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 Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past - Platform: Wii

Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past - Platform: Wii

Chris Houlihan room:
Start at the Sanctuary and run south with the Pegasus Shoes until you are 
outside. Then, run south and stop before you hit the barrier. Proceed to run 
west until you are able to run south. When you run south, you should be in a 
wooded area with guards. Navigate this area and find the entrance to the castle 
grounds. While still running, go around the castle grounds to the hole where you 
fall into at the beginning of the game. If you did it right, you should be in a 
room with 45 blue rupees and a Saharasla sign that says: ''My name is Chris 
Houlihan'' and ''Let's keep this between you and me.'' Sometimes when you are 
fighting Gannon, you may fall into a hole and this may happen. 

Death Mountain Descent:
Death Mountain Descent will allow you to explore all of Dark World without 
obtaining the third pendant, the Master Sword, or defeating Agahnim. 

First, you'll want to get the Moon Pearl out of the Tower of Hera. That's 
necessary unless you want to stay as a bunny the entire time. Once you've 
acquired it, exit the dungeon. Now hop in the teleporter just outside the Tower 
of Hera and go to Dark World. Hop down the cliff, and make your way to the 
right. Go to where the broken bridge used to be in Light World. 

Now stand right under the top statue, as far against the wall and statue as you 
can get. Mirror to Light World. This is the tricky part, you must move ONE PIXEL 
to the right. No more, no less. If you don't do it correctly, you have to start 
all over. After you've moved, wait until you get teleported back to Dark World. 
You should be ONE PIXEL closer to the ledge now. Now DON'T MOVE! If you move, 
you will have to start over again. Mirror back to Light World. 

Now walk to the right until you're stopped by the bridge post. Wait until you 
stop flashing, and hold down the B button until your sword charges up, while 
still facing right. SLOWLY move backwards into the sparkly teleporter. If you 
don't do this slow enough, the trick won't work. When you teleport, if you don't 
get teleported back to Light World, you did the trick correctly. Now press right 
to jump off the cliff into the black stuff. Make your way around the black stuff 
and to the bottom of the screen. 

Go down one screen and you'll be on top of a cliff in Dark World. Hop off the 
cliff and you're now allowed to explore Dark World! If everything is glitchy, 
enter a cave, then exit and things will be normal looking. 

Hookshot invulnerability:
Anytime you have the Hookshot equipped, if any enemy or projectile comes to 
attack you, use the Hookshot, and while the Hookshot is extended, the attack 
will go right through you, and you will take no damage. 

The Lost Woods with Dark World Enemies:
In the Dark World, go and stand EXACTLY where the mushroom is in the Light 
world(Somewhere in the Skull Dungeon). When you use the Magic Mirror to go back 
to the Light World,not only will you get the Mushroom but the trees will be 
glitched and you'll be able to fight some of the monsters that are only in the 
Dark World! When you leave the forest, everything will go back to normal. 

Aquire Invisibility Cape Early:
There is a way to get the Magic Cape right after you get the Hammer in the 
Palace of Darkness(Dark World's 1st dungeon). In the graveyard in the Light 
World you'll notice there are dark colored rocks with the number 8 on the them 
surrounding a tombstone, but if you go to the same place in the dark world you 
can cut down a flower and dash into a pile of rocks that usually reveals a red 
ruby(worth 20 rubies). In this place you need to use your Magic Mirror north of 
the rock pile. If you've done this right you can circumvent the dark colored 
rocks in the Light World. 

Note: You need to use the Magic Transprter between the Kakariko Village and the 
Lost Woods to reach this location. 

Free Green Potion:
Throw an empty bottle into the fountain at the Waterfall of Wishing. 
The faerie who appears will give you a free green potion.


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