 
  Gifu: Kinkakuji Area 
  Gunma: Station 
  Ibaraki: Gosho 
  Kumamoto: Kinkakuji 
  Miyagi: Jiki-Shian 
  Nagasaki: Temangu 
  Nara: Kamishichiken 
  Niigata: Kiyomizu 
  Ooita: City Hall 
  Saga: Kiyomizudera 
  Shimane: Nijo Castle 
  Tottori: Nijo Area 
  Yamanashi: Shinkyogoku 

Day 7: Morning
  Fukui: Kinkakuji 
  Gifu: Gyoen 
  Hokkaido: Kinkakuji Area 
  Hyogo: Nijo Area 
  Kagawa: Togetsubashi 
  Kyoto: Arashiyama 
  Mie: City Hall 
  Miyagi: Yasaka 
  Miyazaki: Gosho 
  Nara: Jiki-Shian 
  Niigata: Tenmangu 
  Saga: Gion 
  Tottori: Kiyomizu 
  Toyama: Nijo Castle 
  Yamanashi: Kamishichiken 

Day 7: Afternoon
  Fukui: Station 
  Gifu: Nijo Castle 
  Hokkaido: Kinkakuji Area 
  Hyogo: Kamishichiken 
  Kagawa: Togetsubashi 
  Kyoto: Arashiyama 
  Mie: Gion 
  Miyagi: Shinkyogoku 
  Miyazaki: Gyoen 
  Nara: Jiki-Shian 
  Niigata: Kinkakuji 
  Saga: Yasaka 
  Tottori: Kiyomizudera 
  Toyama: Nijo Area 
  Yamanashi: Tenmangu 


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