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 NBA Street V3 - Platform: Playstation 1

NBA Street V3 - Platform: Playstation 1

More Accurate Shooting:
Enter "Excellent" at the "Options" screen

Easy Biggie Littles:
Hold down all the 4 turbo buttons and the Right Analog stick upwards.

Easy Points In Dunk Contest:
When playing dunk contest choose a obstacle to dunk over. When you jump 
click and hold both the back turbo buttons and also click and hold the 
left thumb stick. Then while you do this, move the trick stick in any 
direction twice and your will pull of a red trick move on the air twice! 
This works only with 90 or higher dunkers and only 70% of the time.

Easy Trick Points with bad handles:
Do the 4 turbo trick and instantly when you start the trick press X to 
pass it away. Even if your player has bad handles he will just pass the 
ball away and you will be credited the points.

Street Challenge Bonuses:
Finish Street Challenge mode to get 25,000 Street Points and unlock all 
Court Creator customization items. In addition, you will be able to 
participate in one last tournament on the last Sunday of the 10th week.

Unlock Everything:
To unlock all of the Street Legends, NBA Legends, obtain all of the V3 
Store gear and courts, fully complete the 10 weeks of the Street Challenge.

Unlock Future of Flight:
Complete 'Future of Flight' Slam Dunk Contest.

Unlock History Lesson Part 1:
Complete 'History Lesson: Part 1' Slam Dunk Contest.

Unlock History Lesson Part 2:
Complete 'History Lesson: Part 2' Slam Dunk Contest.

Unlock Legendary Status:
Complete 'Legendary Status' Slam Dunk Contest.

Unlock New York:
Complete 'Dunk Contest: New York' Slam Dunk Contest.

Unlock RBK Challenge:
Complete 'RBK Challenge' Slam Dunk Contest.


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