Project IGI-2 Covert Strike Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Project IGI-2 Covert Strike 
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 Project IGI-2 Covert Strike Cheats

Project IGI-2 Covert Strike

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Plawan Hota
Submitted by: conner54

To activate the cheat mode you must first type "nada" in the main menu, followed by:

Code                      Result
ALLGOD                  - God Mode.
ALLAMMO                 - Unlimited Ammo.
EASY                    - Lower difficulty.
feedme                  - clear all enimies.
GETALLIWANT             - Clear All Levels.

Get access to all missions: 
Submitted by: Tor Arne Røsand

In the main menu of IGI2:CS Press Left Ctrl + Left Shift + F9  at the same time. 

Submitted by: M.Tayyab

in the game's folder. Then rename them with any other name. Now when you run then 
game, all the anemies in the game will stood as a model. But be care ful of tanks 
and other machineguns they are still active. 

Submitted by: Jaydeep Dave

This is the tuffest Game. This cheat provides protection to you, you will feel it 
during the game play. To Cheat. go to the installation folder. go to:

"\common\ folder, go to \ai\" folder then open "settings.qvm" in hexedit 
(a tool of cheat book). Then read carefully, Under stand the thing and change it.

change: BaseData bool8 DangerTimeout[0..100]
to:     BaseData bool8 DangerTimeout[0..001]

By this changes, you can be invisible, only for humans, not for special 
cars like tank. Ok thank you. Enjoy!

Submitted by: Shivang & Anindo

While playing the game press the escape button and then go to the controls then press 
there the Print Screen SysRq button and the mission will be completed.

Submitted by:kaushik a m

This requires editing a file in hex editor provided by cheatbook database. Open the 
file "humanplayer.qvm" in the folder humanplayer using hex editor. Now scroll the 
contents until you reach the line "max damage scale". In the next line you find the
series of damages defined there. Now change the values of all damages there to 0 in
the other side.ex there are many numbers on the left side & their description on the
left side. Click on the value for the description & change them to start the 
game. You will never die. Just enjoy.

Submitted by: Shahbaz Rauf

Actually this is not a cheat, you can say it a programming bug. This bug only work
in those rounds which have a cutscene before the loading of next round/Level/Stage
(like: border crossing - 8 , and some more others Baghdad
round also OR muslim round).

Q. How can i find/use this bug?

A. when ever you are about to complete the last objective of a round  explained 
   above just open your thermal googles.

Q. What will happen then?

A. When the cutscene starts all the AI's will be in thier respective thermal
   images and its a great fun watching then in that way. You will also 
   surprised by the cutscene after 7th round. Iam not explaining just 
   watch it and ENJOY!

Submitted by: Manish, Amit, Anand

With the help of this cheat you can hold maximum no. of ammo for your guns as well
as bombs in IGI 2:CS game.

Open the file name "humanplayer.qvm" which is present in the folder "humanplayer" by
Hex editor (provided by CheatBook Database). 
There find the line DefineHumanPlayerAmmoLimit. After that line you will find 
"AMMO_ID_MAKAROVCLIP, 64" written. 
Just change the value of 64 to 99 (e.g. from "AMMO_ID_MAKAROVCLIP, 64" that to 
"AMMO_ID_MAKAROVCLIP, 99"). Likewise change the values of ammo in the next lines 
as you wish! ( E.N.J.O.Y !!!!)

Submitted by: Manish, Amit, Anand

This cheat will help you to change the ground texture in the game (e.g. like grasses,
snow,rocks etc).

First, go to (C:\Program Files\Codemasters\IGI 2\pc\MISSIONS\location1\level1\textures)
by default folder. You can see some ground textures Jpeg images. Suppose right click 
on the image named k_grass and click on the properties. Erase the right mark on the 
Read-only option.Now, Edit that Jpeg image in Paint or Photoshop.In that image make 
your own design,write our name do whatever then save it in that folder with the samename.
hen tick the "Read-only" option and play the game in first level i.e. INFILTRATION. 
In this level you will find the ground texture containing your design.

You can also get some images in the folder named "level3","level4" and also in the
folder named "location2/textures","location3/textures" etc. (ENJOY!!) 

Submitted by: Sabhyasachi

Well its not really a one u all will like but its fun wacting ur player die without
even getting hit once.For this you need to Edit a file using the 'Hex Editor'. First
Find the file named "human.qvm" in the installation folder then open it with the Hex
Editor now scroll down untill u see the line named" maximum damage scale"Now u see 
there are a lot of numbers on the left side now start changing the values of the 
line above it and itself to "0". Now start the Game as soon as the cut scene ends
and ur player lands on the ground well he's dead. Enjoy And Rest in Peace!

Submitted by: james

i know that border crossing stage is very difficult and a very long too.
you have to crawl through out the mission.from me here is the walkthrough 
when you land in the forest u will not have any weapon except a knife now 
move steadily and use thermal googles and later u will find a man standing 
with sniper kill him and take his gun now here is the main point dont shoot 
the other enemies just crouch and hide behind a grass which is just back of 
u crawl there for some time and not shoot at enemies they will approoach 
you but cannot find you in case if u move out of the grass you will be dead 
wait there shoot them and take their ammo and move forward .now just crawl 
and keep moving hide behind another grass and follow the same .you will be 
happy to see that once you have killed everyone one the objectives become 
simple now move to the copter waiting for u and shoot the sniper man and 
now there u will find the triangle symboland then misson completes

Submitted by: prajwal-desai

hi,this is prajwal here this is not a cheat but an adjustment for those who 
dont have graphic cards in their pc.when u install the game and run it u 
might feel that there a little bit of uneasyness in playing the game due 
to abscence of graphic card dont worry just do the following go to main 
menu,controls\graphics increase the gamma content(as required) and now 
turn the antilising option to 8 times (antilising*8) now restart the game 
you will feel little bit easy to play,and also in further missions.i hope 
this has helped u.
hi friends this is prajwal here this is not a cheat but a suggestion dont 
get me wrong i just wana say that if u r a real game player plz dont use 
any kind of cheats bcoz we loose interest after applying cheats when i 
played this game it seemed very difficult to me in the beginning but later 
it became easy so i suggest dont use any cheat for this game.hope u get 
right with it.once u complete the game without using cheats u will b very 
happy and i suggest u to follow walkthrough bcoz they r not the cheats but 
r the way to complete the game onnnnnn... 

