NHL 2K10 - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 NHL 2K10 - Platform: XBox 360

NHL 2K10 - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

  NHL 2K10 Complete (100 points): Unlock All Achievements. 
  20 PIMs (5 points): Achieve 20 Penalty Minutes in a game. 
  3 PPG (5 points): Achieve 3 Power Play Goals in a game. 
  50 Shots (5 points): Reach 50 Shots on goal in a game. 
  100 Games Played (5 points): Reach 100 Games Played. 
  500 Games Played (5 points): Reach 500 Games Played. 
  2000 Points (5 points): Achieve a total of 2000 Points. 
  200 PIMs (5 points): Achieve a total of 200 Penalty Minutes. 
  1000 shots (5 points): Achieve a total of 1000 Shots. 
  10 PPGs (5 points): Achieve a total of 10 Power Play Goals. 
  30 PPGs (5 points): Achieve a total of 30 Power Play Goals. 
  3 SHGs (5 points): Achieve a total of 3 Short Handed Goals. 
  10 SHGs (5 points): Achieve a total of 10 Short Handed Goals. 
  200 Hits (5 points): Achieve a total of 200 Hits. 
  500 Hits (5 points): Achieve a total of 500 Hits. 
  Ducks Trophy (5 points): Create a Player. 
  Thrashers Trophy (5 points): Clean 95% of the ice surface with the Zamboni. 
  Bruins Trophy (5 points): Register 10+ hits in one game with any skater. 
  Sabres Trophy (10 points): Get 3+ assists with one player in a single game. 
  Flames Trophy (10 points): Deke out a defenseman using a 1 on 1 move and then 
  score a goal. 
  Hurricanes Trophy (10 points): Win 20 Face-Offs in one game. 
  Blackhawks Trophy (10 points): Score an overtime goal. 
  Avalanche Trophy (10 points): Win at home in front of a sold out arena. 
  Blue Jackets Trophy (15 points): Make the playoffs in your Franchise or Season 
  Stars Trophy (25 points): Win a Pond Hockey game. 
  Red Wings Trophy (75 points): Win the Presidents Trophy and Stanley Cup in one 
  Oilers Trophy (65 points): Achieve a total of 446 goals. 
  Panthers Trophy (10 points): Get your 10th leaderboard win in a ranked match. 
  Kings Trophy (75 points): Achieve a total of 894 goals. 
  Wild Trophy (10 points): Score 5 goals in one game with one player. 
  Canadiens Trophy (10 points): Achieve a total of 101 Assists to celebrate 101 
  years of the most successful team in NHL history. 
  Predators Trophy (10 points): Score an awesome goal with a goalie deke. 
  Devils Trophy (40 points): Achieve a total of 50 User Wins. 
  Islanders Trophy (40 points): Like the '82 Islanders, sweep the Stanley Cup 
  Finals in Franchise or Season Mode. 
  Rangers Trophy (10 points): Create a Team. 
  Senators Trophy (25 points): Go a full game without logging any penalty 


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