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 NFL 2K2 - Platform: XBox

NFL 2K2 - Platform: XBox

Hint: 100 rated players
To create a 100 rated RB, set the upper and lower body strength 
low enough to put all the other stats at 100. Then, fill up the 
rest on your upper or lower body strength. The same can be done 
for a QB, TE, WR, DB, LB, DT, DE. However, for the LB, DT, DE, 
make sure they are big. For a DT or DE set the weight to 400 lbs. 
and height about 6' 0". For the LB, set the weight at about 260 
lbs. and make him 6' 4". 

Hint: Better defense
Create two players with a height of 7'0", weight 220 lbs., and 
stats at 30 for upper and lower body. Set everything else to 100 
except jumping and block. Thrown ball should be 95 and intelligence 

Hint: Better offense
Create three WR with a height of 7'0", weight 220 lbs., and stats 
at 0 for upper and lower body. Set everything else to 100. 

Hint: More time outs
Go to the controller options and change to the other team. Use their 
time out, then switch back to your original team. 

Hint: Easy sacks
When on defense go to 3-4 and select "Base". When on the field, 
select your outside linebacker and move him close to the line without 
crossing the line of scrimmage. Once the QB snaps the ball, use speed 
burst to run around and sack him. This will work almost every time 
unless there is a TE were your LB is located. 

Hint: Taunt while scoring
When you are on a break away and no one is around you, when you make it 
within the 10 yard line release the Analog-stick. Your player will still 
run it in, but he will add a little attitude to his walk. When you 
release the Analog-stick determines what way he will come in. Be careful 
-- if someone is nearby they can tackle you and you will have a higher 
chance of fumbling. 

Before scoring a touchdown, make sure there are no defenders close to you. 
When you get between the 10 yard line and the endzone, release the Analog-
stick. Your player will celebrate into the endzone. Also make sure you are 
not too close to the sidelines are your player may step out of bounds. If 
there are defenders nearby your player can fumble the ball if he gets hit, 
especially if he has low ball handling skills. Enter practice mode, 
Offense Only, and try it. 

Hint: Super deformed players
Create a custom player and make him as heavy and short as possible and 
have skin number 6. You will be able to have created players up to 15 
feet tall or as short as 3 feet tall. They can also be as heavy as 700,
100 lb. and as light as 10lb. They can also have rainbow skin.


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