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 NBA Ballers - Platform: Playstation 2

NBA Ballers - Platform: Playstation 2

Submitted by Andri Agassi []

Act A Fool:
To do the "Act A Fool" move, press L2 + Square.

Bringing Down The House
To do the "Bringing Down The House" move, when your Juice House meter is  
full, hold R1 + R2 + Triangle to ally-oop the ball to yourself and break  
the backboard. This is needed to win a game in the third tournament.  
Alternatively, press Triangle to ally oop the ball to yourself. Then, hold  
L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Circle and you should do "Bringing Down The  

Hacky Sackin:
Hold L2 + Triangle to do the "Hacky Sackin" move.

Off The Hizzle:
To do the "Off The Hizzle" move, press R1 + Square. Alternately, press L2  
+ Square.

Pass To Self:
Hold R2 + R1 and press Square. If done correctly, you should throw the  
ball against the backboard and back to yourself. Note: Do not do this when  
an opponent is nearby or after an "Off The Hizzle". To the "Pass To Self"  
move, hold R1 + R2 then press X. Your baller should throw the ball off the  
backboard and it should come right back to him.

Stunt Dunk:
Press L1 + L2 + Square while in front of your opponent going towards the  

Watching movies
Go to "Collectibles" to watch the movies you have earned from your created  

Free unlocked players
Sometimes if you complete a TV tournament, you can go to "Inside Stuff" at  
the main menu and a message will appear stating you have unlocked a player  
such as Rashard Lewis or Kobe Bryant.

Deleting a custom baller
Go to the start menu, then go "Profile Options" (not "Inside Stuff").  
Next, go to "Unload Profile". Choose your profile and select the person  
you want to delete. You will be asked to confirm your choice. Select "Yes"  
and you baller will be gone. Note: This is not for Rags To Riches mode.

Mortal Kombat reference
At Yao Ming's Prep School, look in the background around the hoop to se 2D  
Mortal Kombat characters watching the game.

Enhance stats with shoes
Your baller gets enhanced stats if he is wearing certain shoes. It does  
not matter what else he is wearing:
Impact Playa: +5 Power, +10 Speed, +5 Stamina, +10 Ball Handling.
Inta-ceptas: +5 Rebounding, +10 Block, +10 Steal, +5 Clutch.
Night Owl IV: +5 Power, +10 Speed, +5 Stamina, +10 Ball Handling.
See Ya: +7 Short shot, +3 Medium range, +3 3pt shot, +7 Dunk.
Shock + Struts: +7 Short shot, +3 Medium range, +3 3pt shot, +7 Dunk.
T's Rhino: +5 Rebounding, +10 Block, +10 Steal, +5 Clutch.
Murakamisans: +3 Power, +5 short range, +5 rebounding, +3 Freethrows.
Voltaires: +3 Power, +5 short range, +5 rebounding, +3 Freethrows.

Cheat mode
Enter one of the following codes at the "Enter Special Codes" screen  
before a game begins to activate the corresponding cheat function. The  
first number represents how many times Triangle is pressed. The second  
number represents how many times Circle is pressed. The third number  
represents how many times Square is pressed. End the code by pressing the  
D-pad in any direction. For example, press Triangle, Circle(2), Square(3)  
and any D-pad direction to activate code 1 2 3.

Result Code 
Infinite juice 7 6 3 
2x juice replenish 4 3 1 
Use unlocked alternate gear 1 2 3 
Fire ability 7 7 2 
Fire ability 7 2 2 
Hotspot ability 6 2 7 
Back-In ability 1 2 2 
Stunt ability 3 7 4 
Pass 2 friend ability 5 3 6 
Alley-oop ability 7 2 5 
Put Back ability 3 1 3 
Expanded move set 5 1 2 
Super blocks 1 2 4 
Super push 3 1 5 
Great handling 3 3 2 
Super steals 2 1 5 
Perfect free throws 3 2 7 
Speedy players 2 1 3 
Better free throws 3 1 7 
Legal goal tending 7 5 6 
Super back-ins 2 3 5 
Half house 3 6 7 
Random moves 3 0 0 
Pygmy 4 2 5 
Play as Coach 5 6 7 
Play as Agent 5 5 7 
Play as Secretary 5 4 7 
Play as BiznezMan-A 5 3 7 
Play as BiznezMan-B 5 2 7 
Play as Afro Man 5 1 7 
Big head mode 1 3 4 
Baby Ballers [Note] 4 2 3 
Paper Ballers [Note] 3 5 4 
Kid Ballers [Note] 4 3 3 
Young Ballers [Note] 4 4 3 
View shot percentage 0 1 2 
No weather 1 1 2 
Snow 3 3 3 
Rain 2 2 2 
Tournament mode; disable all codes 0 1 1 

Note: Requires agreement from both players.

