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 Mindjack - Platform: Playstation 2

Mindjack - Platform: Playstation 2

All achievements & secret achievements:
Submitted by: Arju

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

MIND HACKER (5 points)       : Mind Hack successfully for the first time.
HONORARY CITIZEN (20 points) : Mind Hack 100 citizens.
NEWBIE (5 points)            : Reach Level 5.
BERSERKER (20 points)        : Equip the "BESERKER TIME" PLUG-IN and clear "DESTRUCTION SITE" 
                               or "STEEL GIANT".
DEMIGOD (30 points)          : Equip the "DEMIGOD TIME" PLUG-IN and clear "HEADQUARTERS" or "DOORWAY".
ARTIST (30 points)           : Obtain all PLUG-INS.
HEAD CASE (20 points)        : Take out 30 enemies with head shots.
COMBO KING (30 points)       : Defeat 10 enemies in a row using attack combos.
HACKER (20 points)           : Reach Level 30.
GURU (40 points)             : Reach Level 50.
ARTISAN (5 points)           : Equip a PLUG-IN for the first time.
BIRTH (5 points)             : Experience the wonder of birth as a Wanderer.
CONTACT (10 points)          : Successfully make contact with Rebecca at San Mira Airport.
STAR (40 points)             : In Host Play, get hacked into by over 100 Hackers.
SHIELD (30 points)           : 10 people engaged as bullet shields get defeated.
BLUE COAT (5 points)         : Win 5 times as a Blue Hacker.
GATEKEEPER (20 points)       : As a Red Hacker, successfully defeat 50 Mind Hacked enemies.
GUARDIAN (20 points)         : As a Blue Hacker, successfully defeat 50 Mind Hacked enemies.
RED FLAG (20 points)         : Win 20 times as a Red Hacker.
RED DEVIL (50 points)        : Win 50 times as a Red Hacker.
MIND JACKER (100 points)     : Clear half of the scenes with Hackers present.
BLUE HELMET (20 points)      : Win 20 times as a Blue Hacker.
BLUE BLOOD (50 points)       : Win 50 times as a Blue Hacker.
RED CAP (5 points)           : Win 5 times as a Red Hacker.
BLUE HACKER (5 points)       : As a Blue Hacker, defeat a Mind Hacked enemy for the first time.
STREET RIPPER (30 points)    : Mind Hack a Titan and defeat 10 enemies.
GUN WHEEL GURU (30 points)   : Mind Hack a Gun Wheel and defeat 20 enemies.
MURDEROUS MACHINE (30 points): Mind Hack a Quick Draw and defeat 10 enemies.
MULTI-TASKER (30 points)     : Mind Slave 4 enemies at once.
MEDIC (15 points)            : Heal 20 people.
SCRATCHER (30 points)        : Mind Hack a Swarmer and defeat 10 enemies.
HOTHEAD (5 points)           : Defeat an enemy within 1 second of them being Mind Hacked.
RECEPTIONIST (5 points)      : In Host Play, be hacked into by a Red Hacker for the first time.
RED HACKER (5 points)        : As a Red Hacker, defeat a Mind Hacked enemy for the first time.
PUPPET MASTER (30 points)    : Successfully Mind Slave 255 times.
MOWER MAN (30 points)        : Use a Finishing Blow on 50 damaged enemies.
I KNOW KUNG FU (30 points)   : Defeat 100 enemies using Attack Combos.

Additionally, there are 12 secret achievements:
PYRRHIC VICTORY (10 points)      : Uncover the truth, but lose something valuable.
PUSH THE TRUTH BUTTON (10 points): Successfully press on to confront Andrew Gardner.
TERMINAL DEPARTURE (10 points)   : Evade enemy forces and escape San Mira Airport on the monorail.
DIGGING DOWN (10 points)         : Dig down into the truth behind the attack at the airport.
BREAKTHROUGH (10 points)         : Escape the security cordon.
COUNTERATTACK (10 points)        : Successfully join forces with Rebecca to repel the terrorist attack.
QUICK MOVER (10 points)          : Working with Fernandez, make good time to NERKAS Campus.
BETRAYED (10 points)             : Discover Fernandez's betrayal.
CONFESSIONAL (10 points)         : Discover Rebecca's link to Jim's wife.
PIECE OF THE PUZZLE (10 points)  : Obtain an important piece of the NERKAS puzzle.
SEARCH (10 points)               : Search the port for hidden bodies.
REUNION (10 points)              : Join forces with comrade in arms, Fernandez.


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