Hi friends prajwal here again to give u a walkthrough.this time its mission 
the shippment at docs when you land u will be told ur objectives,now use 
your silencer and kill the 3 enemies standing there u must be accurate and 
be aware that alarm should not blow or else you will b killed now mov to 
the left and keep moving untill u find a door with a camera at the top enter 
the door kill the enemies inside and now hack the computer and close the door 
and wait there.sit down and wait for the enemies keep firing so that enemies 
can know where r you be carefull the enemies have launchers they will blow 
ur ass.when u have killed all of them collect the weapons i suggest u take 
ak-47 get out use ur map and now kill head towards the 2 hav to turn 
the power for crane the builbing has 4 men 2 at the top and 2 inside enter 
the gate shoot the 3 enemies using silencer and now mov at the back of building 
kill the enemy there and climb yhe ladder now enter the building at the ground 
floor u find a door open it turn on the power.

yes its me again this walkthrough will surely help you.I am talking about the 
weather station.its a very long one and little bit follow this 
walthrough first view your objectives and then start moving through the ice 
path use your thermal goggle and view the enemies u will find 2 enemies standing 
there now there are also 6-7 enemies running through the ice,just crouch and 
hide behind the stone when the 6 enemies go far away then use silencer gun and 
kill those 2 men,u must be very pick up the sniper which will b 
useful whenyou move forward ur first objective gets completed and now move up 
and using your sniper kill all the enemies.i suggest now u save the game.mow 
if u observe the map there r many enemies u can near station but its very tricky 
so here is a shortcut u will find a dragnov there and now when u move forward u 
will find 2 men standing there kill them and collect all ak-47 now mov ahead 
untill u you find the enemies now shoot with your gun in any direction the 
enemies will hear the sound and start approaching u,u can hide there and shoot 
them or come back to the small house from where u had started keep firing so 
that enemies come finding u now go in the house and stand infront the door from 
where enemies enter as they approach u they talk with each other be alert when 
they open the door shoot them bcoz they all have a granade so repeat this untill 
u kill all of them now complete your all objectives and to get the emp chip kill 
the 2 scientists inside and open the first door,close it open 2 door,close it 
and then steal it.make it quick bcoz the enemies may arrive from the copter at 
last raise the ballon n mission is completed.I know this walktrough is long and 
boring but your health will b 100 untill last so go on........

Submitted by: prajwal-desai

hi friends,prajwal again to submit a walkthrough.this time its tha last 
mission "the launch pad.this is tha last and most easiest one i felt hard 
once but i will make easy for you.first when you land through a rope crouch 
and get down through the u will find a guard who is just roaming 
around here and there.first find the alarm button and u will find a guard 
standing inside the gate shoot him all the enemies come to press the alarm 
shoot all of them using your primary gun shoot the 2 guards standing on the 
gantry.if the alarm sounds then a gate opens from where a tank and few men 
will appear so need not worry let the tank go dont shoot it then the enemies 
come into the area where the enemies were using silencer kill all 
of them shoot as many enemies as u can.this should end in 9:00 min.then move 
forward open the gate,move to your left complete the 1 obj.then you can see 
the gantry dont use the lift move fast and detach all the connectives that 
connect to rocket when u reach top complete 2 obj; now move to the top u will 
find a rope first collect a sniper from there and move through rope then kill 
the enemies who had landed from that helicopter with move fast and 
go to your right you will find a guard standing in the room kill him hack tha 
computer now open the metal door.plz save your game u must have a time of 5 min when u open shoot some bullets the enemies come running shoot all of 
them close the metal from complete the 4 obj. hell out there a door 
opens there with lots of enemies so run from there and hide and shoot them.u 
can use grenade to kill them.once all enmies are killed initiate launch and game 
is over.i hope this has helped you.

Submitted by: Farhan

If u want to save the game in duration of play u simply press (i) at the moment 
and another window open in the option is present (upload IGI data) click on it 
and ur game is saved but only five times u save ur position in a single game 
bcoz saving is depend on the battery power best of luck

Submitted by: WAQAR ZEB

Trucks which are found in every stage are perfect shield and shelter for john. 
Move john to maximum lower stance and place him underneath of truck in middle. 
Then shoot enemy with silent guns as there legs areseen easily. Some soldiers 
fire at you but it hit truck instead of you. Never fire at soldiers very far 
away as they see you below the truck and fire at you.

Submitted by: WAQAR ZEB

In every mission shoot a bullet to near by soldier to activate him individually. 
You must know where is a alarm button. Now aim your shooting gun on alarm button. 
One by one all the soldiers in surrounding area come there with an intention to 
press button.You must kill them before they activated alarm. So kill as much as 
you like. To do this you must hide yourself in place where no one notice you.

Submitted by:muhammad junaid

hello friends!this game is the tuffest game of all as we know.we need some tips 
while playing such a tuff a mission named [showdown at the docks],we get
into an extreme trouble when we operate a computer in the room opposite to a jet
plane and we assume that the mission is all over but what we see that Quest with
his soldiers come into the room and orders his soldiers to kill David Jones.after
that the game starts we are then left with only a ,my tip starts,what 
you should do is that instead of killing them at that time,jump into the river 
and float sideway of the port and reach the initial position from where you had 
started,cllect all the guns especially a sniper rifle and get to the highest 
position of the you can easily kill all the soldiers but for me,please 
leave Quest.go near to him,come from the backside of him,then kill him with a 
knife,believe me its really a fun. its really a very useful tip. i love my all 
friends and i also love playing igi 1 and igi 2 very very much. good bye all of you.

Submitted by: Apurva Jain

Ok, It may be too late for displaying idea of this game but those who still play 
or love this game may need that..
This is not cheat but a guideline for playing..
I compelted this game 2 years back!. I beleive this is only tectical shooter game 
based on realism.

I had passed 19 mission in hard mode,9 stages in david jones rank
(0 spot: 100% health & accuracy..)

Ok here is walkthruogh for stage 1 : 

Remember U r beating with time first
Restart game twice.(esc.,restart)
1.Drop primary weapon(MP5) first that increases running speed.
2.go to fance lock, use silence gun , crouch quickly to door before camera see u, open 
  it take down man behind box with knife, walk quickly to climb on boxes on opp. side , 
  go to door from extreme right by lieing flat,keep eye on visibility meter as upper 
  man stand opp. crouch to door, open it.
3.walk and then run around from hollow box(dont pass through it),run quickly towards 
  factory (U will here some voice but guard wont find u if run fast)(right side of 
  camera from middle of map to factory)(exp. will help u)
4.Shoot camera from outside,run in factory take down man from behind with knife,
  Run to ladder,climb ,crouch to button to reverse belt, crouch to ladder.
5.Now jump on belt,run as fast as u can(u can see motion of camera in binoculer 
  while running and adjust yr running side accordingly). Make sure to
  sneak through alarm(here dropping primary weapon help u if any u picked up by chance ) 
6.Go to left,Kill man and then camera with silence gun. Open garage, crouch through 
  it,run in mine,walk towards camera,burn it,open door by pistol,ON lift,walk to open 
  door sideways,wait and then press another button to close door,crouch quickly on 
  =stancing is very imp.Timing is too imp.
  =I took 4 min 24 sec (4 min 30 sec required) -- for help
Lets see from you.

Submitted by: Amandeep Singh mann

What you think about changing the messages that come in the game like Mission Failed 
or mission complete etc.etc. ...Hope that it sounds nice to you OK OK come to the 
point for doing this you must open messages.res in \language\english in your IGI 
parent folder in any good hex editor search for string that you want to change like 
Mission Failed! and change it to that you want but the number of digits should be 
same as number of digits the string has....... Enjoy
For any doubts or more cheats mail me to 
or visit me at

Submitted by: J.D.

