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 Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Seasons - Platform: Gameboy Color

Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Seasons - Platform: Gameboy Color

Super passwords:
Enter the following password into a new file under the "Secrets" selection. 
Your name will be Link, and it will be just like a brand new file of a 
Seasons "Linked" file, except this password will not have the Bipin and 
Blossom kid as a teen because he does not have a name. Your sword is already 
with you at the start screen. 
t b Heart f b Y   Left Arrow t D Club
Square Circle N (   ! y $ s ~ 3 
Enter the following password into a new file under the "Secrets" selection. 
A Triforce will be next to Link at the main screen. You will start with 
the Victory Ring (Triforce Ring) showing you beat Ganon. 
t b Heart S b   $ g s Square /
Square f 4 ( !   Y $ ? ~ 7 
Hint: Passwords:
The passwords that are revealed when the game is completed are not valid 
for other players. Each game has its own specific password for the ending 
from people. It all depends on your name, what you do with Bipin and Blossom, 
and other things such as Gasha seeds, rings and your lives lost. The password 
is used for a link game to The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages. Passwords you 
get in Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages are already in Legend Of Zelda: 
Oracle Of Seasons, but only in the games memory of when you completed 
the game. If you take a password from a completely different link game 
and enter it, it will not be valid. Otherwise, take passwords from Legend 
Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages and put them in Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Seasons 
to get the Master Sword or Biggoron's Sword.
Hint: See in the dark:
If you have not Ember Seeds and you need to see in the darkness, press Start 
or Select. For a very short while you will see all the paths that are not 
visible because of the darkness. Note: This does not work for hidden paths.

Hint: Quick save:
Press Start + Select during game play to go directly to the save screen. 

Hint: Hidden shop:
Play the game in a Game Boy Advance. Go to Horon Village and find the locked 
door next to the Target Aim mini-game. It can now be opened, allowing access 
to a shop that sells all items for 100 rupees. In the shop, you can buy a 
Ring that is appraised to be the GBA Nature Ring. It is described as "Life 
Advanced!" in its information.

Hint: Hidden room:
After getting the Rod Of Seasons, go into the waterfall in front of you and 
press Up.

Hint: Jewels:
There are four jewels to find. In a regular, unlinked, (not secrets game), 
the four jewels are in the following locations: 

Go in front of Dancing Dragons Den (level 4). In the upper right-hand 
corner, dive into the water and enter a secret cave. The jewel is at 
the end of the cave. 
You need a slingshot and Mystery and Ember Seeds. Go below Hero's Cave. 
Use the Slingshot to light the torch. Go on the bridge and shoot a Mystery 
Seed at the question mark. Kill the Ferret-looking thing and get the jewel. 
Get the first five Essences. There is a place in Holodrom Plain that will 
give you a jewel if you have the five Essences. The place is several 
screens south of where you find Ricky. 
Go to the stump in front of Poison Moth's Lair. Change the season to 
Winter. Go to the screen below and to the right of where the Heart Piece is 
located. The jewel should be inside the cave. 

Hint: Maku Tree:
The Maku Tree slowly develops as you proceed through the game. It will change 
after each essence. The first makes it slightly bigger. The second makes it 
take half the screen and have a doorway. The third opens a stairway in the 
back of inside that leads to a doorway outside of the tree (second floor) -- 
it contains a Gasha Seed. The fourth makes the second floor have a room, but 
nothing really in it except for water in the corners and center and two bushes. 
The fifth puts some vines on the second floor walkway outside leading to the 
third floor. It is just a one space spot now. The sixth opens a walkway on 
the third floor, but no door. The seventh seems to have no effect. The eighth 
opens a doorway on the third floor. Inside, it is just like the second floor, 
only there are three bushes instead of two.
Hint: Extra hearts:
If you are in a dungeon and low on hearts, find some hearts in bushes, then 
go to another room and return. Get the heart at the same spot that you 
originally found it. Repeat until all your hearts are full. In some cases this 
also works for other items. Note: This only works in certain parts of the game 
where anyone would place them (if they could), such as the three bushes outside 
level 4.

