Backyard Baseball 2001 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Backyard Baseball 2001 
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 Backyard Baseball 2001 Cheats

Backyard Baseball 2001

Cheat Codes:
Darren Sutton, Submitted the following Information:

Sweet Players!:
Now this is to get the best player in the game. Go start a season or a
game and pick your team all pink and one of the Create-A-Teams. Now in
the draft pick, pick Maria Luna and start a game. Her stats will raise
and she will be the the best player in the game!

Skip opening sequence:
Press [Esc] to skip through the opening sequence. 

Play as Mr. Clanky:
Enter the clubhouse. Hold [Shift] and click on the shelf with the small robot.
A sound will confirm correct code entry. You may now play as Mr. Clanky in 
exhibition mode. 

Oldies players:
Hold [Shift] + [Enter] + [Tab] at the clubhouse. The sound of a clang will
confirm this part of the code. Hold C or D. The sound of clapping will confirm
correct code entry. Players from the 1920's through the present will now be 
unlocked. All these players will have their stats at ten. 

Skip to World Series:
Hold [Shift] and click on "Season Game". The sound of a bat will confirm 
correct code entry.

Bonus stadiums:
Hold [Caps lock] + [Shift] + [Tab] + B. The sound of laughter will confirm
correct code entry. Stadiums such as the Space, Ancient Ruins, China, 
Underwater, and Human Body will now be unlocked. 

Special pitch:
To get a special pitch, strike out a batter when you are pitching. 

Aluminum power:
Win the season two times to unlock aluminum power for the entire 
season or 100 batters.

Easy homerun:
Hit a ball on a fly out of view in left or right field in fair territory in
any stadium, and it will be counted as a homerun.

Special hit:
In order to get a special hit or bat, get a double play in the field. A sound 
will confirm correct code entry. When you get up to bat you will either have 
an Aluminum Power Bat, Screaming Line Drive, Undergrounder, or Crazybunt. 
Another way to get a base hit off of a special pitch thrown to you while you 
are batter. A noise will confirm correct code entry. And another way to get a 
special hit is to use a regular bat, either power, line-drive, grounder, or 
bunt, and get either a single, double, triple, or home run safely. 
A sound will confirm correct code entry.

All-girl opposing team:
Go to single mode and play as the Mighty Monsters with all pink. 
The opposing team will play with all girls.

Power-up Maria Luna:
Create the Mighty Monsters team and make them all pink. Put Maria Luna on 
your team and she will have 10-10-9-10 stats. 

Good days and bad days:
When you look at pictures of players in the background, it will be different 
colors. These colors are blue, orange, and green. When the background of a 
player is blue, that player is going to have a bad day. When the background 
of a player is orange, that player is going to have a great day. 
When a player's background is green, that player is going to have an average day. 

Automatic fielding:
When the CPU hits the ball, click on first base to field the ball and throw 
it to first automatically.

English-speaking Pablo Sanchez:
At the player selection screen or close up on Pablo Sanchez, 
hold [Shift] + [Enter] and click once on Pablo's picture.

Big heads and feet:
Press [Alt] ,1, 2, 3, when you first log on to have big heads and feet with 
the any batter that comes to the plate.

Barry Bonds walks out of park:
Go to a single mode game. Play at Steele Stadium (the park with the shed) and 
have Barry Bonds on your team. Put Barry Bonds in left field. Then, intentionally
allow the batter on the other team to hit and throw it to Barry Bonds. Make Barry
Bonds go up to the fence, then click out of the park repeatedly. Also try the 
same thing where the fence and the bushes meet. If done correctly, Barry Bonds
should walk out of the park.

Easy homerun:
Use Pablo Sanchez as a batter. If the pitch is down the middle, switch to batting
open. If you hit with power, it will be a homerun most of the time.

Special hit:
Another way to get a special hit is to use a regular bat, either power, line-drive,
grounder, or bunt, and get either a single, double, triple, or home run safely. 
A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Sliding backwards:
When a player is about to slide into a base during a steal, click in the opposite
direction which the player is sliding to. If done correctly, you will find the 
player sliding backwards.

Easy strike outs:
Before you throw a pitch, click on it and watch the pitcher. If the pitcher nods
his head yes, throw the pitch and it should be a strike. If the pitcher shakes 
his head no, do not throw that ball and find a different pitch. Continue to throw
pitches that the pitcher nods "yes" to until the batter is struck out. 
Note: This trick works most, but not all, of the time.

Easy strike outs II:
In the middle of any game, your pitcher will naturally start to lose juice. 
However, you do not have to change pitchers. Try to throw strikes as much as 
possible until you have absolutely no juice remaining. You will not be able to
see any red in the straw. Obviously the pitch target will now be very large. 
Choose any pitch. Aim the pitch directly for the kid's head. The ball should 
be on his head or very close to it. Click to throw the pitch, and even if the
shaded region is not in the strike zone, the ball will still be a strike.

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