Now Start The Game 1st. And TYPE 'nada' and Play a Game and Press F1 F2....... press 
right hand LEFT CTRL + Shift Unlock The Mission

Submitted by: prateek mehta, 
from hardwar, 

In igi2 border crossing is very time consuming stage. 
to save yourself simply crouch in bushes and shoot enemies. take their weapon and move 
towards helicopter. 
meanwhile u will face the tanks at that move by crouching. u will not be seen by the tanks. 
always move away from the road and mines. At last when u reach toward the helicopter jump 
above the fences at the point where triangular sign is made. then stage will be completed. 
for any query send mail to:-


Submitted by: abhi

IGI 2.0 border crossing is not easy , i and my friend started and found it uneasy without 
any weapon i started and when i started some bullets came from nowhere and the player is 
dead But I and My friend found out the way 

As soon as the game starts run to the sniper straight in front of you kill him do objective 
1 & 2 then drop sniper & take AK 47 and move near the line of the mines ,crawl straight with 
the mines whatever happens don't stand up .
then go near the copter as you near use your map computer to see whether somebody is coming 
or not if someone is then get into a small tree under mines it'll not blast but don't stand 
up look for sniper mans near the copter kill them then look for a gali or passway on which 
you can climb and go through get into the copter as fas as you can.

Submitted by: umer aziz

i am going to describe to you very easy cheat First go in pc folder then open "common"named 
folder then open "ai" folder there are three files in ai folder first is "setting.qvm"leave 
this file and cut other two files on desktop then make two copies of "setting" file and 
rename these two copies files in to those files name which we cut on desktop do not delete
those files which we cut on desktop cheat is now activated and enemy do not shoot you but 
tank can kill you.

Submitted by: sharath kumar

If u need unlimited health type [ctrl]+[Alt]+[F9].

Submitted by: usman

Open pc folder in game directory then weapons folder then copy weapon.qvm to desktop. Now
open "weapon.qvm" in weapons folder and edit it with hex editor. Scroll down and change 
weapon id ak47 to weapon id m2hb(all upper caps)just change this e.g. _ID_AK47

Submitted by: Tridip patir

Hi,everyone this is Tridip here, I am talking about "The airfield" stage of project IGI 2
after turn on the fuel pump then go into the house and close the door and wait. After the
guards arrive they will come one by one and shoot them. The guards may turn off the fuel 
pump. After you kill all the gaurds turn on the fuel pump and then wait. Bye, for now!

View cinematics with thermal goggles:
Just before finishing the last objective in a mission that precedes a cinematic, use your
thermal goggles. When the cinematic starts, all the AI characters will appear in thermal 

Submitted by :- Aasif Abdullah 

Please Read the whole Manual to get the Maximum out of it. 

I) To unlock all the stages, type "left ctrl+left shift+F9" in the main menu. 

II) The best cheat in the whole game is described as follows :- 
Create a back up of the 'ai' folder located in the 'common' folder. 
Now open the 'ai' folder, there you will see three files namely 'default.qvm', 
'settings.qvm', 'squaddefault.qvm'. 
Delete the 'default & squaddefault' file. Copy & Paste the 'settings' file two times 
in the 'ai' folder and name them 'squaddefault.qvm and default.qvm'. Run the game '
Not even one of the enemies except tanks and Copters will be able to see you'. 

III) Don't rename all ai folders to any other name (e.g 'ais') because it will disable 
all enemies and you will not be able to kill any of them & if your first objective is 
to kill any enemy (as in case of Ancient Temple), you will not be able to do so. instead 
use the above described (IInd) method. 

IV) In the border crossing stage (most difficult) stage, the best walk through is as 
Complete Objective 1 & 2 (Everyone Knows How to do that). 
Use Map Computer to look for the river and the best way to it. 
Press "z" twice to crawl and use your way to the river. 
When you reach near the river you will be able to see the Red Line (not to be crossed) & 
marked with 'Danger' & 'Mine!' Symbols. 
Do not cross the line but just walk besides it upto the end of the Stage. 
Do not bother to kill your enemies (if you are using cheats) as it will help you to save 
time and from Tanks. 
In this way you will be able to reach near the Helicopter. 
Cross the fence to complete the LEVEL & ENJOY !! 

V) If you do not use cheats (Most Recommended) then save your game after playing to some 
extent & submit your position to IGI by pressing 'i'. Use Trucks to get perfect shield and

VI) If your primary weapon is heavy and you think it as useless, Drop it! 
It is not possible to get unlimited health by pressing "ctrl+Alt+F9". 

VIII) In the "Bridge Across the Dnester" stage, (the first timed stage which you have to complete 
the level in just 15 minutes) after you come out of the house and get bags of Explosives to blow 
the bridge, save your game, so that when you walk out and get killed, you will be able to recover 
immediately by pressing F7. 

IX) Watch your ammo status and always be ready to reload. The last thing you want is to get stuck 
reloading during a fight. 
Before rushing into a base, make sure you completely scout it out. There are often safer points of 
entry. Watch out for the security cameras. 

X) If you are using cheats and reach the 'baghdad stage' look for the 'bribed person' and when he 
says "You took long time, This Way", then continue, kill every one you see using Map Cpmputer and 
Thermal Googles, when done save game & quit, disable cheats by using the backup 'ai' folder (That's 
why i asked to create backup) and reload the game, when he opens the door for you & you kill a 
person inside and clear your next objective & come out & he says "Easy Money, I now go Home" wait 
a little until he moves away, save your game again & quit again, Enable the cheats again, and reload 
to complete the LEVEL & ENJOY !!!! 

XI) There are some stages in which the next level or next stage depends upon the Ammo Level of the 
current stage (as in the case of "Bridge Across the Dnester", the first timed stage which you have 
to complete the level in just 15 minutes), so do not celebrate victory by using all your ammo as 
you do not know that whether the next stage is current Ammo status depedent or not & to restart 
the level, but just use few rounds to celebrate. Have FUN & ENJOY !!!!!!!!

"Bridge Across the Dnester": Easy completion:
This is the first timed mission, which you have to complete in under fifteen minutes. After you
exit the house and get bags of explosives to blow up the bridge, save the game. If you get killed
when you walk out, you will be able to recover immediately by pressing [F7].

Best use of AK47 like Dragunov etc:
Submitted by: Anurag

While playing the game, even if the enemy is far, use binocular and adjust cursor so that the enemy 
is in the center of the view. Close the bionocular and using key board (left-Control) hit once. 
That will kill the enemy.

During the game if alarm goes off, find a place where you can hide but still all the enemies 
are visible. Shoot them one by one using a silent gun.

Make best use of thermal camera. You can surprise and kill enemies through the wall.
Enjoy the game.

TO download settings.qvm that will make you invisible to the enemies go to this site. 
(Instructions given at site):
-Anurag, Bangalore

Verry easy 2 play:
Submitted by: abhishek sinha(howrah)

we know that d ak47 is d latest weapon in all,collect it.when u dont know about 
hidden enemies in d room.then u can use tharmal for see hidden enemies and set the gun point 
of ak47 and shoot gently.becoz if u late enemies are going try it as soon as possible.

Left Control+Left Shift+F9:
Submitted by: Satyam Sovan MIshra

Press Left Control+Left Shift+F9 twice in main menu and it will unlock all levels of IGI 2 .
I have Completed all levels of IGI 2.I Completed the Show Down At the docks In 10 Minutes.

