NBA Ballers - Platform: XBox - Console Games.

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 NBA Ballers - Platform: XBox

NBA Ballers - Platform: XBox

Phrase-ology Combinations: 
Select Inside Stuff on the main menu, then select 
Phrase-ology. Enter these combinations of words with 
the A button then press Y to confirm the entry for 
various results.

KILLER CROSSOVER Allen Iverson's alternate gear 
THE ANSWER Allen Iverson's Recording Studio 
ZO Alonzo Mourning's Alternate gear 
RISING SUN Amare Stoudamire's Alternate Gear 
STYLIN' & PROFILIN' Baron Davis' Alternate Gear 
CELTICS DYNASTY Bill Russell's alternate outfit 
24 SECONDS Chris Webber's Alternate Gear 
24 SECONDS Chris Webber's alternate outfit 
CLYDE THE GLIDE Clyde Drexler's Alternate Gear 
CLYDE THE GLIDE Clyde Drexler's alternate outfit 
DUNK FEST Dominique Wilkin's Alternate Gear 
THE ICEMAN COMETH George Gervin's Alternate Gear 
BRING IT Jalen Rose's alternate outfit 
BALL ABOVE ALL Jason Terry's alternate outfit 
GIVE AND GO Jason Williams alternate outfit 
COURT VISION John Stockton's Alternate Gear 
COURT VISION John Stockton's alternate outfit 
ONE ON ONE Julius Erving's alternate gear 
ONE ON ONE Julius Irving's Alternate Gear 
SPECIAL DELIVERY Karl Malone's Alternate Gear 
BOSS HOSS Kevin Garnett's alternate outfit 
HOLLA BACK Kevin McHale's Alternate Gear 
JAPANESE STEAK Kobe Bryant's Alternate Gear 
EURO CRIB Kobe Bryant's Italian home 
HOOSIER Larry Bird's Alternate Gear 
SPREE Latrell Spreewell's Alternate Gear 
KING JAMES LeBron James's Alternate Gear 
LAKER LEGENDS Magic Johnson's Alternate Gear 
MANU Manu Ginobili's Alternate Gear 
MANU Manu Ginobili's Alternate Gear 
NATE THE SKATE Nate "Tiny" Archibald 's Alternate Gear 
RAGS TO RICHES Nene's Alternate Gear 
AINT NO THING Oscar Robertson's alternate outfit 
PISTOL PETE Pistol Pete's Alternate Gear 
FAST FORWARD Rashard Lewis's Alternate Gear 
FAST FORWARD Rashard Lewis's Alternate Gear 
BRING DOWN THE HOUSE Rasheed Wallace's alternate outfit 
ALL STAR Ray Allen's alternate outfit 
FROM DOWNTOWN Reggie Miller's alternate outfit 
RIP Richard Hamilton's Alternate Gear 
DIESEL RULES THE PAINT Shaquille O'Neal's alternate outfit 
JUICE HOUSE Special Movie #1 
DUB DEUCE Special Shoe #1 
COLD STREAK Special Shoe #2 
PLATINUM PLAYA Stephon Marbury's alternate gear 
ANKLE BREAKER Steve Francis' alternate outfit 
RISING STAR Steve Francis's Alternate Gear 
HAIR CANADA Steve Nash's alternate outfit 
RUN AND SHOOT Tony Parker's Alt. Gear 
OLD SCHOOL Wes Unseld's Alternate Gear 
HALL OF FAME Willis Reed's Alternate Gear 
WILT THE STILT Wilt Chaimberland's Alternate Gear 
CENTER OF ATTENTION Yao Ming's alternate outfit 
PREP SCHOOL Yao Mings Childhood Grade School


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