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 Outlaw Golf - Platform: Gamecube

Outlaw Golf - Platform: Gamecube

Master code
Start a new game and enter Golf_Gone_Wild as a case-sensitive name
to unlock all characters, clubs, and stages. Note: Include the
underscores in the name.

Larger ball
Hold L and press Up(3), Down during game play. A sound will
confirm correct code entry. Repeat this code to increase its

Smaller ball
Hold L and press Down(3), Up during game play. A sound will
confirm correct code entry. Repeat this code to increase its

No wind
Hold L and press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right,
X(2) during game play. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Beating Token
Hold L and press Z, X, Z(2), X during game play. A sound will
confirm correct code entry. Note: This only works if you do not
have any Beating Tokens.

Atlas Driver
Complete the Stroke Me event.

Atlas Fairway Woods
Complete the Not-So-Goodfellas event.

Atlas Irons
Complete the High Rollers event.

Atlas Putter (Black)
Complete the All The Marbles event.

Atlas Putter Gold
Complete the Suave's Revenge event.

Atlas Wedge
Complete the Pretty In Pink event.

Boiler Maker Fairway Woods
Complete the Hole Lotta Luv event.

Boiler Maker Irons
Complete the Jersey Ball Bash event.

Boiler Maker Putter
Complete the Sun Stroke event.

Boiler Maker Wedge
Complete the Back 9 Shuffle event.

Complete the Hot, Hot, Hot event.

Cincinnati Balls
Complete the Rough Riders event.

Cincinnati Driver
Complete the Ol' Blood and Guts event.

Cincinnati Fairway Woods
Complete the Full Frontal event.

Cincinnati Irons
Complete the Stroke Me Again event.

Cincinnati Wedge
Complete the Blister In the Sun event.

Coiler Maker Driver
Complete the Money Talks event.

Doc Diggler
Complete the Ladies Night event.

Ecstasy Balls
Complete the Scorched Earth Classic event.

Ecstasy Putter
Complete the Motley Crew event.

Killer Miller
Complete the Test Drive event.

Nelson Balls
Complete the Different Strokes event.

Python Driver
Complete the Heat Rash Invitational event.

Python Fairway Woods
Complete the Tough Crowd event.

Python Irons
Complete the A Hole In The Sun event.

Python Wedge
Complete the Garden State Stroke Fest event.

Complete the Odd Ball Classic event.

Suave's Balls
Complete the Garden State Menage a Trois event.

Complete the Baked On The Bone event.

Complete the Chicks With Sticks event.

More attributes
Play in the tour modes. After completing the putting, driving,
etc., you will get more attributes.

New clubs and challenges
After completing the skins mode or match play, you will get new
clubs and new challenges for that mode.

Increase composure
Use the following trick In two player mode if your composure is
low and you want to increase it without using a Beating Token.
When teeing off, hit the ball at 100%. While the ball is in
flight, press Mulligan. Your composure will increase without
losing a Beating Token.


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