Hint: Extra Rings:
When the red snake in Vasu's shop lets you say a secret, enter the first 
fourteen letters/symbols of the secret that the red snake gives you. Then, 
go through every letter/symbol in the fifteenth spot in the secret. Many 
times the secret will be wrong or it will give you no rings. However, if 
you want to spend the time, it does work. When you finish just changing 
the last digit of the secret, change the last second, third, fourth, or 
fifth and see if you get more rings.

Note: This trick requires Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Seasons and Legend 
Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages. Go to Vasu's Jewelry Store and ask the red snake 
(to the right of Vasu) the secret. Make a note of the secret. Play the other 
game and choose "Say Secret" to the red snake (to the right of Vasu) and select 
"OK". He will say that he transferred the rings. Talk to him again and choose 
"Say Secret" again. The password you just entered will still be there. Change 
the last two or three characters or the secret and it might be another secret, 
giving you more rings that you never had. If the game replies that it is 
wrong, change them again and repeat.

Once you finish growing a Gasha tree, enter the nearest cave, exit it, and save. 
Get the Gasha Nut and if it is not a ring, reset and try again. If it is a ring, 
warp to the town with a Gale Seed and have the ring appraised. If you already 
have the ring, reset, and try again. You also can get different varieties of 
rings from the Gasha trees if you acquire the ring from the tree during various 

Hint: Noble Sword:
Go to the Lost Woods, change the season to Winter, then go left. Change the 
season to Fall, then go left. Change the season to Spring, then go left. 
Change the season to Summer, then go left. You should find the Noble Sword. 
When you have full hearts, you can shoot energy beams from the sword.

Hint: 100th Ring:
This Ring shows that Vasu has appraised 100 rings. 

Hint: First Gen Ring:
The best Ring to get and try to use is the First Gen Ring, which can be 
described as the Z Ring (which stands for Zelda). . It is described as 
"Turn into something" in its information. You can turn into the original 
Link from The Legend of Zelda on the NES. You cannot use items, but you can 
enter places.

Hint: Peace Ring:
Get a Member's Card. Go to the Horon shop and continue to the rear. B
uy all items from upstairs. You will go broke after buying all of them. 
If you have almost no more money, go to the snake's remains and destroy 
the wall where the arrow blocks are pointing. You should get about 200 to 
300 rupees. When you have bought all items upstairs in the Horon shop, 
they will have a new item (two chests). Talk to the manager from upstairs, 
then pay him 10 rupees (per try).You have to get five tries with 100 rupees 
in the chest . However, you will not win 100 rupees. After you have won five 
of the correct chests, you will get a Peace Ring It allows you to take no 
damage from bombs that are in hands. 

Hint: Red Ring:
Go east from the Gnarled Root dungeon and change the season to Summer Go 
south from Gnarled Root dungeon to find a stairway. Go down and a man will 
give you a Red Ring if you do what he says. A Red Ring doubles your sword 
damage without making enemies stronger. He wants you to slay 4 golden 
creatures. They are found at the following locations. The Soldier is east 
of Heroes Cave in Spring. The Octorok is south of the warp in Spool Swamp 
in Summer. The Moblin is near the entrance to Snakes Remains in Fall. The 
Wolf is in the Ancient Ruins in Winter (where there usually are two Red 
Soldiers and three Hard Mushrooms).

Hint: Sign Ring:
Break over 100 signposts with the Lv. 2 Sword or the Power Bracelet. Then, 
go to the signpost lover in Subrosia and he will get mad at you. He will 
get his revenge buy making it look like your game has restarted, but then 
it will return to the same location and he will give you the "Sign Ring" 
to remind you not to break signposts.

Hint: Slayer's Ring:
Defeat 1000 enemies then talk to Vasu.

Hint: Victory Ring:
Successfully complete both games and defeat the Ganon. Once you start the 
next game, you will have the Victory Ring. 

Hint: Wealth Ring:
Collect 10,0000 rupees then talk to Vasu.

