Megaman Star Force 2 - Zerker x Ninja - Platform: Nintendo DS - Console Games.

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 Megaman Star Force 2 - Zerker x Ninja - Platform: Nintendo DS

Megaman Star Force 2 - Zerker x Ninja - Platform: Nintendo DS

DX Bosses:
At the Omega-Xis screen, press Select to enter the following passwords. Refer to 
the targets as a grid, arranged with the following alphabetic designations. Tap 
the targets in the indicated order to turn SP Bosses into DX Bosses. They will 
now have more health and stronger attacks.

AplloFlmDX: Tap the DSTELO targets. 
  CancrBubblDX: Tap the HBFSRG targets. 
  DrkphntmDX: Tap the BFRGSQ targets. 
  GemnSprkDX: Tap the FNCODB targets. 
  GenAurgaDX: Tap the SQBGFR targets. 
  HarpNoteDX: Tap the GRHBSF targets. 
  HollowDX: Tap the OSDLTE targets. 
  KngFooKdDX: Tap the FRGSHB targets. 
  PlsioSrfDX: Tap the DOTELG targets. 
  QnOphiucaDX: Tap the QFRGSM targets. 
  RogueDX: Tap the GODLTE targets. 
  TaurusFireDX: Tap the TEOLSD targets. 
  TrraCndrDX: Tap the TEGLOD targets. 
  YtiBlzrdDX: Tap the RFSQGB targets. 

Connection bonus:
Have one of the following Game Boy Advance games in the cartridge slot with a 
saved game:

  Megaman Battle Network (Battle Network Rockman EXE) 
  Megaman Battle Network 2 (Battle Network Rockman EXE2) 
  Megaman Battle Network 3: White (Battle Network Rockman EXE3) 
  Megaman Battle Network 3: Blue (Battle Network Rockman EXE3: Black) 
  Megaman Battle: Chip Challenge (Rockman EXE: Battle Chip GP) 
  Megaman Battle Network 4: Red Sun (Rockman EXE4: Tournament Red Sun) 
  Megaman Battle Network 4: Blue Moon (Rockman EXE4: Tournament Blue Moon) 
  Rockman EXE4.5: Real Operation 
  Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Blues (Rockman EXE5: Team Of Blues) 
  Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Colonel (Rockman EXE5: Team Of Colonel) 
  Megaman Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar (Rockman EXE6: Cyber Beast Greiga) 
  Megaman Battle Network 6 :Cybeast Falzar (Rockman EXE6: Cyber Beast Falzer) 
You will get a message from Goyouda Heiji, who will ask you to get data (which 
are diary entries), from the following radio networks:
  1/XX: Kodama Town; Post Box Radio Network 
  3/XX: TK Tower 1; Old Binocular Radio Network (inspect during OphiuchusQueen 
  7/XX: Food Town; Forgotten Ice Statue Radio Network 
  9/XX: Donbura Lake Area 1; Sunken Ship Radio Network (after CondorGeograph 
  11/XX: Nansca; Lower Wall Radio Network (after CondorGeograph Scenario) 
After getting all the data, you will get a message with the EXE Blaster (BN 

Achievement icons:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding icon on the 
menu with the "New Game" and "Continue" options. Get all the icons to unlock an 
alternate title screen.

  G Comp Star: Collect all 5 Giga Class Cards. 
  M Comp Star: Collect all 42 Mega Class Cards. 
  Mu Continent Star: Defeat RaMu Xa. 
  OoPart Star: Defeat ApollonFlame. 
  Rockman Star: Successfully complete the main story line. 
  S Comp Star: Collect all 150 Standard Class Cards. 

Alternate final Boss:
Unlock all the achievement icons. Play through the game again to fight the Xa 
version of the final Boss.

Alternate ending:
Successfully complete the game with all achievement icons. You will have a 
message from Solo asking you to level up the four In-Game Brothers. Do their 
side quests to level them up, then complete the game. An alternate sequence will 
appear after the credits, ending with a battle against BuraiSX.


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