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 NHL Hitz 2002 - Platform: Gamecube

NHL Hitz 2002 - Platform: Gamecube

Various Cheats 
Before beginning a game, press X, Y, or B the number 
of times indicated below, then press the D-Pad in the 
direction indicated: 

Code  Effect 
2-3-4 Down Always Big Hits 
2-0-0 Right Big Head Players 
2-2-0 Left Big Head Team 
1-2-1 Left Big Puck 
2-1-2 Left Bulldozer Puck 
0-1-2 Right Domino Effect 
3-2-3 Left First to 7 Wins 
3-0-0 Right Huge Head Player 
3-3-0 Left Huge Head Team 
3-2-1 Up Huge Puck 
0-1-0 Down Ignore Last Code 
4-1-3 Right Infinite Turbo 
3-2-1 Left Late Hits 
3-3-3 Right More Codes 
2-1-0 Right No Crowd 
4-2-4 Down No Fake Shots 
2-1-3 Left No One-Timers 
1-1-1 Down No Puck Out of Play 
4-2-3 Right Pinball Boards 
1-4-1 Left Rain 
2-0-1 Up Show Hotspot 
1-0-1 Up Show Shot Speed 
1-2-1 Left Snow 
1-3-2 Down Tennis Ball 
2-0-2 Left Win Fights for Goals 
0-0-2 Up Turbo 
1-0-4 Right Hitz Time 
2-1-0 Right No Crowd

Discovering codes
While playing the game, when you get a goal you will see short FMV
sequence afterwards. In one clip, you can see the player go over
to the side of the rink and see the crowd. At the top you will see
some people holding and flipping signs. Look at them closely and
you will notice that they form codes, such as "N N N Down." Press
X, Y, and B followed by the D-pad direction at the vs. screen to
activate the code.

More skill competition levels
Successfully complete all of the skills in a competition level to
unlock an additional level.

Easy goals
When creating a team, make one player left handed. When picking
your hot spot, make it on the right faceoff circle. When playing a
game enable the "Show the team's hot spot" code, put the left-
handed player as your defense, win the faceoff, and get it to your
defender. Skate up and shoot from where the hot spot is located.
You will make it in 9 out of 10 times.

Go around your opponent's net and pass the puck to the player that
is on the other side of the net. Pass it to him, and shoot
immediately. The goalie will not be on that side, so it is easier
to score.

When on one side of the net, cross over to the other side. When
you reach the other post, shoot a slapshot or a normal shot.
Information in this section was contributed by LoGiBeAr and

When choosing your players do not worry if their shooting or
passing is good. Choose someone who has high checking. Then, have
your player skate up ice and check the goalie down. Whoever has
the puck will have a wide open net to score on.

When you and a friend are playing against the CPU, have your
friend check the goalie down. The goalie will fall down and you
can score easilly. This is useful in franchise and Stanley Cup
playoff modes.

When you have the puck, go all the way left and keep passing. Once
next to the goal, pass then shoot fast. Sooner or later you will
get a goal. This works best when the "Unlimited turbo" code is

Go down the side of the rink and get behind the net. Then skate
front of it and shoot. You can also go down the rink between the
middle and side of it as fast as you possible and completely stop
slightly after the blue line. You can do this by pressing the
Analog-stick Back, then turn towards the goal and shoot.

Get the puck and fake a wrap around. Then, pass it to the man in
front of the net . Make sure that it is a 1-timer. Note: This
works best with the AVs.

Easy wins
Stats or attributes do not make a big difference in your game. The
way you play will affect your game. Remember what happens during
game play (for example, when you have the puck and get checked
down and your opponent scores). Never make the same mistake again
in your game or you will most likely lose. Always keep the puck
moving. While you pass the puck around in the defending zone, the
opponents goalie gets tired so you have a better chance of
scoring. A good location to put your hot spot (creating a team) is
directly on the blue line dead center with the opposing net.

Easy store credits
This trick requires at least two controllers. Put one player on
one team and player two on the other. Set the period length to
three minutes and start a game. Only use one of the controllers
and let the player to remain idle. You can score and get lots of
points fast and easy. The two remaining men not controlled
directly by the other player will still check you and take the
puck, but will not be able to score. You will also get two chances
at the trivia question. If you get the question correct, both
players will get the trivia points. Note: For each difficulty
setting you will get a different amount of points: 100 for Rookie
and 200 for All-Star.

Win the Midway Cup in franchise mode to unlock 5,000 extra credits
for use in the hockey shop.

Use the following trick to unlock everything as fast as possible
with the least amount of work. To get 200 very easy credits
without having to slave away on All-star mode, begin the game on
the All-Star difficulty setting. Then, after the first face-off,
go into your game settings and change the difficulty setting to
Rookie. This will make the game much easier to play. When the
clock is winding down in a period, make sure you change the
difficulty back to All-Star before the period ends. The CPU will
think that you played the whole period under the All-Star
difficulty setting. Pepeat this for all three periods and you will
end the game with 200 credits if you won.

For easy one player credits, select "Custom Team", start a team,
but take all the attributes away from every person. Exit and save,
then enter exhibition mode and play that team.

At the start of an exhibition game press Start and select "Game
Settings". Go to "Skill Level" and change it to "Rookie". The CPU
should now be easy to defeat. Pause game play again with ten
seconds left on the clock. Change the "Skill Level" to "All Star".
Instead of getting 50 credits for the win, you will get 150.

Easy attributes points
Go to franchise mode and win a game to get 6 attribute points.

Easy fights
When playing the game with a friend, check the CPU player and not
the one that your friend is controlling. This may get you into a

Stall for time with fights
If you are ahead of a team that cannot afford to lose to, stay by
your goal or a distance behind the blue line and keep pressing
Deke whenever the player guarding you comes at you. This basically
starts a fight, and eats up time that the other team could use to
score on you. Not only will you randomly get the puck taken away
from you, nobody else from the opposing team will come at you.

Easy Level 3 Power Shot
When the "Code Input" screen appears for Skillz challenge, enter
the "Bulldozer Puck" (2-1-2 Left) code. This will make the boxes
take less hits, so it will be easier.

Get faceoffs
Faceoffs are somewhat like a Paper, Rock, Scissors game, where one
move beats another. In the game, A is similar to Paper, B is
similar to Rock, and X is similar to Scissors -- A beats B, B
beats X, and X beats A. You can tell what the other person does by
watching their stick. When they press A, their stick will twitch.
When they press B, their hand will come off of the back of the
stick. When they press X, they will hold their stick up high.

Catch fire
Score a hat-trick with a player. To catch a team fire, score three
consecutive one-timers with any player on your team.

Team fire
Score three one-timers without letting the other team score.

End opponent's fire
To extinguish the opposite team's fire, you must score a goal
after a player catches fire or score a one-timer when the other
team has a team fire.

Better created team
Create six players and remove all of the last three players'
experience points. Give them to the first three players. That
should give the first three players all the experience they need.

Use team without buying them
If you want to use a team in the Hockey Shop, first you buy the
team. Then, go to exit, save, and select continue without saving.
You can now use the team. To get your money back, do not save at
all after you buy the team. Reset after you are done.

Glitch: Overlapped save and trivia screens
After you take the trivia quiz, you would usually press A to go to
the save screen. Before you press A, hold the Analog-stick in any
direction then press A. This will make the save and trivia screens
overlap each other.


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