Give yourself the favorite weapon u like in a mission with max ammo:
Submitted by: Utkarsh Dwivedi

Well,if u want a huge amount of ammo, or any gun u like, just do d same I'm telling u.
Go to program file folder where u'll find a folder 'mission'. Now inside it just pickup the 
location folder in which u r going to play the mission (like 

location1,location2,location3). Inside it u'll see the level folders. Now pickup the particular 
level u r going to play. Well, now u'll get a file "objects.qvm".take 

my advice make a copy of it b4 proceeding. Open the file with hex editor. Search for "jones".
After u find it,u'll see strings like "Human_AddWeapon(..);" inside 

the brackets replace the weapon id by the one u need in the mission. After that if u want to 
increase the ammo of the weapons change the numerical 

figures to max limit inside the bracket of "Human_AddAmmo(..)";of the particular weapon(s). 
For results you've to take some care like:
1. Also change the weapon id of the corresponding weapon in the "Human_AddAmmo(..)";
2. To get results of the changed ammo limit, also change the max. limit of the clips, by making 
modifications in the "humanplayer.qvm" in humanplayer folder 

as stated.
Open the file with hex editoy. There find the line DefineHumanPlayerAmmoLimit. After that line 
you will find "AMMO_ID_MAKAROVCLIP, 64" written. 
Just change the value of 64 to 999 (e.g. from "AMMO_ID_MAKAROVCLIP, 64" that to 
"AMMO_ID_MAKAROVCLIP,999"). Likewise change the values of ammo in all the next lines if u need 

Submitted by: Jenian S. Sangma

open any hex editor and goto the igi 2 location folder 
(Codemasters\IGI 2\pc\COMMON\ai\settings.qvm) 
and open settings.qvm. Now change all the values as below:

100 to 001
10 to 01
180 to 001
500 to 001

With this cheat you will be invisible to all AI and you can kill as many as 
you like. Oh! i forgot to mention one thing, beware of snipers, grenades, 
sentry gun and tanks.

But if you do not want to be invisible but want to have a gun fight with the 
AI then change the values as below:

100 to 000

with with this cheat your armour will increase to some extend you will not 
easily die for bullets.

If you like this cheat then rate this cheat. Watch this cheat video on

I hope you will enjoy this cheat "Happy Killing"

regards Mr. Jenian S. Sangma (

Submitted by: Bilal malik
Email :

open any hex editor and goto the igi 2 location folder 
(Codemasters\IGI 2\pc\COMMON\ai\settings.qvm) 
and open settings.qvm. Now change all the values as below:

100 to 001
10 to 01
180 to 001
500 to 001

With this cheat you will be invisible to all AI and you can kill as many as you
like. Oh! i forgot to mention one thing, beware of snipers, grenades, sentry 
gun and tanks.

Walkthrough for mission 3: The Weather Station:
Submitted by: ritoban

when you start get to the air drop and kill the two guards guarding the airdrop.
collect it and drop the needed gun for the sniper. there are guards coming from
above. they are about 5 in numbers. go to the extreme left and climp the mountain
to avoid contact. there is a house above, nothing to do in it, and so stray rowards
the left of the mountainside and snipe the two guards. dont stray too much or else
you will fall off and die. then pick up their grenades, blow out and snipe the 
patrols ahead with good accuracy. then kill the 4 patrols by sniping. wait for 
them to emerge from behind the lab. complete objective 3 first and then the others.
Dont raise the alarm. do all off the objectives by crouching. you will have to kill
two scientists in the lab. to go in the lab,picklock the gate, then picklock the
left one inside. crouch and press the button behind you for the acess for the other
gate in front of you. open it and kill the two scientists. then open the door with
laser cutter. then complete the other objectives easily. i thought this mission was
tough, others also thinks the same. i did it in my fifth try. nothing can be 
completed without practice. if you get an operative rank in this mission,feel proud
of yourself. i also got operative in the beginning but one day i got the ultimate 
rank, the secret agent rank. so practice, play and enjoy!

Submitted by: Dharmesh Rathva

First open hex editor.Go to igi 2 installation humanplayer named file which 
extension is .qvm,then read maximum demage scale.After that lines are showing different 
demages.You should all demage description convert 0 by pressing 0.Must know after demage 
description there is ammo description.don't do anything it without knowing use of it.
If you crash on height then your blood can reduce and also you can die but any human,
special tanks,special guns can not kill you.Enjoy long life.

Cheating in IGI 2:
Submitted by: Sudhanshu Warfighter

To unlock all misions,Press LEFT CTRL+LEFTSHIFT+F9 on the main menu.It will unlock all missions 
in the level menu.

To be invisible,type XALLEYESX+S&K in the main menu.It will toggle invisible cheat code.

Type 'nada' on the main menu and try these cheats:


allgod GOD MODE
allammo MAX AMMOS

To enable never die cheat,On the mainmenu click the multiplayers and type man-x and start the new 
game you will never die.
Unknown Cheat,on mainmenu type jones and type life during the misssion.

Using Console in Multiplayer:
Submitted by: Sudhanshu Warfighter

I will tell you how to use console.
Fist open Console window by pressing ` button.
Now type these codes in console window:-
1)sv kick (player's id) It will kick a selected player out of server.
2)sv ban (players id) It will add player's id to ban list.
3)sv finger It will show player's id with name.
4)lo svname (Change player's name)

More codes will be shown soon.
Contact me for more codes.

Starting IGI2 through Command Line:
Submitted by: Sudhanshu Warfighter


Getting started - fast!:
In your firewall or other filter between you and the Internet - open for traffic in and out of
UDP ports 26001 and 26015.

Starting with version 0.306 the multiplayer game sends messages through well-defined, user-specified
ports only.

Running a server:
If you start your own server, the machine will connect to port *svport* as found in
the file networkconfig.cfg. Currently, the default server port is UDP 26001. You can change this
value by either editing the networkconfig.cfg when the server is not running, or by entering
another port in the menues right before you launch your server.

Joining a server:
Your machine will try to connect to the port *clport* as found in the file networkconfig.cfg.
The default value, currently UDP port 26015, can be changed by editing this file when the game is not
running. All game traffic to and from your machine will pass through this port.

If your local firewall/router/et.c. blocks your game messages, allowing traffic on the svport and
the clport should fix the problems. Your specific firewall et.c. should hopefully provide you with
information about how to accomplish this.

All traffic to and from both client and server is UDP only. (i.e. no TCP).

Browsing for a server:
When browsing for a server, the built-in Gamespy(tm) server browser will open a TCP port, acquire
information about available game servers and then quickly shut down its socket. Firewalls usually
allow this kind of traffic without any special configuration.