Make a profile, then go to "Inside Stuff". Select "Phrase-ology", enter  
one of the following codes, then press Triangle to activate the  
corresponding bonus:

Bonus Phrase
All players, alternate gear, and movies NBA BALLERS TRUE PLAYA 
Allan Houston's alternate gear KNICKER BOCKER PLEASE 
Allen Iverson's alternate gear KILLER CROSSOVER 
Allen Iverson's Recording Studio THE ANSWER 
Alonzo Mourning's alternate gear ZO 
Amare Stoudamire's alternate gear RISING SUN 
Antoine Walker's alternate gear BALL HAWK 
Baron Davis' alternate gear STYLIN' & PROFILIN' 
Ben Wallace's alternate gear RADIO CONTROLLED CARS 
Bill Russell's alternate gear CELTICS DYNASTY 
Bill Walton's alternate gear TOWERS OF POWER 
Carmelo Anthony's alternate gear NEW TO THE GAME 
Chris Weber's alternate gear 24 SECONDS 
Clyde Drexler's alternate gear CLYDE THE GLIDE 
Darko Milicic's alternate gear NBA FASTBREAK 
Darryl Dawkins' alternate gear RIM WRECKER 
Dejaun Wanger's alternate gear NBA HANGTIME 
Dikembe Mutumbo's alternate gear IN THE PAINT 
Dominique Wilkins' alternate gear DUNK FEST 
Eddie Jones's alternate gear BALLER UPRISING 
Elton Brand's alternate gear REBOUND 
Emanuel Ginobili's alternate gear MANU 
Gary Payton's alternate gear GLOVE IS IN LA 
George Gervin's alternate gear THE ICE MAN COMETH 
Grant Hill's alternate gear GONE GOLD WITH IT 
Isiah Thomas' alternate gear TRUE BALLER 
Jalen Rose's alternate gear BRING IT 
Jason Kidd's alternate gear PASS THE ROCK 
Jason Terry's alternate gear BALL ABOVE ALL 
Jason Williams' alternate gear GIVE AND GO 
Jerry Stackhouse's alternate gear STOP DROP AND ROLL 
John Stockton's alternate gear COURT VISION 
Julius Erving's alternate gear ONE ON ONE 
Kareem Abdul Jabbar's alternate gear NBA BALLERS RULES ALL 
Karl Malone's alternate gear SPECIAL DELIVERY 
Karl Malone's Devonshire Estate ICE HOUSE 
Kenyon Martin's alternate gear TO THE HOLE 
Kevin Garnett's alternate gear BOSS HOSS 
Kevin McHale's alternate gear HOLLA BACK 
Kobe Bryant's alternate gear JAPANESE STEAK 
Kobe Bryant's Italian Estate EURO CRIB 
Kobe Bryant's skills x2 BIG BALLA BRYANT 
Larry Bird's alternate gear HOOSIER 
Latrell Sprewell's alternate gear SPREE 
Lebron James' alternate gear KING JAMES 
Magic Johnson's alternate gear LAKER LEGENDS 
Michael Finley's alternate gear STUDENT OF THE GAME 
Mike Bibby's alternate gear DREAMS & SCHEMES 
Moses Malone's alternate gear LOST FREESTYLE FILES 
Nate Archibald's alternate gear NATE THE SKATE 
Nene Hilario's alternate gear RAGS TO RICHES 
Oscar Robertson's alternate gear AINT NO THING 
Pau Gasol's alternate gear POW POW POW 
Paul Pierce's alternate gear CELTICS SUPREME 
Pete Maravich's alternate gear PISTOL PETE 
Rashard Lewis' alternate gear FAST FORWARD 
Rasheed Wallace's alternate gear BRING DOWN THE HOUSE 
Ray Allen's alternate gear ALL STAR 
Reggie Miller's alternate gear FROM DOWNTOWN 
Richard Hamilton's alternate gear RIP 
Robert Parish's alternate gear THE CHIEF 
Scottie Pippen's alternate gear PLAYMAKER 
Scottie Pippen's Yacht NICE YACHT 
Shaq's alternate gear DIESEL RULES THE PAINT 
Shawn Marion's alternate gear MAKE YOUR MARK 
Stephon Marbury's alternate gear PLATINUM PLAYA 
Steve Francis' alternate gear ANKLE BREAKER 
Steve Francis' alternate gear RISING STAR 
Steve Nash's alternate gear HAIR CANADA 
Tim Duncan's alternate gear MAKE IT TAKE IT 
Tony Parker's alternate gear RUN AND SHOOT 
Tracy McGrady's alternate gear LIVIN LIKE A BALLER 
Tracy McGrady's alternate gear LIVING LIKE A BALLER 
Vince Carter's alternate gear CHECK MY CRIB 
Wally Szczerbiak's alternate gear WORLD 
Walt Frazier's alternate gear PENETRATE AND PERPETRATE 
Wes Unseld's alternate gear OLD SCHOOL 
Willis Reed's alternate gear HALL OF FAME 
Wilt Chamberlain's alternate gear WILT THE STILT 
Yao Ming's alternate gear CENTER OF ATTENTION 
Yao Ming's Childhood Grade School PREP SCHOOL 
Special movie 1 JUICE HOUSE 
Special movie 2 NBA SHOWTIME 
Special movie 3 NBA BALLERS RULES 
Special movie 4 HATCHET MAN 
Special movie 5 SLAM IT 
Special Shoe 1 DUB DEUCE 
Special Shoe 2 COLD STREAK 
Special Shoe 3 LOST YA SHOES


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