Hint: Ring transfer:
Note: This trick requires Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages. Go to Vasu's 
Jewelry Store and ask the red snake (to the right of Vasu) the secret. 
Make a note of the secret. Play Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages and choose 
"Say Secret" to the red snake (to the right of Vasu) and select "OK". 
He will say that he transferred the rings. Talk to him again and choose 
"Say Secret" again. The password you just entered will still be there. 
Change the last two or three characters or the secret and it might be another 
secret, giving you more rings. If the game replies that it is wrong, change 
them again and repeat.

Hint: Shovel:
To get the shovel, find the house with a sign next to it reading 
"Santa welcome". Use the rod to make it Winter. From the house, go one 
screen left, go up, then one screen right. Walk over the snow and fall 
into the house. Then, talk to the girl. 

Hint: Fairies:
The L-2 Boomerang is required for this trick. Use the boomerang to hit one 
of the electric sparks. If you hit the correct type, you should get a small 
fairy. Catch it to get six hearts. Note: You can also destroy the black and 
white flashing ones, but you will not get a fairy.

Hint: Getting rupees:
If you are very low on rupees, take out your shovel and start to dig. 
You will get not only blue and red rupees from the ground, but you may also 
get a special huge blue rupee that appears at random. However, this rupee 
nly appears in the towns. 

At some locations you can burn bushes that can only be destroyed with Ember S
eeds to discover a doorway underneath with a man inside. If you talk to him 
he will say that you broke his front door and make you pay for it or he will 
ask that you not tell anyone and give you lots of rupees. Some of the 
locations of the places where bushes that give between 80 to 200 rupees are:

From the screen of the first dungeon, go left and burn all the bushes. One 
will have a doorway. 
Warp to the Scent Seed tree in north Horon and go down, left, up, and down. 
The closest stairs to the next screen in Summer are vines leading up the 
ledge Burn the two bushes. One will have a stairway. 
Go to Goron Mountain. Burn the three bushes outside the cave where the 
Gorons live. One will have a doorway. 
After you get the Shovel by talking to the girl in the house by the sign 
that says "Santa Welcome", dig up spots in the ground to earn Rupees, 
Hearts, and sometimes even monsters. 

Hint: Dungeon items:
L1 Gnarled Root Dungeon: Seed Bag
L2 Snake's Remains: Power Bracelet
L3 Poison Moth Lair-Roc's Feather (L-1 item)
L4 Dancing Dragon Dungeon: Slingshot (not mentioned, but it is L-1)
L5 Unicorn's Cave: Magnetic Glove
L6 Ancient Ruins: Magic Boomerang (L-2 item)
L7 Explorer's Crypt: Roc's Cape (L-2 feather)
L8 Sword and Shield Maze: Hyper Slingshot (L-2 Slingshot. Shoots 3 seeds 
but you lose 1 seed) 

Hint: Defeating Aquamentus:
Hit his horn.
Hint: Defeating cactus type enemies:
Use the Seed Thrower and throw a Scent Seed to kill them.

Hint: Defeating Digdogger:
Use your Magnetic Glove to pull the giant spiked ball to hit him. 
Swipe the little pieces he breaks into with your sword. 
Hint: Defeating Dodongo:
Throw bombs in his mouth, then throw him into the spikes. 
Hint: Defeating Frypolor:
Get Mystery Seeds and Ember Seeds. If it is blue, shoot Ember Seeds to 
hurt it. If you run out of Ember Seeds, use Mystery Seeds. If it is red, 
shoot Mystery Seeds to turn it blue. Also use Mystery Seeds at its ice 
blades then pick it up and throw it at Frypolor.

Hint: Defeating Gleeok:
Use your spin attack to hit both heads at the same time, then destroy 
his skeleton with your sword.
Hint: Defeating Gohma:
Hit her claw until it breaks, then shoot her eye with anything from 
your slingshot.
Hint: Defeating Koume and Koutake:
Get in a corner and repeatedly swing your sword. The best corner is to 
the bottom right; face towards the left.

Hint: Defeating Manhandla:
Use your Magic Boomerang to destroy the four heads. Then, use it to slice 
the shocker gel in half to hit the core with your sword. Note: It may not 
look like it is getting hurt, but it does.
Hint: Defeating Medusa Head:
Hit him whenever he is not doing anything. Note: If you hit him while he 
is in the center, you will freeze. 

