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 X-Blades - Platform: XBox 360

X-Blades - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Easy Walk (10 points): Complete game at normal difficulty. 
Everyday business (20 points): Complete game at Hard difficulty. 
Tough fight (30 points): Complete game at Pro difficulty. 
Oops, are you OK? (10 points): Kill your first monster. 
Annoying fly (10 points): Kill a monster in the air using blades. 
Take that! (10 points): Execute your first combo. 
Can't touch me (40 points): Complete level without losing your health. 
Can you EVER touch me? (60 points): Complete 6 levels without losing your 
Flawless victory (50 points): Win a boss fight without losing your health. 
Magic woman (40 points): Complete level using only magic. 
Being good is easy (20 points): Complete game with a "good" ending at Normal 
Good girl (30 points): Complete game with a "good" ending at Hard difficulty. 
It's hard to be a good girl (50 points): Complete game with a "good" ending at 
Pro difficulty. 
Servant of the Dark (10 points): Learn all Dark spells. 
Light adept (10 points): Learn all Light spells. 
Finish him (50 points): Defeat The Dark One at The Dark Temple. 
Counter impossible (30 points): Get IMPOSSIBLE hit counter. 
Dark side (20 points): Execute Dark form for the first time. 
Light side (20 points): Execute Light form for the first time. 
Lock and load (50 points): Learn all shooting improvements. 
Let's go shopping (30 points): Use every item at least once. 
Nice silver thingie (20 points): Collect 3 silver artifact parts. 
Nice gold thingie (20 points): Collect 3 gold artifact parts. 
Nice ruby thingie (20 points): Collect 3 ruby artifact parts. 
Shooting master (20 points): Get maximum Shooting upgrade level. 
Melee master (20 points): Get maximum Melee upgrade level. 
Airstrike master (20 points): Get maximum Airstrike upgrade level. 
Master of all skills (50 points): Get maximum Shooting, Melee and Airstrike 
upgrade level.


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