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 Mass Effect 3: Special Edition - Platform: Wii U

Mass Effect 3: Special Edition - Platform: Wii U

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Battlefield 3 soldier in multi-player mode:
Link a Battlefield 3 Online Pass to your EA account. 

The origin of the boy:
At the beginning of the game, when you are fleeing Earth, you can see the child
you will eventually talk to running away from Husks. Before you get to the part
where you see Husks climbing up the wall (the first time you shoot at something),
you can see the boy looking below, looking over the railing. When the Husks arrive
and Anderson coaxes you to shoot them, continue to observe the boy run into the 
building and lock the door. The building is blown up seconds later, but he apparently
survives in the vent.

Passing out in Purgatory:
When in Purgatory, go to the bar and have a drink. Then, have another one and one 
more after that (three total without leaving). You will pass out and wake up moments
later, in Purgatory.

The Hunt For Red October reference:
During the introduction sequence for the mission where you are about to land on Rannoch,
Commander Shepard is standing in the Normandy's bridge talking to Joker about the fact 
that there sure a lot of enemies out there. Joker laughs it off and says that with the 
Normandy's stealth drive engaged, the only way for the Geth to notice you is if you all
start singing the Russian national anthem. This is a direct reference to the 1990 film, 
The Hunt For Red October.

Using powers on final level:
Note: The following trick requires a Kinect. In London on Earth, Harbinger will shoot 
his laser and knock everyone running to the teleporter that is on the ground linked to 
the Citadel. You will then get up and start walking in slow motion to the teleporter 
armed only with a pistol that has infinite ammunition. You normally cannot use your 
powers with LB or RB. However, you can use Kinect voice commands such as "Carnage", 
"Warp", "Singularity", or any other projectile power, and Shepard will use the power
while in the slow motion state.


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