Metal Arms - Glitch in the System - Platform: Gamecube - Console Games.

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 Metal Arms - Glitch in the System - Platform: Gamecube

Metal Arms - Glitch in the System - Platform: Gamecube

Fighting the Zombiebot King: 
In order to beat the Zombiebot King just wear him down using rockets until he pauses 
(doesn't move). Toss a grenade (coring charge) into its mouth. On Normal, it takes 
five grenades to kill him and after the 3rd and 4th grenades there are regular 
zombiebots that swarm the arena

Completing Final Battle:
To kill corrosive without getting hurt, hide under the curved tunnel just in the 
entrance looking out towards the right hand wall of the arena, and he will position 
himself a few meters in front of you. You can then shoot everything you have at the 
hole in the red patch in his armor while he does absolutely nothing to defend himself.

Cleaner in level 15 Minutes:
In the level 15 minutes, the old droid in the jail cell will talk to you, when the mils 
come to get you, hit them with you're arm until they start shooting at you, when they 
do this hide behind the old droid and the mils will destroy him instead of you and a 
cleaner should appear! Now use it against those Titans.

Getting Past General Corrosive:
When playing in the coliseum, you will fight against General Corrosive in the last 
match. You cannot hurt him. When you enter the arena, run to the far right side. 
There is a box that has a health in it. Hide on the side opposite General Corrosive 
and get him to destroy it with a rocket. When he does, get the health. There is also 
a wrench when you get the health. Run from the general and hide in one of the small 
huts. When inside, quickly disassemble yourself. The general will destroy the hut and 
find you in pieces. A short intermission sequence will play and you will proceed to 
the next level.

Multi-player: Invincibility:
In any multi-player level, press Start. You can be shot at, but receive no damage. 
You cannot move, but it is better than dying.

Original Concept FMV sequence:
Successfully complete the game in campaign mode.

Multi-player General Corrosive:
Successfully complete the game with all secret and speed chips to unlock General 
Corrosive as a playable character in multi-player mode.


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