Codes of IGI2 MP Levels for Dedicated Server:
Submitted by: Sudhanshu Warfighter

level01 = Redstone
level02 = Forestraid
level03 = Sandstorm
level04 = Timberland
level05 = Chinese Temple
level06 = Area 27
level101= Darkstone
level104= Chinese Temple 2
level114= Aim Map
level115= Sweet Russia
level369= Aqua Storm
level2005= Swamp
level2050= Colliery

Setting up a dedicated server for a Multiplayer game:
Submitted by: Sudhanshu Warfighter

- Create a shortcut to 'igi2.exe', right-click on it and select 'Properties' 
and add 'window quiet serverdedicated port26001 level02' after '...igi2.exe' in 
the 'Target:' box. Use this shortcut to run a dedicated server. It will display 
as a black window which means the server is running. The list of multiplayer maps is:

level01 = Redstone
level02 = Forestraid
level03 = Sandstorm
level04 = Timberland
level05 = Chinese Temple
level06 = Area 27
level101= Darkstone
level104= Chinese Temple 2
level114= Aim Map
level115= Sweet Russia
level369= Aqua Storm
level2005= Swamp
level2050= Colliery

Multiplayer Problems and Changes:
Submitted by: Sudhanshu The Advanced Warfighter
Email :


- Fixed proximity mine on spawn point server crash bug.
- Fixed occasional weapon lockup when killed.
- Smoother gameplay on systems capable of frame rates > 30 fps.
- Fixed firing from automatic weapons when lying down.
- Improved synchronization of lifts and game timers.

- Removed 'CD-authentication failed' messages on clients.
- Fixed bug in weapon system causing network overload (unable to spawn, unable to change weapon.)
- Possible to specify alternative network config files when starting server. 
  See MP-README.txt for detais.
- Fixed a spawn bug preventing players from sending new spawn requests if they were initially 
  denied spawning.
- Fixed problem with being thrown out from the terrain when sliding.
- Fixed limiting of view-angle when lying down.
- Fixed bug that left one player with no weapon when 2 players simultaneously tried to pick 
  up a weapon.
- Fixed Mission Complete credit, always showed server local player in listen mode.
- Fixed so dead players don't stand up where they died if respawning while they are in the 
  death sequence.
- Fixed so weapons don't get stuck some times with autofire after dead.
- Fixed so bomb don't explode many times with laggy network.
- Fixed so players can't fire while disarming bomb.
- Removed player-corpses' knife-slashes which killed other players
- Added the display of servername to score-screen

Using Console in IGI-2 Multiplayer:
Submitted by: Sudhanshu The Advanced Warfighter

There are all codes for CONSOLE:-
sv listmaps - Lists all available maps. Note the number before the name, the mapID.
sv gotomap  - Changes map to 
sv restartmap - Restarts currently played map.
lo activatemap  - Adds the map to the play list.
lo deactivatemap  - Removes the map from the play list.
sv gotonext - Changes map to the next map in the play list.
lo announce("HELLO"); - Says HELLO (or anything you want) to all players on the server.
lo serverpass - Displays the password needed to join the server.
lo serverpass("BANANA"); - Sets the password to BANANA.
lo serverpass(""); - Removes any password rendering the server free for all to join.
sv finger - Lists all players on the server. Note the first number, the playerID.

sv kick  - Kicks player with given playerID out of the server.

sv ban  - Adds the IP of player to the ban list. 
sv listban - Lists all addresses currently banned.
sv unban  - Removes ban from given address. First run 'sv listban' 
to get the list number.
Remote control

[ ]sv rcon(""); // Get access to remote control

[*]sv rconpass(""); // Change the remote control password
[*]sv rconpass // Display the remote control password

[ ]sv finger // Displays player names, IPs, time online and
// what players have rcon access (*).

Kick and Ban
[*]sv kick  // kick player playerID

[ ]sv votekick  // vote for playerID to be kicked from the server.

[*]sv ban  // ban playerID from server.

[ ]sv listban // list IPs banned.

[*]sv unban  // remove IP from the list of bans, using the wanted IPs 
position in
// that list as parameter. Run listban to see the IPs list position.

[ ]sv suicide // Die and respawn.

Map Control

[*]sv restartmap // Restarts and initiates the map currently being played.

[ ]sv listmaps // list maps to console showing mapID and map name. All maps in the
// active map cycle are marked [ACTIVE].

[ ]lo activatemap  // Places the given map into the active map cycle. 
Must be executed on server.

[ ]lo deactivatemap  // Removes the given map from the active map cycle if found. 
Must be executed on server.

[*]sv gotonext // load next map in the active map cycle.

[*]sv gotomap  // change map to mapID. The mapID is found in the map list.

[ ]sv votemap  // vote for a map change to the mapID map.

[ ]sv votenext // vote to change map to the next map in the active map cycle.

[ ]sv showvotes // show votes for both kick player and maps.

[*]sv addmoney  // add amount money to all players. Use negative values to deduct money.

[*]sv accounts // list accounts of all players


[*]sv monitor // Call to periodically receive network status information
// from server. Call again to disable.

[*]sv/lo ploss  // add packetloss in parts per thousand. 0 is no loss, 1000 is everything.

[ ]sv/lo timeout  // time before a non-responding client is kicked from the server,
// and before a client leaves a game with a dead server.
// If set too low, hosts will start to disconnect good games for wrong
// reasons. 20 seconds seems reasonable.

[ ]sv/lo updatestats // show percentages of pos updates sent for the various reasons.

[ ]lo bandwidth  // Parameter adjusting the bandwidth usage to and from the local player.
// 0: Infinite bandwidth capacity is assumed.
// 1-1000: From very low bandwidth capacity(1) to very high capacity (1000).

[ ]lo choke  // On Server: The maximum number of kilobytes per second your server will output.
// If the demand for data is bigger than this choke value, the server will
// skip sending high pri positional data. See fillpercent.

[ ]lo fillpercent  // On Server: This value is just a safety margin for the choke 
settings. Actual choke
// value used in the system is the choke value set above and then multiplied by fillpercent.
// E.g: choke of 14 and fillpercent of 60 means actual system choke of 14*0.60 = 8.4 (kB/s)
// Simply set fillpercent value to 100 to disable its influence.

[ ]lo smooth  // Adjusts smoothing of remote players on your screen.
// 100: Best smoothing, worst accuracy of real player location.
// 1: Worst smoothing, best accuracy of real player location.


NOTE: A dedicated server needs to be started from the command line. See MP-README.txt.

lo svname(""); // set name of *your* server (if you are about to run one).
lo svpassword(""); // set password needed to access your server.
lo svport  // port number of *your* server (if any).

lo svinterface  // Only used for a server with multiple network cards or modems.
// Specify a number 0,1,2... for the network interface you want the
// server to connect to. If you fail to start a multi-homed server, 
// first set this number very high, then read the output Multiplayer.log.
// It should indicate what interface number is assigned to each interface
// in your system, and you should then be able to specify the 
// correct interface card for your server to use.

lo maxplayers  // max number of players allowed on your server.
lo maxspec  // max number of spectators allowed on your server.
lo specmode  // spectator mode - what players you are allowed to spectate:
// 0 - None, 1 - Team mates, 2 - All.

lo spawncost  // Amount of cash needed to spawn right after dying *for the attacking team.*
// *For the defending team,* this cost will be 70% of the specified .
lo spawntimer  // Time for the spawn cost to decrease from the above set value to zero
// (i.e. free spawn).

lo teamdamage <0 | 1> // 1; team damage is on.
lo warmup  // Enabled a warm-up period lasting the given amount of seconds.
// 0; The warm-up feature is disabled.