Hint: Defeating Mothula:
When he lands, hit him repeatedly. His mini-moths will always drop hearts 
when you hit them.
Hint: Defeating Onox:
This battle is easy if you have a Lv.2 or 3 Sword and the Red Ring. When 
the battle begins use the powered up sword on him. Onox will get Din and 
use her as a shield. Use the Rod Of Seasons to get it out of the way, 
then start hitting him again. Once he is hurt badly, he will vanish. Go 
close to Din-- the floor will start to break up and you should fall. When 
you get to the basement you will see Onox in his dragon form. When he 
slaps the ground, jump into his hand and slash at the jewel on top of his 
head. Repeat that until he has been defeated.

During the first fight, swing your Sword at him. During the second fight, 
hit Din's crystal away with the Rod Of Seasons, then swing your Sword at 
him. During the third fight, jump on his hands. Use the Roc's Cape to fly 
at his head and hit the Crystal. 
When fighting Onox, use the Spin Ring, which does a double spin attack 
with one charge. You can also use this trick with the Master Sword, The 
Noble Sword, or the Wooden Sword. You cannot use the Biggoron's Sword 
when fighting Onox or Gannon. You can also hit Onox or Gannon using a 
slash from the Master Sword.

If you use the Lv. 3 sword, Onyx's first form (without the shield) will 
fall after four hits. His second form (with the shield) will fall after 
three hits. The big dragon form will die after about four or five hits.

Use the following trick to defeat Onox with the Noble Sword. During the 
first battle, use spin attacks when he makes the boulders fall. If you hit 
him when he is hitting the spike ball at you, Link will get hurt. After 
about five or six hits, he will say something. At the second fight he will 
use Din as a shield. Hit her away with the Rod Of Seasons then continue 
hitting him with your sword. He will throw tornadoes at you. Jump over 
them. When he gets hurt enough, he will vanish. Walk to Din and the floor 
should break, leading to the third fight. He will be a brownish dragon. W
hen he hits the floor, jump onto his hand. Then, jump up and hit his jewel. 
Do this a couple of times to defeat him. 

Hint: Defeating Twinrova and Ganon:
During the first fight hit the fireballs at the ice one and vice versa. 
During the second fight, do spin attacks on the merged Twinrova until she 
is stunned, then shoot Scent Seeds. During the third fight you must have 
the Level Three Sword (Master Sword) to hurt Ganon. Keep doing spin attacks 
on him. If the floor turns swirling blue, it means your D-pad is reversed 
(Up is Down, Left is Right). Do not turn off the game -- wait for credits 
to complete and get the Hero's Password. It helps you complete your ring 

Win the battle starts, stand in the lower right corner of the screen. Then 
face left and start slashing your sword. Keep slashing until the witches 
are defeated. For Twinrova, equip your Red Ring (if you have one), Master 
Sword, and Hyper Slingshot or Seed Shooter with Scent Seeds. Slash her 
until both of her forms show (half red and half blue), then hit her with 
a Scent Seed. Repeat until she is defeated. For Ganon, slash him with 
your Master Sword whenever he appears. Always stand beside him to dodge 
attacks easily. 

Hint: Defeating Twinrova:
Use the following trick to defeat Twinrova's second form when she 
transforms the room to ice and lava. The Noble Sword, Roc's Cape, and 
Hyper Sling Shot are required. First, equip your Noble sword to the "B" 
slot. and the Roc's Cape to the "A" slot. Get to the top of the screen 
above the topmost lava pit and start swinging your sword at the Fire 
Keese. When she shoots a Fire Bag at you, jump and glide. However, do 
not glide from this position. When she changes, equip the Hyper Slingshot 
and wait. When she is forming the Ice Balls, move down and hit her. You 
will bounce back up and can hit her again. When she is half red and blue, 
hit her with Mystery or Scent Seeds.

