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 Mega Man X Command Mission - Platform: Gamecube

Mega Man X Command Mission - Platform: Gamecube

Free healing:
First, find a fight that have a preon nurse in the enemies. Destroy all the others 
but DO NOT DESTROY the preon nurse. After it's done, instead of attacking you, 
he'll surrender and will cast "all life gain 25" on you. It's not a lot but it's 
useful when your life tank is empty. (NOTE: this trick works once in a battle. 
If u don't destroy it after his healing turn, he'll run away!)

Hard version:
Successfully complete the game, then highlight the "New Game" option. Then, 
press Right(3), Left(2), Right, Start. That option will turn yellow, and you 
will now have a hard difficulty setting.

X's Ultimate Armor:
First, get the Tianna Key for the the locked door in the Tianna Camp. Then, 
go to the locked door and open it. Inside you will fight a Boss that is 
accompanied by two Belladonnas. Defeat them, and after the fight break the 
red crystal to get X's Ultimate Armor Hyper Mode.

Lagrano Ruins Key:
To get the Lagrano Ruins Key, you need to use the Deployment Center. Keep 
deploying your robots until they can find the key. After a few times, you 
will see it listed on the right-hand side of the screen when you check on 
the returned robots. After going through the door in Largano Ruins, you 
will find a secret item/force metal/weapon shop.

Absolute Zero Hyper mode:
First, complete Chapter 8. Then, repeatedly deploy well-chosen units to the 
Melda Ore Plant in order to gain the Melda Key. Once you gain the key, go to 
the Melda Ore Plant and open the previously locked door (once you teleport 
there, go inside the plant and enter the locked door instead of entering the 
first elevator). Continue through the new area until you encounter a duck-like 
enemy. Defeat him and break the purple crystal behind him to gain the Absolute 
Zero Hyper mode. It should not be too difficult to defeat the enemy, just 
continue to use X's and Zero's current Hyper Mode and Action Triggers and make 
sure you do not attack him with an element he is currently absorbing (a message 
will appear at the top of the screen whenever his absorbing element changes). 
Defeating this enemy is a lot easier than defeating the enemy which guards X's 
Second Hyper Mode.

Mega Man X intermission series:
To view old Mega Man scenes from all of the Mega Man X games, successfully 
complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. Then, highlight the 
"Continue" option and press Left(3), Right, Left,, Start. You can select the 
intermission sequences from the Mega Man X series, recorded on CD-ROM.

Mega Man X
Mega Man X2
Mega Man X3
Mega Man X4
Mega Man X5
Mega Man X6

Japanese version:
To play the Japanese version of the game, successfully complete the game under the 
hard difficulty setting. Then, highlight the "Continue" option and press Left, Right, 
Left, Right(2), Left. That option will turn maroon. You can now play the original 
Japanese version of the game, known as RotsukuMan X Komanda Mishion.

Play As The Classic Mega Man:
To play as the classic Mega Man, successfully complete the game. Then, highlight the 
'Continue' option and press Left(2), Right(2), Left, Right(2), Left(2), Start. That 
option will turn blue, and you can play as the Original Mega Man.

Play As Proto Man:
Successfully complete the game with Zero, depending on your game play. Then, highlight 
the 'Continue' option and press Left, Right(2), Left(3), Right, Start. That option will 
turn red, and you will get to play as Proto man.

Action Figures:
Go to the North Square of Central Tower. Enter one of the following passwords at the 
special figure slot to get the corresponding prize.

Axl: 38184155 or 44527839 (Japanese version)
Axl (DNA changing pose): 46925056 (Japanese version)
Black Zero: 69203600 (Japanese version)
Cinnamon: 10950508 (Japanese version)
Cinnamon (Iron Maiden): 31415926 (Japanese version)
Marino: 02098772 or 20040729 (Japanese version)
Marino (Quicksilver): 19780506 (Japanese version)
Massimo (Dymonion): 82536252 (Japanese version)
X: 73001472 or 19670801 (Japanese version)
X (victory pose): 78523511 (Japanese version)
X Fire: 32603260 (Japanese version)
Zero: 29290141 or 33515937 (Japanese version)


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