lo public <0 | 1> // 1; announce existance on Internet master servers. NOTE: A server with this
// option set to 0 will still be accessible to Internet players, but
// these players will need to manually enter the IP and port of the server to join.

lo healthpacks <0 | 1> // 1; healthpacks available.
lo bombtime  // seconds before an armed bomb detonates.
lo autobalance <0 | 1> // 0; Players are allowed to select any team. 1; Players are assigned.
// to a team to keep team sizes balanced.

lo autokick  // Kicks an idle player out of the game if he does not move for .
// Set to 0 to disable. Minimum (non-null) number of seconds are *30*.
// If autokick is set to 1-29 seconds, 30 seconds will be the actual
// value used.

lo announce(""); // From server only; Sends a message to all players.

lo forcefirstspec <0 | 1> // Set to 1 to disallow spectating players in 3rd person view - 
i.e. forcing 1st person view.

lo bombrepostime  // For levels with a C4 bomb: If the C4 bomb has not been carried 
by anyone for  amount
// of time or more, it will be repositioned to the 1st spawn point for the 1st objective.
// Set to 0 to disable this feature.

lo pingmax  // Maximum allowed ping before a player will be disconnected.

lo plossmax  // Maximum allowed packet loss befreoa player will be disconnected.
// Note the promille unit: Use the value 54 when you want to set 5.4%, and so on.

lo idlemax  // On server: Maximum allowed time between any two packets sent from 
the player before
// disconnected.

// On a client: Maximum allowed time between any two packets sent from the server before
// the local host disconnects from the network game.

lo goutmax  // Maximum size of the server's internal send queue to a player 
before the player is
// disconnected. A small value indicates a restricive server. Usually, this setting
// should be kept at default value.

Money settings on server

lo moneystart  // Amount of money at map start
lo moneycap  // Max amount of money one can have
lo moneykill  // Amount granted when killing an enemy
lo moneyteamkill  // Amount granted when killing a team mate (use a neg. value to deduct)
lo moneyplayerobjwin  // Amount granted to player who resolves an object.
lo moneyteamobjwin  // Amount granted to team who wins an object
lo moneyteamobjlost  // Amount granted to each player on team who lost the object
lo moneymissionwin  // Amount gratned to each player on team who wins the mission
lo moneymissionlost  // Amount granted to each player on team who lost the mission

Mission settings on server

lo maprounds  // End current map after this many rounds. Set to 0 to disable this end criterion.
lo maptime  // End current map after this many minutes. Set to 0 to disable.
lo mapteamscore  // End current map when a team has this manu points. Set to 0 to disable.

Local settings

lo playername(""); // Your player name
lo netstats < 0 | 1 > // Show netstats(1) or not(0). With netstats enabled, extended 
ping data is also available in-game
// on the stats screen.

Use Trainer for quick access:
Submitted by: Sudhanshu The Advanced Warfighter

You can also use IGI-2 Trainer for all cheats. But take care of the version of trainer 
and game must be same.
Download trainer from Google or from my website.

IGI-2 New Multiplayer Maps (Most Compatible for version 1.2):
Submitted by: Sudhanshu The Advanced Warfighter

Hi friends, I have thought to create new maps for igi2.
So, you can download many maps from my website:
It has tooooooooooooooo many maps like these:
Darkstone, Aim Map, Colliery, Priboi's Villa, Aqua Storm, Desertstorm, Mars,Sweet Russia etc etc.

If you want Xclusive maps which r not in my Site, You Can Contact Me from given mail id.

Download IGI-2 New Multiplayer Maps:
Submitted by: Sudhanshu The Advanced Warfighter

All IGi-2 Players can download new maps from my site.
My website contains all released Multiplayer maps.

IGI-2 Version Change with Crack only:
Submitted by: Sudhanshu The Advanced Warfighter

If you want to change the version,then download igi2.exe any version you want like 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc.
Download these from my website:
Version 1.2 is very popular nowadays. But start using version 1.3 for more facilities. 
I have submitted tooooo many cheats that IGI-2 cheats are large and full. 
You can also submit cheats from and Download monthly updates 

IGI-2 Newest&Latest Maps:
Submitted by: Sudhanshu The Advanced Warfighter

I have created 8 latest maps for mp. Download all from
These maps are:-
1) Aqua-Temple
2) DarkStorm
3) Deep In The Ice
4) Ice Stone
5) Modern Warfare
6) Sand Storm 2
7) SAnd Stone
8) The Lost Ice Land

Dedicated Server:
Submitted by: Sudhanshu The Advanced Warfighter

IGI-2 players can create dedicated server. It means that server is created but U can't 
play on it. It is only for other players. Minimum players is 0 max players is 32. U can 
create it by downloading IGI-2 Dedicated Server by searching it on I have 
also created many D Servers.

More Codes of IGI2 Multiplayer Levels {created by me} for Dedicated Server(s):
Submitted by: Sudhanshu The Advanced Warfighter

level19998  = Aqua-Temple
level987654 = Dark-Storm
level1987   = Deep In The Ice
level88789  = Ice-Stone
level880    = Modern Warfare
level5798   = Sand Storm 2
level54645  = Sand-Stone
level12368  = The Lost Ice Land

Note:- These maps can be downloaded from

Change ur name, server name, infinite money etc.
Open networkconfig.cfg file with Notepad in C:Program FilesCodemastersIGI 2pc
U can change Server name by editing this example lo svname("Ultimate Warfare Server Join Now!!!");
U can change password of server from this example lo svpassword("Ultimate Warfare");
U can change ur port from lo svport 26015
U can change max players, spectate mode, team damage, autobalance, warmup, public 
from this example lo maxplayers 32
lo specmode 0
lo teamdamage 0
lo autobalance 0
lo warmup 0
lo public 1
U can change maps of server from lo activatemap 1
lo activatemap 880 (U can add more Level Codes)
U can change only ur Money setting from 
lo moneystart 999999999
lo moneycap 999999999
lo moneykill -999999999
lo moneyteamkill -999999999
lo moneyplayerobjwin -9999
lo moneyteamobjwin -9999
lo moneyteamobjlost -999999999
lo moneymissionwin -9999
lo moneymissionlost -9999
Number of map rounds to be played before map change.
Set to 0 to disable the round limit from lo maprounds 12

Time to play map before map change.
Set to 0 to disable the timer from lo maptime 999
Change map when a team has this many points.
Set to 0 to disable the score limit.
lo mapteamscore 9999
lo objtime 1000
lo bombtime 1
lo spawncost 0
lo spawntimer 0
lo spawnsafetimer 0
lo allowsniperrifles 1
lo smooth 100
lo bandwidth 500
lo choke 16
lo fillpercent 60
lo timeout 300
lo autokick 0
lo ploss 0
lo playername("Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter"); {This will change ur player name 
but not ur server name.}
lo bombrepostime 0
lo forcefirstspec 0
lo pingmax 9999
lo plossmax 9999
lo idlemax 300
lo goutmax 99

IGI-2 Map Editor:
Submitted by: Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