Hint: Defeating Ganon:
Do your spin attack when he is about to do an attack or after he does an 
attack. If he turns blue, you will be transported to a blue room where your 
controls will be set to the opposite of normal. Hit him your spin attack 
until he admits defeat. You will have to dodge and hit, or hit and run. 
The best item/ring to have are the Master or Noble Sword and the Red Ring.

Hint: Defeating mini-Bosses:
The Red and Blue Bulls: Hit one with your sword. Five hits on either will 
kill them both. 
Onox Castle, Facade: In L2, throw bombs between his eyes. Four hits will 
kill him. In Onox Castle, six hits will take him out. 
Squid Trio: Use the Power Bracelet to pull them out of the water, then 
hurt them with the sword. Four hits will kill each squid. 
Three of a kind Wizard: Light the torches with Ember Seeds and hit the 
man with a shadow until he dies. Re-light the torches only when there is 
none lit to save seeds. 
Syger: Hit his tail tip when he is not a ball. Run away when he is a ball 
because he will be invincible. 
Bigmouth Dragon (Vire): Hit him with a sword until he becomes two little 
things. Use the Feather to jump and hit them both to kill them. He is in 
both games in L6. 
Pair of Poes: Use the slingshot to keep at least two torches up. When 
they are close, hit them with the sword. 
Fireball the Snowman: Use hyper slingshot to shoot Mystery Seeds to make 
him turn blue. Then shoot him with Fire Seeds. He has a lot of life so 
you may want to buy a potion before the battle. 

Hint: Stealing from Maple:
Use the following trick to learn if Maple has anything worth stealing. 
If Maple has rare items such as Rings, Seeds, Heart Pieces, and Potions, she 
will zigzag on her broom a lot more complexly. If she has not so good items, 
she will zigzag a lot less complexly. If she has more than one rare item she 
will zigzag even more, as if to avoid you.

Hint: Easy win in chest game:
When you enter the shop in Horon village, go upstairs (see membership card). 
When you pay for your game, he will look at the chests. He will look at the 
correct one for slightly longer. 

Hint: Jump farther:
While having the Roc's Feather equipped, take out your Seed Satchel and equip 
the Pegasus Seeds. Use a Pegasus Seed, run towards the place in which you need 
to jump over, and jump. You can jump over two holes instead of just one. This 
is important for your future quest in level 4.

Sometimes if you jump with the Roc's Feather at the correct moment, you can 
jump two holes instead of one without using Pegasus Seeds. 

If you try hard enough and practice a lot, you can jump over two holes without 
the Pegasus seeds. If you do use them, you can jump over three holes. This 
will allow you to advance farther than the game normally allows.

Hint: Finding Summer:
Get Ricky then get the floodgate key. Drain the water and jump down the left 
cliff. Go down once, then go left, get in the middle of the cliff, and press 
Up. Do the same thing when you get to the next cliff. Follow the path and you 
will eventually find a portal. Jump off Ricky, enter in the portal, and go down 
to the beach. Dig to find the Star Ore, then go to shop. Trade the Star Ore for 
the Ribbon. Return to the beach then go down to find Rosa. Give her the ribbon 
and go on date with her. You can now go to the locked doors. Open them, go to the 
temple and open the door.

Hint: Getting to the Ancient Ruins:
Go to the Lost Woods. Change the season to winter and go left. Then, change the 
season to fall and go south. Change the season to spring and go right. Finally 
change the season to summer and go north. You will see statues. Go north. 
Change the season to winter and go south, then east and north. You will see 
a place leading up. Go north and then go west. You will only see two statues 
this time. Push the one nearest to the cliff to the right. Jump down and change 
the season to spring. Jump to the bloom and go east. You will see someone that 
will say if you go further the world will suffer from darkness. Continue to the 
door and keep going to reach the Ancient Ruins. You can find the boomerang L-2 
there, which is used to kill the statue soldiers.

Hint: Getting Dimitri:
Go to the Subrosian Dance Hall and play until you win the flute. Get a ride 
from Ricky (see Hint: Getting Ricky). When you drain the water from the floodgate, 
go down until you see an area with a flower and two Spider Tektites. Go down one 
more screen and go right, and up. You will see Dimitri being attacked by Moblins. 
Save him and he will teach you his song. If you get the song from the shop, it 
will not work with Dimitri, or the dance flute for Moosh.
Hint: Getting Moosh:
Go to the shop in Horon Village after level 2, buy the flute, and get a ride from 
Ricky (see Hint: Getting Ricky). When you drain the water from the floodgate, go 
down until you see an area with a flower and two Spider Tektites. Go down one 
more screen and go left, and up. You will see Moosh being attacked by Moblins. 
Save him and he will teach you his song. If you get the song from the shop, it 
will not work with Dimitri, or the dance flute for Moosh.
Hint: Getting Ricky:
After level 2, go to Blaino (recognized as a mini-Boss from Link's Awakening) 
and defeat him for Ricky's gloves. Go to the area across the bridge, and enter 
the normally empty area to find a kangaroo. Give Ricky her gloves, and if you 
do not have a flute yet, she will give you hers.
Hint: Road to Sunken City:
The monster that you select (Ricky, Moosh, or Dimitri) changes the road to 
Sunken City. 

Hint: Wake up the tree:
To wake up the treen burst the bubble coming out of his nose. 

Hint: Change an enemy:
Find one of the green cactus-like enemies that electrocute you if hit with your 
sword. Use a Mystery Seed on them to change them into something else. Even if 
you do this, however, you still cannot hit them with your sword. 

Hint: Cucco to chick:
Go north of Horon Village, to the house that you took the Cuccodex to. Use a 
Mystery Seed on a big Cucco, and it will turn to a chick.

Hint: Giant Cucco:
Go to the house where you gave Malon the Cuccodex. Keep hitting an adult Cucco 
until a flock of Cuccos appears. Use a Mystery Seed on the original Cucco and 
it will turn big. If you keep hitting the big Cucco, he will chase after you.

Hint: Buzz Blob comments:
Use a Mystery Seed on a Buzz Blob (the enemy that shocks you if attacked with 
the sword) and he will turn into a Cukemon. If you paralyze him with the 
boomerang, he will say funny things to you. 

Hint: Destroy the Great Moblin's house: 
Once you defeat the Great Moblin at his keep, he will move to the abandoned 
house just one screen south of the Gale Tree in Sunken City, making bombs. 
 in the house to find a pile of bombs in the corner. Set an Ember Seed on 
the pile or let one of your bombs explode next to it, and then the pile will 
blink. Get out of the house while it is blinking. The Moblin will run away 
 the house will explode. After blowing it up twice or so, they will catch you, 
knock you out inside of the house, and the explosion will kill you. 

Hint: Hero's Cave: Gasha Seed:
Enter Hero's Cave and go east, then south, and push the northwest block. 
A stairway will appear. Go down it, and a Gasha Seed will be there.

Hint: Horon Village: Changing seasons: 
You can change seasons in Horon Village if you go to a screen with a different 
season. Keep walking back and forth between screens. 

Hint: Snake's Remain: Extra rupees:
Go to the level 2 (Snakes Remain). When you are inside, go up two rooms. 
Kill all of the enemies, then look at the blocks in the room. They will form 
an arrow. Throw a bomb at the wall that the arrow is pointing to. It will open 
the wall and lead to a room. Enter that room and pick up all the rupees. Do this 
the first time you find the room to get over 500 rupees.

Hint: Subrosian Dance Hall: Boomerang: 
To get the boomerang, you have to dance correctly. 

Hint: Dungeon maps:
When you get a dungeon map in a level, if you look carefully, it looks like the 
title of the dungeon. For example, Snake Remains or Sword and Shield dungeon, 
or Poisonous Moth Dungeon. 

Hint: Tunnel with nothing:
At the top of Clock Shop, dig it up at the right side. 

Glitch: Swim in lava:
The following trick is done while you are fighting Twinrova in her second form. 
When you are on the ice board, go to where lava is on the lava board. If done 
correctly, when it changes it will appear as if you are swimming in lava. 
Note: This will result in damage.

Glitch: Screen reset:
Once you have the Switch Hook, go to the Post Office in the past. 
Use the Switch Hook on any of the three filing cabinets and the screen 
will reset. 


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