Hi IGI2 players!!!
This is IGI2 Map Editor and Creator.
You can create or edit any map and you can also choose a name of this map.
Version of game and editor must be same. Version of this editor is 1.1 So you must have 
1.1 version of IGI2. "How to change version of game" is given above.
Guide has also provided for help. Just copy and paste it in 
"C:Program FilesCodemastersIGI 2" folder and extract it.
Now go to pc folder and open docs folder and open the Guide. But you must have 
Microsoft Office 2013/2010 to open that guide.
Now, I have not much time so rest help is given on Guide.
If you have any issues or problems, contact me at:
Subject of E-Mail must be IGI2. Because I receive more than 50+ emails.
You can also download the 8 maps created by me at: 
List of these maps are:-
1} Aqua-Temple
2} Dark-Storm
3} Deep In The Ice
4} Ice-Stone
5} Modern Warfare
6} Sand Storm 2
7} Sand-Stone
8} The Lost Ice Land

or download more 40 maps(not created by me) from
You can also watch my cheats on CheatBook 2013 or at 
if you can't find, then go to this website:

IGI-2 Hack Tools and Mods:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

Hi IGI-2 Players!!! I and some other people had invented some Hack tools and Super 
Mods which is ready to download on And Visit for more IGI-2 facilities. 
I had joined SSG team. U can also. I had created Sandstorm Map Mod and Download it 
from given website. Become a member of my website to support me to create more maps.

Dedicated Server Hints:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

At many places, u had seen that if u created a Dedicated Server, u can't join it. 
But this is wrong. U can join ur own Dedicated Server by starting IGI2, go to Multiplayer 
Join Server and click on "SEARCH LAN" button if u r offline. U can also click on 
"SEARCH INTERNET" option if u r online.

IGI-2 Fly Mod and Infinite Health:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

I had created some Mods and cheats. Some of IGI-2 Players don't beleive it but this is true. 
I had created server named and some of them joined with new maps. 
I hope u also downloaded it. I can fly, kill anyone etc. U can also do this by downloading igi2 hack 
tools pack from Thank You!!!

IGI-2 Fly Mod and Infinite Health 2:
Submitted by: Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

When I joined any Server and told about Mods and Tools of IGI-2 they dont agree with me. 
They can freely download it from or

IGI-2 Multiplayer Demo:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

Multiplayer Demo is a Demo of MultiPlayer game only. It has Timberland map only. But u can add more.
Its Version is 0.9 . If u had downloaded this, then other players must have version 0.9 crack(igi2.exe 
of version 0.9)

U can download this from 
It also contains version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 version also.

All Common Maps Mod:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

I had created mods for all common maps like Redstone, Sandstorm,Timberland etc etc. 
U can complete obj in 1 sec. and also there is a shortcut way to go anywhere. U can complete that 
map in less htan 1 minute. U can download it from I had 
releases 12 maps for Humanplayer Mod only not to complete obj.

HumanPlayer Mod:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

I had created more maps and mods of igi2. U can download them from

Help for all IGi-2 Players:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

U can also create ur own map by using IGI2 Map editor. And also create Mods by HexEditor. 
I had used all these things and created many maps and mods. If u also had created, contact 
me on given email id. If u also want 2 submit cheats of any game, then visit I'll be happy if u created these. Also send me download 
link of Maps or Mods 2 given id.

Remove Enemies with a Delete:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

U can remove enemies in SinglePlayer Mode by going to MISSIONSlocation1level1ai and 
delete all .qvm files from ai folder. Then start Level 1 then all enemies r either 
removed or statue. U can do this 2 all levels by going 2 different level folders.

Save Files of IGI-2 Completed:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

I had completed IGI-2 Game and want 2 share savefiles. So if u want 2 download 100% working 
and best ranks in IGI-2 then go to 
and download savefiles uploaded by me for all IGI-2 Players. I will find more cheats and send it 4 u.

Multiplayer Maps Ids for Dedicated Server(s):
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

Some of these maps have been created by me.

S.No. Name of Maps Map Ids
 1} Winterland 7
 2} Jungle 8
 3} Libyan Village 42
 4} Land of Death 113
 5} Aim Map 114 
 6} Libyan Rendezvous 821
 7} Priboi's Villa 823
 8} Island Assault 831
 9} Demo (Redstone) 100
10} Knotvillage 1969
11} Mars 2 1975
12} Deep In The Ice 1987
13} Sand Storm 2 5798
14} Canyon 7002
15} WaRzOnE 9111
16} WaRzOnE 2 9112
17} WaRzOne 3 9113 
18} Raining Snow 9115
19} Redstone 2 20258
20} Forestraid 2 50000
20} SandStorm 4 51000

More maps to play:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

I had created a lot of maps. Some players also want 2 do this but they have 2 master IGI2 
Map Editor which iz verrry difficult. I take 10 days 2 master. If u want help, go to docs 
folder in pc folder and u will find Guide of it. Understand it and create maps. If u 
just want 2 download, go to

New Maps not used:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

Maps created by me and Moarios not used. That means I will not cerate maps and I will also 
delete my website on 2014. There are only 7 members on my site. If u want 2 use maps, download 
them before 2014. I had used up upto 100 hours on maps but none of u use them. Download Soon!!!

Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter


(i) Minimum Requirements
(ii) Recommended Requirements
(iii) Supported Graphics Cards

(i) Minimum Requirements

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/7/8/8.1
DirectX 8.1
Pentium III or Athlon at 700Mhz
128Mb RAM
Supported 32Mb Graphics Card
DirectX 8.1 Compatible Sound Card
1.9Gb Hard Disk Space
(1.4Gb for game, 500Mb free after installation)

(ii) Recommended Requirements

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/7/8/8.1 
DirectX 8.1
Pentium 3/4 or Athlon at 1.2Ghz
512Mb RAM
Supported 64Mb Graphics Card
DirectX 8.1 Compatible Sound Card
32x CD-ROM
1.9Gb Hard Disk Space
(1.4Gb for game, 500Mb free after installation)

(iii) Supported Graphics Cards

3dfx Voodoo 4/5
ATI Radeon, Radeon 7xxx/8xxx/9xxx
Matrox G400, G450, G550, Parhelia
Nvidia Riva TNT 2, GeForce 256/2/3/4
SiS Xabre

Interview of IGI2 Director for Help:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

Below is an Interview I recently conducted with Henning Rokling the Managing Director of 
Innerloop about IGI 2


First of thank you for agreeing to this interview, can you please tell us a bit about yourselves?

I'm the Managing Director of Innerloop, and helped found it in 1996. I've been in the 
industry since 1996 and IGI2 will be the 10th (or 11th?) game I help bring out to the market.

How impressed with IGI 2 are you at this stage? 

You're asking me? Of course I'm impressed :) You really ought to ask someone else...

Can you tell us if we get to play or at least See Jones and Anya's escape from the first game?

IGI2 takes place some time after the events in IGI1, and as such it isn't a direct continuation.


What are your feelings on the strong community that has followed the game since the original 

We're very happy with the game's community - a community we feel part of :). The IGI-universe 
has a life of it's own, and we do our best to encourage the fans to keep supporting us. However, 
we are of course ridiculously busy doing our best to finish the game as soon as possible. 
Also, we try to do our best to make the waiting easier.


Can you tell us is there plans for a SP or MP demo?

There are plans for both a SP and a MP demo (separately).

If so, will the demo be levels from the game or totally new levels?

We won't be making additional content for the SP demo, so it will be actual game level(s).


What about a level Editor after the game has been out for a while?

This will most likely happen (90% sure). However, I think you guys are seriously 
underestimating the complexity of making the IGI-levels. This makes creating maps for 
Quake, Unreal, Half-life etc look like summer-school tests you did when you were 11 years 
old. We think only a selected few really die-hard people will dig their teeth into it - 
if you're able to do it you might just as well apply for a job with our company!

Can you tell us if IGI 2 will support Mods?

We won't be supporting Mods in the sense that you can modify the content to that sense. 
You will have the same opportunity, but supporting a mod-community would be very, very 
resource-demanding for us. It's mainly the creation of MP-maps we will support.

Will we be able to use Custom Skins in Multiplayer for faces?

This is unknow yet. It's a maybe. The faces are basicly textures, but currently the 
client doesn't actually download textures from the server - it's not distributed like that.

Game Features:

Have there been any interesting features added to the game intentionally or otherwise?

I should say the Thermal Imaging Device allowing you to see humans through walls is an 
interesting feature. Also, the impact created by your own stance as well as the light you're 
in has on the AI's ability to spot you is important. Almost as important as the AIs ability 
to hear you at different distances on different types of material. Stealth is the name of 
the game, and it would be a joke to compare it to IGI1 - it's completely different and so 
much more advanced. All of this is intentional however. As for unintentional things, 
I can't think of any right now.

Have you added any features that make use of Newer Hardware E.g. Geforce 4 Graphics 
cards or EAX 3?

We have EAX support. The biggest thing with better graphics-card is just the ability to 
get a decent framerate with more rendering effects on. We're not going all out doing 
special stuff (apart from bug-fixing) to give advantages to an ATI or Nvidia card.

One feature I found annoying in the original was updates in game, which you had to 
read will these be read to you?

The in-game updates you get from IGI-HQ are now recorded as audio as well.

What has been the hardest thing to add to the game, and what has been the most fun?

I'm sure everyone in the team has their own opinion of this, but adding the lightmaps 
has been fun in the sense that it makes the game look so much better. At the same time 
it's been very hard, as we've rendered, rendered and rendered over and over and over 
again - this takes so much processing time it is ridiculous. But it makes the game look hot!

Game Play:

How do you enjoy the game? In addition, what is your favourite weapon?

Right now my favourite is the Chinese SMG Type 64. It's firing rate is insane (which is 
a bad thing cause you have to keep on reloading all the time) but it is deadly, and 
pretty accurate. As we're still tweaking the weapon-settings my favourite weapon 
changes often.

Right now I usually enjoy MP more than SP - I play mostly SP to find bugs. However SP 
has many nice moments and really nice cutscenes - and I enjoy that.

How complete is the game at present?

About 85-90% complete in my opinion.

How many levels will IGI 2 have and how long on average will game play last?

There are 19 SP levels and 5 MP levels on release, with more MP maps planned after 
release. Game play would definitely depend on the difficulty level and your skill 
of play. I'm sure you would be able to complete the game on Easy in about 10 hours. 
But for the hard-core fans, Easy should not be an option. If you want it like IGI1, 
you definitely should play on Hard (no saves, tougher AI, less ammo etc).


Will IGI 2 support the All Seeing Eye as an alternative to Gamespy?

I can't comment on this, as it's Codemasters who handles our relations with the 
matchmaking companies.


Any ideas on a release date?

Sorry, Codemasters handles this as well. It wouldn't be right if I said anything, 
and honestly: I don't really know for sure. It's very hard to tell until you've 
actually Mastered the game for sure and sent it to production.

Can you tell us the system Specs?

P3-450 with 128MB RAM and 32MB Graphics card for Single Player. It's higher for MP, 
but I can't remember right now. I'm sure it's on the webpage?

Will we be able to download Kim Jensen's Music shortly?

Kim is still making some tweaks to the music, but in theory you could now. If you 
plead enough on the forum, I'm sure Codemasters eventually will release it :)

Updates to IGI2 CS:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter

I had launched new Mods for this game. You can easily become IGI2 Hacker and use Mods. 
But don't tell this anyone because they can ban u or kick u from any server. So b careful 
about this. Only experts can use Mods. U can use Hex Editor or IGI2 Map Editor 
to create Mods!!!

Selecting your best weapon:
Submitted by: fevelot

1. open your i.g.i 2 
2. open a random level,for example :bridge across the destier
3. see what the weapons you start the level with 
3. close the game, download hex editor neo - can be found here:
4. after installing it, go to this directory:
5. open objects or objects.qvm in hex editor neo (backup it first)
6. press F1 to search for a thread.. search for ("WEAPON_ID_KNIFE")
7. you will see ("WEAPON_ID_M16A2") AND ("WEAPON_ID_GLOCK")
8. try to edit ("WEAPON_ID_M16") to another weapon name ,note: you will find all weapon 
   names at the bottom of this article
9. very important notes :
1. you must type in capital letters, otherwise the game may crash
2. you cannot write a weapon name that does not match the other weapon's name lenght
3. rpg18 is the law-80
here's list of weapon names :


10. enjoy modding your game!
11. my email is
12. if you have any problem , just contact me
13. thx for reading

Unlimited proximity mine:
Submitted by: popoloo

First make a backup copy of humanplayer.qvm then open it. find the line 
AMMO_ID_PROXIMITYMINE and change the value next to it 9. now whenever you 
find a mine in a mission pick it up and simply drop it. again pick it up 
and you will get twice of what you had earlier and upto 9 mines. now use 
8 of them and drop the last one.doing this repeatedly gives you 2 then 4 
then 8 and last 9 mines!(haven't tested it for >9 yet)

Official SSG Deathmatch Map Released:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter
I had released officially SSG Deathmatch Map for training of SSG clan members 
only! Fake objectives. Try to complete anyhow. Can't leave map area at any cost. 
Two maps with Training and Deathmatch modes. 
Download from my official site

Final multiplayer maps release:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter
Email : 

Website: I had recently uploaded Sandstorm Final maps 
which has 8 objectives. U must be knowing it. If u want to donwload it, visit my above 
given site and don't forget that Gamespy is closing on 31 May. So all servers will be 
invisible to us.

No enemy guards in SP:
Submitted by: [SSG] Sudhanshu The Ultimate Warfighter
Email : 

If u want to disable enemies in SP, then use Map Editor and delete tasks of enemies or 
displace their position. Now save it and run compilescripts.bat. No run that SP level. 
There are no enemy guards.

Makes game easier to play:
Submitted by: Aman Singh

Well it seems like we alk have a bit of problems facing Island Assault mission of IGI2.
Well I have a small trick that will surely help you.
In order to make IGI 2 much easier to play:

open [COMMON] folder then [ai] then edit [squaddefault.qvm] using notepad or hex editor.
Keep going down little bit until you find [TriggerAlarm.AIEVENT_].Delete it and then save 
the file. When you play the game guards will not turn on the alarm and it will make all 
alarm based missions easier to play. Enjoy playing.

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